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  1. ChickenOrBeef

    Is id done with lockdowns?

    Yep. They gave the example of funneling demons through a doorway and picking them off one by one. I can understand why that’s a big consideration, since iD would have to treat the entire map as one big battleground, or else people will exploit things. But they’ve also mentioned that the overall flow will feel a bit less predictable. They mentioned having more interesting enemy encounters in between the big clashes. And obviously the arena areas themselves are just bigger and more vertical. So they’re not completely changing the arena setup, but they definitely seem to be improving things a good amount.
  2. This might be evidence that the next DOOM game, or whatever it is, will be planned for next-gen consoles and tech. Seeing as id like to take at least three years to develop each game (I believe Marty said that last year), that would mean around 2019 for the next game, which is probably when we'll have a PS5, etc.
  3. ChickenOrBeef

    Quake Champions

    It's not pay-to-win. You can pay to get full-time access to all the champions. So you're not getting an advantage, just more character options. All the other unlockable content just seems to be cosmetic.
  4. ChickenOrBeef

    Long Time Lurker, First Time Buyer

    So apparently PS+ is required for SnapMap if you have a PS4, but Gold is not required if you have an Xbox. That's why I was mixed up. Pretty crappy for PS4 owners there. But I guess you're in the clear.
  5. ChickenOrBeef

    Long Time Lurker, First Time Buyer

    So you can play SnapMap without Gold/PS+? I guess I was wrong then! Good to hear.
  6. ChickenOrBeef

    Something that bothers me

    "White Collar" sounds like an obvious code name for the Lazurus modules as a whole. That connector name you discovered could just be some legacy thing. People keep bringing up the "we're not done yet" line, but he was most likely referring to the update they just released at the time, which is what he went on to explain. With all that said, Marty said in a recent IGN interview that they still have more plans for the multiplayer. However, when asked about SnapMap on reddit he didn't say anything about future SnapMap updates (check the comments). They're definitely still working on bug fixes and balancing, but they haven't confirmed anything beyond that. Last year we knew all about their roadmap for future updates, but there's been nothing for this year. So all in all the current status of future content is mostly unknown at this point.
  7. ChickenOrBeef

    Long Time Lurker, First Time Buyer

    Yeah, you can download maps and then play them offline, but downloading the maps in the first place would require Gold/PS+ I would assume.
  8. ChickenOrBeef

    Long Time Lurker, First Time Buyer

    The bots can't be used offline. You can't play SnapMap without Gold/PS+. Gears of War 4 was made by Microsoft, not Bethesda.
  9. ChickenOrBeef

    PHØBØS¦ The Argent Anomaly

    Yeah, my experience was similar to Lazy Cat's. I thought the level looked great and the atmosphere was fantastic, but the frame-rate quickly dropped to a crawl for a while and then I had the "blurred vision". (On PS4 Pro)
  10. ChickenOrBeef

    Something that bothers me

    When the Alpha contents leaked, we saw SnapMap had three other module themes that weren't shown yet: Hell, Classic, and Labs (or whatever it was called). Those three themes have all been added, the with Labs theme added at the end of 2016. So that likely means their SnapMap roadmap has been completed. The three planned Multiplayer DLCs were all released, with the last being released at the end of 2016 as well. Also, the SnapMap team was selecting and adding "Featured" campaigns in SnapMap, but that hasn't been updated this year at all. And finally, when Kevin Cloud (the SnapMap lead) put out a statement on the current state of SnapMap in December he didn't talk at all about any future updates. https://bethesda.net/en/article/4hfSzAPpSwYCA0UY0GoWY2/doom-build-and-play-new-campaigns-in-snapmap So I'd be surprised if they ever put out a new update, especially something significant.
  11. ChickenOrBeef

    Something that bothers me

    Yeah, but that year was last year. It seems the post-launch support for DOOM ended once 2016 ended. They delivered the major Multiplayer and SnapMap updates they promised at launch, so they're probably working on DOOM II now.
  12. ChickenOrBeef

    The Ethereal Shard - SPOTLIGHTED!!!!

    I played through the first three levels so far. I'm enjoying the campaign, but I did experience what seems to be a bug. In the 3rd level the player is told that the "Operation table will augment your speed", but it actually made me a lot slower. Was that a bug or an epic troll job?
  13. ChickenOrBeef

    Absolute Damnation V4 - A DWO Map

    Just played this earlier. I enjoyed it quite a bit. I like how you generally get enough credits to buy a new gun between each wave, which keeps things interesting. Each wave doesn't last too long. And there's a ton of options to choose from in the lobby, but it's pretty easy to navigate. If I have one request it's to remove the hit feedback sound, since it gets annoying for non-competitive MP modes.
  14. ChickenOrBeef

    Infighting... real deal or scripted?

    I think something like if there's two enemies that can be glory killed, you can rip the head off one and beat the second one with it (for example). So there would be some branching animations I guess.
  15. ChickenOrBeef

    Infighting... real deal or scripted?

    That sounds like something we'd see in a sequel. People have mentioned having chained glory kills, gun glory kills, demon vs demon glory kills, etc. There's certainly a lot of potential to expand glory kills, but of course id Software needs to make sure they keep a level of restraint and keep the game as a shooter primarily.