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  1. Undead Merc

    Operation Body Count (Canceled)

    Just took the time to watch the video you made. I like the concept, much like the Nerves of Steel remake. One idea I have if your interested, is to give the suicide bombers bullet proof vests, that force the player to target the head(much like how in Brutal Doom, shooting an enemy in the head multiples damage). Doing so would force the player to change tactics more often, forcing players to get a decent distance from the suicide bombers, and use an accurate weapon to target the head. It up to you of course if you want to make use of this idea. I'll leave it up to you.
  2. Undead Merc


    One thing I always wanted to see in a Doom game was a licensed soundtrack since many of the songs in the original Doom were based on actual songs. http://doomwiki.org/wiki/Doom_music To be fair, the idea of using a license soundtrack is really out of the question since it would cost ID Software an arm and a leg. (sighs) I guess it's something only fan mods can do. The idea of using lyrics in videogame music is nothing new. The GTA series is an example of this, but i'm pretty sure Rockstar games(the people behind the GTA series) pays alot for using licensed music. I doubt ID Software would make the same choice. Some of the songs that would go great with the game. No Remorse by Metallica https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EPA2rEsIgSU For Whom The Bell Tolls by Metallica https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bg92QpjRcJk Creeping Death by Metallica https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lXWq3f01e2U I know I pitched quite a few Metallica songs, but here's something different Just One Fix by Ministry https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MYsBvZRXF7A Anybody's welcome to disagree with me if they'd like. What works in one series(the GTA franchise) might not work for fans of the Doom franchise. What do you think?
  3. Not to cause any rush, but any idea on the potential release date?
  4. Undead Merc

    The Doom4Guy Personality

    Having silent protagonists only works if the entire game is in first person. When the main character is a mute and the game has cut scenes the main character comes off as a shallow shell of a man more than anything.
  5. Undead Merc

    How will Doom 4 depict Hell?

    No, no, no! I wasn't referring to any of that Wicca garbage. I was referring to demon mythology itself and actually mythological views of what hell is like. Of course without referencing religion itself.
  6. Undead Merc

    The Doom4Guy Personality

    Take it easy. It's just a concept. Besides, like I said. I don't think that ID Software is going to break the tradition of having a silent protagonist anyway.
  7. Undead Merc

    The Doom4Guy Personality

    Okey, okey okey. I'll admit. Many of the lines that I wrote were cheesy. I wanted to imagine Doom guy having an immature personality to match the brutal doom style of game play considering that brutal doom has a button you can press that lets Doom guy spit out some really cheesy one-liners. That's the style of presentation that I imagined when I was conceptualizing Doom:Seven Sons. Doom 3 had a more serious presentation towards it's story, characters, and game play to give the game a more unique feel since Doom 3 was essencially a reimagining of the original. The original doom on the other hand didn't take itself very seriously since it was given a very over the top presentation which is what I wanted to go for for Seven Sons.
  8. Undead Merc

    The Doom4Guy Personality

    I've actually created a series of idea's for what Doomguy could have been in my idea, Doom:Seven Sons in which the main character is Stanley Blazkowicz. I know that ID Software simply won't make a game based on my idea, but I like to imagine what the main character's personality would be like if he had one. Stanley's bio from Seven Sons is right here: Stanley Blazkowicz aka Mug(voiced by either Troy Baker or Mel Gibson): "Vanity. Definitely my favorite sin."-Stanley Blazkowicz's catch phase. The hero. A mass celebrity known for his heroic work at closing the gates of hell during the mars incident(Doom 3) and for saving the earth when hell had invaded by destroying the Icon of Sin(Doom 2), Stanley is also known by his nickname, Mug. Although once Catholic, he became atheist after the Mars incident believing that god simply doesn't exist for allowing hell to open up onto earth killing billions of people. After saving the Earth he became a celebrity and a world renowned hero as well as a billionaire. He married a women named Rachael, and adopted a girl named Chelsie while hoping to live the rest of his days in retirement knowing that his wealth had set him for life. He seems to put a lot of love into his family as he wears a locket underneath his H.A.R.D. Gear suit that shows a picture of his family. His favorite hobby is firearms, as he has a massive collection of military grade firearms in his home, open carry's a firearm out him public(as shown in the intro before leaving his home), wears a T-Shirt that shows that only dictators would support gun control, and punches anyone openly criticizing the Second Amendment. He has been called back into action to stop a conspiracy by the Order of Nine Angles to merge hell with earth. Stanley has a very arrogant, anti-hero personality and is known to make many one-liners throughout the game, taunting enemies as he kills them. However vanity isn't the only factor of his personality as the best way to define him would to be mixing the personality of Booker Dewitt from Bioshock Infinite with Duke Nukem. He does however have a very soft side towards his family. Some of the quotes here uses are as followed: "You said it."(says this after shooting a Samca in the mouth) "Shut up!"(says this after shooting a Samca in the mouth) "Shut the fuck up!"(says this after shooting a Samca in the mouth) "God damn it! Stand still!"(says this while struggling to shoot a Gaki Demon or a Zombie Ninja Sorta) "Here, let remove that parasite off ya."(says this while a Abasy infected appears) "Ya got a chip on your shoulder, lemme brush it off."(this while a Abasy infected with a parasite on his shoulder appears) "Suck my Glock! Not my cock!"(says this after killing a Bal-Bal with a 45 caliber pistol) "You won't be having sex anytime soon.(after blowing an enemy's crotch off) "Say good-bye to your sex life.(after blowing an enemy's crotch off) "Sorry. Already married."(after killing a Succubus) "Wow! Wish my wife could do yoga like that."(after spotting a Onryō(they float in a contorted position)) "I'm going to go Nanking on your ass!(reference to the Nanking Massacre)" "Would you like fries with that?"(after shooting a zombie in the mouth) "Fuck yourself"(after punching an enemy to death) "Little shit"(after killing an Acheri, zombie child, or O.N.A. witch) "Who your daddy!"(after killing an Acheri) "Cheer up. Least your not the one who has to deal with cleaning hell up"(after killing an Acheri) "Fuck yourself"(after pressing the flip off key) "Get off scum"(after pressing the flip off key) "Go fuck yourself"(after pressing the flip off key) "Shove it up your ass!"(after pressing the flip off key) "Kiss my ass!"(after pressing the flip off key) "Fuck you!"(after pressing the flip off key) "Blow me asshole!(after pressing the flip off key) "Let the games begin!(after encountering the first enemy) "Great. Just fucking great. I'm stuck out in the middle of the quarantine zone, spending Christmas cleaning up the crap hell left over while everybody else is home unwrapping gifts and spending time with their families. Merry fucking Christmas!"(says this at the start of the game) "The Geneva convention doesn't apply to your kind dickface. Don't fucking bother asking the UN to help you win a lawsuit against me." "Thou shalt kill"(appear shooting an enemy in the throat) "Hail Satan!"(says this after shooting an O.N.A. member in the head) "Go with god motherfucker!"(says this after shooting an O.N.A. member in the head) "Don't get me wrong, i'd crucify a thousand Jesus's after god let the earth get raped by hell. I just can't let your kind live."(after killing a group of O.N.A. members) "This is why I like abortions. It allowed me to maintain a healthy sex life. Better to adopt orphans than procreate."(says this after killing Cherub). Of course I really think that ID Software is going to stick to the tradition of having a silent protagonist which in my opinion is a bummer, but I guess some people would prefer it that way. Different strides for different folks I guess.
  9. Undead Merc

