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  1. Well, I don't think any religious text says monsters of Hell have mechanical bodies...
  2. Fahim@_@

    Post your worst Doom experience here!

    Well, you know, the SNES version didn't have a save feature; and my first time Doom experience was on the SNES. I was in E3M2 and there was a power outage. Worst.Failure.Ever.
  3. I start to feel heavily depressed after listening to it for a while...
  4. What was the darkest event that happened to you in Doom? Share with us!
  5. Fahim@_@

    Theory: Doomguy is a cyborg.

    Well, I hope you didn't mean the Imps and Demons were the good guys...
  6. http://midimetal.free.fr/midi/heaven.mid
  7. Hi, I don't have a PC, so I play Doom on my Winmax W800 Android phone. I'm using the 'prboom4android' source port. I would like to play some PWADs or Level WADs. I only have Ultimate Doom, not Doom II. The WADs I've played:- neith.wad wow.wad So, can you recommend me some other? Thanks!
  8. Hi, today I'm going to share a great Doom Live Wallpaper I've found on Google Play Store. Here it is - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jamesmgittins.livewallpaper.doom It has MANY great features, so check it out! I don't want to ruin the surprise! ;-)
  9. Fahim@_@

    Theory: Doomguy is a cyborg.

    Well, to those who are getting it confused with the gameplay mechanics - I'm talking about the games' storyline, not about the engine, nor about the 4th wall.
  10. Fahim@_@

    Theory: Doomguy is a cyborg.

    Excuse me?
  11. Fahim@_@

    Theory: Doomguy is a cyborg.

  12. Fahim@_@

    Theory: Doomguy is a cyborg.

    Hi, it's me, Fahim, from Bangladesh. Today I'm going to share a theory of mine. I believe that 'Doomguy' is not a 'full-human'; he is a robot, or at least a cyborg. Now you're probably gonna ask why did I say that. Well, I have many points to support my theory. Let's take a look at the first two games (Doom and Doom II). Hmm, let's start from the beginng, point by point:- 1. Doomguy can run very first, but CAN NOT jump. 2. He can sustain many rounds of bullet and fire attacks that are capable of killing any normal human within 2 hits. 3. Doomguy can carry many heavy weapons without slowing down a bit. 4. He can survive in pits of lava and slime for quite a while. 5. His fist is capable of killing any enemy with a few strikes. 6. He never speaks. 7. Unlike his comrades, he wasn't possessed. 8. In E1M8, monsters weren't able to kill him, he just fainted. 9. He can fall down from high places without taking any damage. Well, this were the general points. But the main point is, he doesn't act like a human! Let's take a look at the MAP30: Icon of Sin boss battle. You had to fire the rockets while the piller was rising. If it was fully risen, the rockets would hit the place above the brain. But a sane human would simply lower the aim a bit, so it would hit the brain instead of going straight. So, I have come to the conclusion - Doomguy is a cyborg. He does what he was programmed to do. He is unable to do anything outside of that. Maybe he was actually a human once, but his brain and body was modified for some reason; that's why he can still bleed and feel emotions, but also acts like a machine at times. Well, thank you for reading. Any comments would be appreciated. Written by- A.K.M Fahim Shahriar Khan, Shyampur Sugar Mills High School, Grade 8, Shyampur, Rangpur, Bangladesh.