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  1. Drilbur

    I hate DooM 2's level design.

    I'm not too fond of the "city" maps in Doom 2. Duke Nukem 3D's urban maps blown Doom 2's away. I still find myself playing through Ultimate Doom more often outside of WADs.
  2. Favorite: Pepsi, Coke & Dr Pepper Least Favorite: Diet Soda, Ginger Ale I have a addiction to soda that I'm trying to cut back on. I use to be addicted to cream soda when I was younger but I find it to be too sweet now. I try to limit myself to 2 cans a day.
  3. I have to go with Five Guys and Chick Fil'A, although Fives Guys tends to be too salty. Popeye's tend to be pretty good too.
  4. Drilbur

    DOOM 4 makes me want to quit gaming - DWTerminator

    Meh, everyone has their own opinion. Not everyone is going to like this game. I personally love it.
  5. Doom 3's shotgun was terrible. You only used it often because you were forced to for the most part, not because you want to. The only weapon that I prefer the Doom 3 variation over, design wise, is the plasma rifle. New one is kinda ugly looking, but definitely more useful.
  6. New York, although I would love to leave this city & state.
  7. Drilbur

    some weapon mods seem pointless compared to the alternative

    I think the burst fire mod for the shotgun is almost completely useless once you get the SSG.
  8. Drilbur

    Favorite weapon

    Super Shotgun with the Gauss cannon a close 2nd place. In Multiplayer I'll say the Combat Shotgun and Plasma Rifle. There's really no bad weapon in the bunch though, and with the exception of the pistol for the most part, they all have their use.
  9. Drilbur

    Hell Guard

    That boss fight actually reminded me of that one boss fight with the 2 swords in Devil May Cry 3.
  10. Drilbur

    Reviews and Reviews in progress

    Gamespot gave Doom an 8/10, and they gave the last COD a 7/10, so I respect them a lot more then IGN.
  11. Drilbur


    My only grip with the Cyberdemon boss fight was that his attacks were pretty weak. His rockets barely damaged me. However I think we can all agree that he is much better then the Doom 3 one, which was embarrassingly bad.
  12. Drilbur


    Is there a certain way of fighting them or do they simply have a lot of health? I notice sometimes I feel like my shots are not effecting them at all and other times they die pretty easily.
  13. Drilbur

    Doom Ads NYC Subway

    I've seen some express buses with DOOM advertisemrnts.