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  1. Maz Hades

    New STF faces (bearded badass and tough babe)

    1, you're welcome 2, thanks :) more people wanting positive change is always welcome
  2. Sorry about the multiple posts (stupid image limit)
  3. My idea wouldn't have used new items and enemies etc, it'd just use existing ones more creatively. However the zombie girl vs robots story was just a suggestion, I too would like to see more opinions/ideas being presented :) I personally think the story should be sci fi rather than military themed, maybe with elements of classic horror films. That would not only allow more scope for creativity, but it'd make it easier to incorporate atticed freedoom stuff.
  4. I think it would be much better to create new resources for this project, rather than just using existing free assets from other games (excluding freedoom attic stuff, that's ok) If some sort of bare-bones story is decided on, it'd make it easier to choose resources, as that way there'd be a basic guideline of what will fit and what won't. For instance, if the story involved a zombie girl who'd regained conciousness and was fighting an anti-zombie squad, MalboroughMike's terminator sprites (if edited slightly) would make perfect blue guards, and the submachine gun could then be replaced with a gun arm dropped by the robot.
  5. Maz Hades

    updated pick ups and decorations

    Yeah, pity about that. Here's a Doom palette-friendly version
  6. Maz Hades

    updated pick ups and decorations

    I got this
  7. Maz Hades

    New STF faces (bearded badass and tough babe)

    It was just a mockup to test the face, but I could easily make it as an actual weapon. I'd prefer it if he keeps his beard the length it is, proper beards are more handsome ;) But the grey streaks would be a nice addition. The only problem is I'd have to redo all the damaged frames, and I ain't doin that lol
  8. Maz Hades

    New STF faces (bearded badass and tough babe)

    Grey streaks don't show up well at that size. I wasn't sure if you meant shorter individual hairs or shorter overall length, so I tried doing both, and it just looks a bit bleh.
  9. Maz Hades

    New STF faces (bearded badass and tough babe)

    His eyes are meant to be in shadow:
  10. Maz Hades

    faking decoration sprites

    This would work very well for things like lamp posts and people leaning on things, but as Ray said, they'd need to be in areas you can't see how flat they are. It'd be a good way to include more normal humans, such as scientists or prisoners. Here's how it looks in game: spoilered because babes