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  1. Nefhril

    DOOM on Clueless Gamer w/ Conan O'Brien

    Ah Xbox One :P
  2. Nefhril

    DOOM on Clueless Gamer w/ Conan O'Brien

    I agree, hopefully they played a Ps4 build.
  3. Nefhril

    DOOM on Clueless Gamer w/ Conan O'Brien

    Yes it would have been much better if Aaron Bleyaert played with Conan. Then they would have focused on the game and jokes would be more based on the game it self.
  4. Nefhril

    DOOM on Clueless Gamer w/ Conan O'Brien

    I'm super excited about Conan playing DooM. But I would rather Conan played with Aaron Bleyaert. From the Conan DooM preview it seems the punchlines will be based on sports and being a gamer I know nothing about sports :P But still awesome that we get new gameplay and hopefully they will joke about DooM as well and not just about sport stuff.
  5. Nefhril

    DOOM on Game Informer

    Found some more Screen-grabs from DooM I haven't seen before. 9 in total here's 2... http://www.gamepur.com/news/21654-new-doom-screenshots-leaked-gameinformer-magazine-shows-cacodemons-lost.html
  6. Nefhril

    Where's the pistol?

    Here it is :) Source: http://www.gamepur.com/news/21654-new-doom-screenshots-leaked-gameinformer-magazine-shows-cacodemons-lost.html
  7. Nefhril

    The New Cacodemon

    I see, never played DooM 64… Always been PC for me when it comes to id Software games. But yes make more sense they show the Cacodemon first it's more iconic. So this is the Pain Elemental on N64? Did it shot Lost Souls like the original? N64 Cacodemon So they pretty much renamed Pain Elemental to Cacodemon in DooM 64 :P
  8. Nefhril

    The New Cacodemon

    As some already said I believe it's a Pain Elemental due to it has arms and the Cacodemon has not. And the way it open its mouth could be for spitting Lost Souls.
  9. Nefhril

    DooM (4) Pictures

    I made a loop of the Pinky, so we can get a better look at it :D
  10. Nefhril

    Baron of Hell

    Here's another angle… I tweaked it about to get a better look… It seems like the Baron got the same great treatment as the Revenant.
  11. Nefhril

    The good, the bad.....and the Doomguy with the gun

    That's true, but for me I'm not looking for realism. But I don't want the models of the demons to just disappear and be replaced by generic gibs. I still want to make it believable even though it's not. :P A good thing a, really good thing is that from the demo it looked like all the dead bodies didn't disappear from the ground like they did in DooM 3, hate it when that happens. I know it's a trick to get the game running as smoothly as possible but if they are going to have it make a option like unlimited dead bodies or you can choose a number of dead bodies to be displayed on the map at the same time and when you have all your dead bodies maxed out the game just removes the first one when a new body hits the ground.
  12. Nefhril

    The good, the bad.....and the Doomguy with the gun

    Yea noticed that too, feels like Quake 2 style gibs. I would like to see more gibs so it doesn't feel like the models disappear into thin air, maybe have unique gigs for different enemies.
  13. Nefhril

    DooM (4) Pictures

    It would be pretty awesome if they made a Revenant statue for the collectors edition of DooM, I'd want that! :D
  14. Nefhril

    DooM (4) Pictures

    Not from the game, it's from the Bethesda E3 booth. A full size replica of Revenant... @FreddBoy It's missing the "UAC symbol" :P
  15. Nefhril

    Disappointed with the monster designs

    I totally missed that! They look awesome! Real heavy looking.