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  1. pro_zealot

    "It's too cartoony"

    Cyberdemon face should be base on bull instead of moose. Same goes for Hell knight he was goat no alien. That are only two changes i wanted to see in new DE.
  2. pro_zealot

    Already moved on

    I don't like that the baron of hell jump, hellknight don't have firebals only mele attack. All game turn around arenas. Revenant instead of attack jump like stupid etc..... This new Doom i will call it "DOOM ARENA". Its console game period. It was hard just to make DOOM HD REMAKE like serious sam HD remake?
  3. pro_zealot

    Already moved on

    I don't play new Doom either for a week now. It just do not have feeling off old dooms games.
  4. pro_zealot

    [UPDATED] The DOOM System Upgrade Thread

    I have GTX 1080 FE and i can say in 1080p and everything maxed out (nightmare texture) witch TSSAAx8. I have constant 60fps even in multiplayer.
  5. I agree witch creator of topic but its to late to complain we can't change it. We can't even switch off glory kill highlight in mp and snapmap i tested it my self. There was propably some lack of comunication betwen the teams working on the diffrent part of DOOM.
  6. pro_zealot

    The only thing I'm disappointed with (ie snapmap)

    You can't even disble glory kill highlights in snapmap and mp becouse id software make singleplayer only. MP and snapmap dont even have the same "game" option like in SP. Game option should be the same for all 3 game modes not 3 diffrent type.
  7. pro_zealot

    Glory kill highlight in snapmap.

    There is a way to switch it off like in campaign?
  8. pro_zealot

    Things You Thought Would've Been Cool to See

    Adjustable gibs time would be fine.
  9. pro_zealot

    E1M8 Remake - My first SnapMap

    This points,dmg numbers are not present in classic doom.
  10. pro_zealot

    SlaugtherfesT 16 [ Need Feedback ]

    Decent map but could you please remove SCORE POINT and DAMAGE NUMBERS there are annoying. To low ammo at the begining rooms.
  11. pro_zealot

    My thoughts on the game!

    Anyone else experience mouse problem when firing witch plasmagun or chaingun?
  12. pro_zealot

    The Little Things Thread

    New crosshair to machinegun is crappy they should bring back the old one from doom beta.
  13. pro_zealot

    [UPDATED] The DOOM System Upgrade Thread

    It depends what you wanna play maxed out 60fps game or just run game on low setings and low framerate.
  14. pro_zealot

    [UPDATED] The DOOM System Upgrade Thread

    Today premiere will have GeForce 1080 GTX. So i suggest to buy this new card becouse its on new architecture (Pascal) and future drivers will really support only the new card.
  15. pro_zealot

    Doom Hard Difficulty gameplay

    Nothing is changed i did not notice any new enemy.