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  1. Kpa6

    Beat No Demos Month

    An old Ultimate Doom e3m1 demo from e3 attempts. e3m1 UV-Speed Reality! in 0:31. e3m1-31reality.zip
  2. Episode 3 UV-Speed in 3:48. Not a record, but I don't know if I can do any better. ep3-0348.zip
  3. They're not bad, they just were designed for the best m1-m7 time, which was the rule at the moment. I would also like to see m8 as a part of the run, but if my choices are to do the new e3m1-e3m8 run or to compete with kimo_xvirus's e3m1-e3m7 run, I'll go with the second, as it offers way more challenge.
  4. The problem is, it affects the route. If you care about m8 time, you should save rockets in e1 / plasma in e2 / get BFG in e3 and lose time on m1-m7. So you can either compete with the existing record or do an m1-m8 run with a new route, you can't do both. Also, eLim, in the txt you have Guiddqd's best times, not actual times.
  5. Nice run! Solid 16 on e2m2 is impressive.
  6. Kpa6

    Weird demos

    Lol, the glide happened again. e3m1-again.zip
  7. As if I did it on purpose. If Looper doesn't want credit, then give it to the whole community.
  8. Kpa6

    Weird demos

    Got it.
  9. Kpa6

    Weird demos

    Is it possible to do the same thing on e2m5?
  10. Kpa6

    Weird demos

    Yes, it is longtics. Thanks:)
  11. Kpa6

    Weird demos

    Can you be more specific with this part? Are all CNDoom demos working like that, or is it just this one? If I ever manage to do a successful E3 run, it won't be cool if it desyncs. Should I make any changes for the setup?
  12. Kpa6

    Weird demos

    Can someone explain me, what happened here? Looks like a void glide, but I don't see the -45 vs 45 degree angle. e3m1-wtf.zip
  13. Last pinky on e3m1 is capable of opening the door and getting out of the way. Don't know if you can get him to do that without wasting any time in the corridor. Sample attached. e3m1mb.zip
  14. I found two blue keys on E3M6. One is right under the sergeant on the lowering platform near the normal exit, other one - on the southeast side of the map.