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  1. Nihlith

    Can You Put High Res Images for HUD Face

    I fucked with this for a long time. If you put a high res image in the hud it'll be too big. To get it to work, you need an SBARINFO lump and you need to type Resolution number, number; In order to make it fit.
  2. Nihlith

    Silent guard

    Could it be that the sound files you are using are mislabeled or in the wrong format? I've never used A_SPosAttackU´╗┐seAtkSound´╗┐, I always use https://zdoom.org/wiki/A_StartSound and that might work better for the attack sequence.
  3. Nihlith

    Share Your Sprites!

    I believe I will, thanks!
  4. Nihlith

    How to add custom items?

    Yeah, but I'm making maps right now with a resource with around a hundred custom actors and I had to convert everything to zscript and put their numbers in MapInfo before I could see them in the editor. None of the decorate actors appeared, even with their numbers. Edit: Sorry, brainfart, this tutorial is really good and it shows you how to put overlays into an item. Here he's using it for dual pistols but you'll need to do the same thing in order to animate a pickup because none of the base games do this on their own. https://jekyllgrim.github.io/ZScript_Basics/12_Weapons_Overlays_PSprite.html
  5. Nihlith

    How to add custom items?

    In your zscript lump, type something like: Class pepsi : PowerupGiver { Default { +COUNTITEM; +INVENTORY.AUTOACTIVATE; +INVENTORY.ALWAYSPICKUP; +INVENTORY.BIGPOWERUP; Inventory.MaxAmount 0; Inventory.PickupMessage "I wish they had Coke"; } States { Spawn: PEPS A 4; PEPS B 4 BRIGHT; Loop; } } Then go to the map info lump and give it a doomednum. Can't remember how to do that right now... Check out the wiki on classes. https://zdoom.org/wiki/Classes It's got a ton of good info. Cracking open gzdoom in Slade is pretty informative too. You can make a drinking animation but you need to define a layer for the animation in the script and you need to specify a later version of the program in the beginning.
  6. Nihlith

    GZDoom compat issues

    The easiest way to change the tint, if messing with your video settings doesn't work, would be to find the menu pictures and change them in an image manipulation program. If you name the the altered pictures the same as the pictures you want to replace they will be loaded instead of the originals.
  7. Nihlith

    GZDoom compat issues

    You can modify the aesthetics of the menu without touching the engine code. If you need a specific version of gzdoom, which you probably will, you need to write the version at the top of your zscript Version "4.1" For example. The program is designed for crazy malleability and backwards compatibility, you just need to tell it what you want it to do. Writing the version you want it to act as is a step so basic everyone forgets to point it out but it's really important.
  8. Nihlith

    Which tools are used to design Sprites?

    If you use GIMP you can scale your images before during and after you're working on them. If the final product is not the same size as you want the entity to be in game you can scale the sprite in the script so that it appears to be the right size.
  9. The Backrooms is pretty fucked up. I don't know if that's the whole universe or if it just sucks to be that guy.
  10. Nihlith

    Share Your Sprites!

    What if you made him skinny?
  11. Nihlith

    Custom monster logic question

    Check out the monsters on Realm667, there are several that have attacks that give disadvantageous power ups to the player. Check out brutal friends from moddb, the allies script checks for inventory items before attacking. Combining those code segments should do what you're talking about.
  12. Nihlith

    How to edit Iwads?

    You don't want to do that. Technically you can change your settings in Slade to edit your Iwad but it'll ruin it's compatibility with other wads. There are tons of ways to replace things in the Iwad, namely loading it with pwads that replace things in the game. Way better.
  13. Nihlith

    An autosave feature?

    Matacrat made an item that saves your game for you with ACS so it's gotta be possible. https://www.realm667.com/en/repository-18489/item-store-mainmenu-169-61042/powerups-a-artifacts-mainmenu-170-4162#info-11
  14. Nihlith


    I got to playtest it. I've never seen anything like it. It's powerfully strange. It's about getting lost in your own home and discovering an eldritch labyrinth twisted into lunatic geometries that confuse the senses and boggle the mind. Its claustrophobic and disorienting, like being lost in a dense forest or spelunking on acid.
  15. Nihlith

    Custom monster logic question

    If you wanted to do that in zscript you could make the acid attack give the player a power up that slows them down. When the spider makes a missile attack, make it check for the power up and if it detects it, make it jump back to see instead of proceeding with the attack. That way the monster will just run up and bite a slowed player but will spit at a fast one.