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  1. Fucking tight! Things have gotten nuts but if my luck could benefit from a little regression to the mean I should be able to jam through the new content and get some candid playthrough recordings up here pretty soon. Woot!
  2. I've gotta say, there is a strange quality to these maps that makes me like them more as I play. I played up to the demolition zone a couple of times and the taste went from sour to sweet. There's something that impelled me to do it again when it was sour. I've laid an old computer to rest and also started using the most updated version of GZDoom and so there was a bit of a mess with getting everything to work smooth with Project Brutality. I actually didn't get my sound right until I adjusted it on screen and I spent The Depths with a HUD so small I could barely understand it. In the end I was just afraid that I'd encounter your custom monster and be faced with a lamp pole or something. I really want to see what custom content is in there, the insult would almost be as deep to me as it was to the creator if I didn't get to see it right. I thought that you had abandoned that idea but the idea that you are making this work for mod on mod off is impressive and really cool. I can see where you are coming from but I had a lot of fun playing these maps and I felt pressed at times, sometimes desperately so. There is a different level of difficulty which will produce a flow state in different players. I fear that if the maps were made for you, I'd have nothing to record because I'd be spamming saves everywhere and/or not getting to the end. I felt like the maps were about attention more than ammo management. I was pressed enough to not complain about ammo, but again, your gas mileage may vary. Every varying factor matters.
  3. This is as far as I've gotten. The Depths, like the maps before it, is thematic, engaging and extremely detailed. Details everywhere and I love that sort of thing. I'm convinced that the toilets do something. It's casual, well paced and then jarring and frightening. The musical choice, the pacing and the toilets led me to believe that this was just going to be a jolly slaughter but the map seemed to change in tone after one of the ambushes and my approach changed from confident murder machine to desperate horror movie protagonist. Retrospectively almost Predator-esque.
  4. [yt] Kinda lost my nerve at the end. This level is a kick in the ass.
  5. There's great work on display here and I don't think I'm the only one still looking forward to the finished product. I'm loving it, but in a legally safe way not related to franchises that may or may not sell burgers. GO TEAM GO!
  6. Nihlith

    STAHL DER VERDAMMNIS (Steel of Doom)

    Oh man, I just saw the experimental face download. I love this. I'm not sure why this is so amusing but it really is. I couldn't get him to grow horns but his iddqd face is great. I've replayed it a couple times with the face on. It's not a very long wad but it really grows on you. Good replay value for being so brief.
  7. Nihlith

    Blasphemous Experiments: an episode for Heretic

    Here's a level 2 playthrough. I liked level 2 even more than level 1 and when I started level 3 it was going strong for continuing the pattern. Yay!
  8. Nihlith

    Blasphemous Experiments: an episode for Heretic

    It was actually only my * first run through. On my first I had somehow neglected to bind a use key and was trapped in the opening courtyard. In my second I had completely run out of ammo by the time I got through the first room and was slaughtered trying to beat a ghost to death with my staff. On my full run through I was desperate to not find myself completely impotent, so I wanted to save my bombs if I could help it. I want to record the run through of the second level but it probably wont be contiguous, I'll want to tap my save so that I don't look like hamburger meat when I start. Thanks for the wad! I'm so rarely treated with good Heretic content.
  9. Nihlith

    Blasphemous Experiments: an episode for Heretic

    Extremely cool. Love it. Here's a playthrough of level 1.
  10. Nihlith

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    Yes, this is it. Thanks.
  11. Nihlith

    STAHL DER VERDAMMNIS (Steel of Doom)

    I think it's a good name.
  12. Nihlith

    Kinda dumb enemy question

    Are you seeing behavior issues with the monster? Typically the attack sequence terminates with "gotosee". Also spawn states for monsters typically have a line that calls "A_Look".
  13. Nihlith

    STAHL DER VERDAMMNIS (Steel of Doom)

    I think it does. Reusing the same spaces in different ways when the level architecture changes is a good feature and you'll want to return to that strategy from time to time. Of course I take the point that you might not be as interested in what you did right as what could be improved. I haven't played around with invisible walls enough to offer any advice on how to make it look better, but maybe we can talk about the quad damage and the blue room. What if you put more monsters in the first room and placed a quad damage in plain view so that the ensuing slaughter demonstrated what the item does and how cool it is. Then you can make the blue room bigger and/or rearrange it so that the power up is in the open and you need to go far into the room and into the firing lines of the monsters inside. That way the player knows what it is when they get there and expose themselves to enemy fire and are forced into a run and gun fight where the power up is still a central feature.
  14. Nihlith

    STAHL DER VERDAMMNIS (Steel of Doom)

    I was trying a double entendre, "tight" can mean having things close together, having mastery over organizing a thing or a thing being cool. In that way it is meant to be a critic-point, compliment and neutral statement.
  15. Nihlith

    STAHL DER VERDAMMNIS (Steel of Doom)

    Now that you mention it the custom HUD face might bother someone but I would suspect that most people either wouldn't care or would enjoy the novelty. when I'm playing I can make the HUD bar disappear at any time. You could have your cake and eat it too if you included the HUD images as a separate file and leave it up to the player to load it or not but it's definitely not a big deal one way or the other. I just like modded stuff. I forgot to mention that the way your wads floor plan turns in on itself and uses moving sectors to reshape and reuse areas in very different ways is pretty tight.