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  1. Estryark

    Abandon [final]

    Map10 was crazy. Glad I experienced this wad.
  2. Estryark

    Please play this, rate, and review

    Hi, I played this before the update. I was very impressed; it's a long map but there is a lot of content. Sucks about the trolls, I gave 5 stars.
  3. Estryark

    Central Disposal

    Okay, well I have version g1.8.2. I guess I'll play using a different source port next time for better demofile compatibility.
  4. Estryark

    Central Disposal

    yeh sorry i don't know how the FDA business works. I used GZDoom, and when I played it it was fine. Archies are the best man and I wasn't expecting that one on the lift.
  5. Estryark

    Central Disposal

    This is my very first FDA so here. It's a fun map. I seemed to have found most of the secrets by accident which made the map pretty easy :o, and I missed some too. I sort of picked the megasphere without triggering the secret, so you may think about making the zone larger just in case. Other than that, the rooms are nice, I liked the outdoor area and the cracked walls just before. Only one thing that irritated me was that I was given so many rockets and plasma near the end
  6. Estryark

    Dig It (v1.0)

    That was fun...but shooting the walls with the chaingun was more fun ;d
  7. Estryark

    Beta Testers Needed

    Yeah I got it, glad we sorted this out :D
  8. Estryark

    Beta Testers Needed

    You still need more play testers? I am willing to help.
  9. Estryark

    To All My Haters (one-map single, E3M2)

    I liked it feels like a remastered e3m2
  10. I'll sub to this and give feedback as this project grows.
  11. Map1 has a repeatable switch to lower the pillar holding the red key, I was looking for a lift near the switch until I realized the red key was accessible outside. The maps look nice but are work in progress, can't say much, but I like the lighting effects and all that.
  12. Estryark

    Acid Assault

    I played the map! The thing that I noticed is that the very beginning you are giving freedom to the player where they can go where they want but when reaching the second half of the map it's like you follow one big line going to the exit with some rooms nearby with dead ends. The map starts and feels like I'll have multiple choices to make but in the end this idea is dropped and I really felt it. I had a significant performance drop when I walked through the slime pillar after the rocket launcher. Overall, I like the map it's very cool. I like the textures used together and those cliffs. I don't get to play cave maps quite often, this gives a good change.
  13. Estryark

    Acid Assault

    Sweet, I'll give it a shot when I get home :o
  14. Would be great if the site would look a bit more modern. There is so much information I bet doing any face lift would be very difficult.
  15. Woa this website is amazing. It's very hard for someone like me who just joined and wants to know what's coming up but your site is very helpful.