    How will Doom 4 depict Hell?

    I just hope that hell along with the demons in the game actually reference Occultism. I'm dying for a Doom game that does just that.
  10. Undead Merc

    Occultic Doom [Playthrough Video]

    Sorry about that. I just thought that you were interested. As for suggestions on how to change the existing content of the game, I honestly don't understand what Gobins and Trolls have to do with Occultism since that's what the game is supposed to be about. The two look out of place, though granted I could be missing something.
  11. Undead Merc

    Occultic Doom [Playthrough Video]

    In that case here's a list of the enemy idea's that I've thought up of. Most of them are from Doom:Seven Sons which is a game idea that I have. Like I said, some of the enemy idea's might be hard to program into the Doom 2 engine since it requires altered AI(most Doom mods have simple AI). If your interested in using these idea's, you'll either have to work around the engines limitations or give them new abilities. Here's the list. Keep in mind that this list doesn't include the idea's that I have for boss fights or weapons. If your interested I can give you idea's for those aswell. Let me know. As I've said the idea's that i've included won't be easy to put into the Doom engine if your willing to use them since most of the enemies have unique with a few of them even having only parts of their body vulnerable(it's possible to do that in the Doom engine since Brutal Doom allows you to target an enemy's head).
  12. Undead Merc

    Psychophobia for Doom 2

    Your not alone there were a few levels that had some serious frame rate hiccups(I only remember the hunted mansion level being one of them). Still I really wish this could have been uploaded to ID Games. Sadly there's a size limit towards how big an upload can be. As a result, unless the developers make a smaller version, it looks like the only place that'll have it for download is Moddb.
  13. Undead Merc

    Occultic Doom [Playthrough Video]

    Looking forward to it. If your interested, I can provide you with some idea's for some of the new enemies. I know that I may look like a slacker just because I don't know anything about coding, but i'm willing you help you out with your mod however I can. Most of the idea I have come from my Doom:Seven Sons idea. Some of the the idea's might be a little advance for the Doom engine, but I wouldn't call it impossible. I'll leave it up to you if your interested. Here's a few examples. I'm willing to send you more idea's if your interested. I'm well aware that my idea 's won't be easy to code into the Doom 2 engine, but if done properly they'd allow for a variety of combat scenario's. Like I said, this is your mod. Your more than welcome to reject them.
  14. Nice work! I enjoyed my time with this mod. Only problem is that I found a game breaker bug in the Starry Night level which seems to crash everytime I save. Another problem was a section in the Starry Night level where I had to go down a walkway with 3 rows of cannons. Normally I could wait for the cannons to fire and slip in between rows, but the slash damage from the missiles pushes me back. Might recommend separating each row of the cannons in the next update. Other than that, good work. I wish you luck on your next mod. I bet it's going to be great.
  15. I noticed that the pistol is M1911 which is a 45.caliber pistol in real life. In the first Golden Souls game I found myself forgetting out the revolver by the time I got the AK47. One change I'd recommend is making the pistol have unlimited accuracy and knock enemies back since 45 caliber rounds are said to be that powerful in real life. Your more than welcome to reject this idea if you'd like since a lot of Doom mods show off the pistol as useless. I just think it would balance the weapons out a bit more. Other than that I look forward to your work. I especially love how the levels are going to have multiple paths much like in Super Mario World.