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  1. bitstate

    Free Weapons

    is most of the zip links actually broken :o/ .. looks like really quality stuff though :)
  2. bitstate

    Classic Gaming Soundfont

    actually quite impressive :) keep it up... hard to find descent soundfonts...
  3. bitstate

    Engine Cubed

    aardappel: actually its not quite that bad... not far from though ;o) its a tnt2 but the pci version.. dunno how much i gain by going linear (not much as you say), but appart from that i think it looks cooler too :o) but i think my linux comp has a s3virge vx based card in it.... hehehe
  4. bitstate

    Engine Cubed

    could you include functions to turn of bilinear filtering? (like GL_NEAREST in q2..3) and make sure the proggie runs at 16bits Opengl (if it doesn't allready :) that way i could probably tweak out a few more fps... other then that kickass engine... tried it in dedicated server mode on my spare p166 (yes) and it only used like 18% or so :) really like the build like way of editing... this rox :)
  5. bitstate

    Guns PC For EDGE 1.27

    worx flawlessly for me atleast :) kickass stuff btw
  6. bitstate

    640K damit!

    easiest is to make a bootdisk containing only the bare needs for the game to run, the hard thing though is if you need stuff like the cdrom or other driver needing things, a very stripped config i've used is autoexec.bat (empy appart from som sb16 related stuff) config.sys DEVICE=A:\HIMEM.SYS DEVICE=A:\EMM386.EXE RAM HIGHSCAN BUFFERS=30,0 FILES=30 dos=UMB LASTDRIVE=Z FCBS=4,0 dos=HIGH devicehigh=a:\mouse.sys (and then som sb16 related stuff) ie you do a format /s from dos and then copy himem.sys and emm386.exe (do a search for them, don't remember if they are in the dos folder or windows) and mouse.sys (normally in c:\mouse\) to the disk and create a config.sys containing the rows above. then reboot with the disk in and you'll hopefully get a dospromt with some more free mem. think i get something over 610 kb free of basemem with the sb16 stuff so without it should there be even more free.
  7. bitstate

    Guns PC 1.26

    wtf, its bad enought with most other's downloading systems... no way i'm doing that right now... too bad cause it's probably great... maybe tomorrow...
  8. bitstate

    ZDoom Ladder

    hum.. i truly don't get this, zdoom (and alot of other ports) have all features of 1.9 and them some... now how can then 1.9 be any better than zdoom??? truly randy style almoust everything different in zdoom can be switched off... no jumping, no mouselook (no fun ;) ) saw something about mouse differences - sure you can't set zdoom to be equal?? and then some shit about zdoom (and others) not beeing better then 1.9 in internet network games.. huh?? almoust certainly they are much better since the traffic is probably alot more optimized (tcp/ip versus ipx emultated thru tcp/ip), and when using the client-serverish ports you add client/server prediction and stuff like that - logically that would reasult in better play. atleast the former legacy versions (dont remember about the latest) can play (and therefor sync) old doom 1.9 demos - that doesn't give much room for differences in gameplay.... finally... dont f**** rank the port by judging its users....
  9. bitstate

    Go Fish

    heh :) to bad as it looks really promising :)
  10. bitstate

    Go Fish

    "Download Sites Currently DOWN, sorry.." damn :(
  11. bitstate

    ZDoom Site Update

    about the blood sounds, it's the bloodbath announce sounds :)
  12. bitstate

    The /newstuff Chronicles #53

    check em out :) the flashlight rox (especially since gledge seems to run at lower gamma.), and if the flashlight gives really low fps, change detail to low atleast for me that gives quite a boost :)
  13. bitstate

    XWE Extended Again

    whee... then a rotdoom mod would be quite possible to do :)
  14. bitstate

    Our New Morality

    wicked.. have to try it out imediatly :)
  15. bitstate

    Extended XWE

    awesome :)