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  1. Darmuss

    Stronghold - secrets, hints...?

    You get the key in the bar when you unlock tier 5. Where do I find the code for the door in tier 5?
  2. Darmuss

    Stronghold - secrets, hints...?

    thanks. It's the key, must be the one from the npc then. How to get that.
  3. I've seached but can't find any help on this subject. Would be neat, as the secrets are hard to find, meaning I can't find them :(
  4. Darmuss

    community chest 3, map 15 help

    ok, I got it. I quickly killed him the first time... thank you.
  5. Darmuss

    community chest 3, map 15 help

    I've tried exploring without any luck. Also looking with Doombuilder made me none the wiser.
  6. I'm so stuck trying to get to the secret exit. I don't know how to remove the wall, just in front of the red skullkey in the (secret) room where you need access with the 3 keycards.
  7. I can't get the blue skullkey in map 1 I've looked in a level editor, but the key get's teleported from it's start position. I can't see to what place. ... by the way, merry christmas edit: never mind, got it.
  8. I can't find anythread related to this wad so... How do I get past the puzzle with all the swithces in the small rooms?
  9. Darmuss

    The /newstuff Chronicles #307

    I think the reviewer was a bit lazy this time. I expected more detail. :(
  10. Darmuss

    KDiZD is done!

    in the console type: map z1mx X is the map number
  11. Darmuss

    cchest2 map 15 secret area2?

    oh, I see it. thank you
  12. I can't get to to secret area in building 2. The place on top of the crate. I've beaten the rest of the secrets in the map, but with building 2 I'm stuck. Does someone remember?
  13. Darmuss

    Super Sonic Doom help needed

    Yes, I still get the same problem. the swithes still doesn't work. Maybe I need to do something, but I don't know what:(
  14. Darmuss

    Super Sonic Doom help needed

    I'm having some troubles on map 14 just in the end. I've got all the keys, but when I walk inside the small room with the purpple door, the swithes inside do nothing. I think they are supposed to raise or lower some elevator. If there are some thing i need to do first I just can't find it.. I'm using the latest zdoom.