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  1. cactus

    freedoom on flash platform?

    I decided to take a look at "freeciv" developed under html5 It was impressive! yes, anyway by flash I meant something wich could be cross platform, to play your doom where you want,
  2. cactus

    prboom/zdoom flash with adobe alchemy?

    I think personnaly doom in flash could really popularize the engine, so new mappers could come, and new players can enjoy the thing. would be good to port it to flash with some freedoom injector, to respect legallity of this. Imagine mappers posting their new maps in a doom applet. I'll may post this in the freedoom forum...
  3. cactus

    freedoom on flash platform?

    I ve seen doom was ported to flash with alchemy, because freedoom is entierely free, couldn't it be a good idea to port it to flash with a wad injector? so any mapper could show his work using the free iwad? what do you think of it? Could give freedoom a popularity.
  4. Is there someone who attempted this already? would be great. what do you think of it?
  5. cactus

    doom flash and php version

    I edited the first page for documentary interest. All i could find about doom flash/php/etc source ports, so people can find easily.
  6. cactus

    doom flash and php version

    Maybe it would be a good thing to list existing php flash doom engine, I saw on newstuff chronicles that a new flash engine is available. I think would be a cool thing to put all the infos on one thread, to simplify workarounds for programmers etc...
  7. cactus

    doom flash and php version

    DoomTube would be awesone, yes prboom or zdoom. zdoom supporte more map format but prboom is better for demos. Sure but, rhaa a zdoom online/php/java/flash version would really rock! =D Gez your doomtube idea is simply awesome!
  8. cactus

    Doom Builder on Windows Vista - How To

    okay it works!!!! but the beta do not offers possibility of editing in 3D mode! (no sector up down, no copy paste tex or offsets) i don't understand why! maybe it's an oooollddd beta?
  9. cactus

    Doom Builder on Windows Vista - How To

    I tested doombuilder 2 exactly the same thing happens... looks like it initialize 3d exactly the same way even if it checks by himself the directx version, really annoying
  10. cactus

    Doom Builder on Windows Vista - How To

    I have exactly the same error as you, xenaero, same configuration too. Couldn't get the problem solved sadly. I hope this will be repaired soon.
  11. cactus

    doom flash and php version

    I edited the thread, showing another nice applet. Kaiser,yeah, Doom engine being something light, I think possiblities and potentiality are really interesting...
  12. cactus

    doom flash and php version

    Anyone heard about this? it's a attempt to port doom engine to flash: http://doomedonline.googlecode.com/files/doom.swf (hit left or right key repetitely to turn) Maybe with a little help from some people from here, a web platform sourceport could be created. some boom online version. it reminded me this: http://ruinworld.sourceforge.net/demo/nov24/Ruin.php another one: http://www.theintraclinic.com/stark/play_large.html update doom1 flash version: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/viewer.php?id=470460&key=YmRjFkXzFtOzRxbStiNmYxOTgxNmYzQjM3MDIrNl9xNmIyMDE7QjQxQlYxOzJWNDJiMTI1ZjMrVnFfOTMxbTk5NzM5NTE3OA%3D%3D doomcott: http://java-emu.emuunlim.com/doomcott/doomcott.html a shocwave doom: http://necromanthus.com/Games/ShockWave/doom.html I don't understand why really nobody seems interested in those interesting ports, or why creators never get wad compatibility etc. Imagine the cool opportunity of making some sourceport using url linking or url hubs wad! could be cool... Anyway what do you think of all this?
  13. cactus

    [Skulltag] UTNT - Invasion

    Great cool stuff here.Thanks T667. But I got troubles whith the sky clouds in MAP01 I can see through, and there is a box whith zdoom-squared-pattern-non-texture-thingy. I bet my skulltag is too old? too recent? v0.97c3 I am in open gl mode. I downloaded the latest skulltag version. Can someone post a link to the working version?
  14. Much of you don't know me, I watch all the progresses of the community since years now and weekly test all your wads. I never post, but for Torm's ultimate torment and torture, I'd make an effort. I'd say I like his eye-candy style, I really liked the torment and torture series, and I am expecting a lot of his new stuff.
  15. cactus

    Doom Voxel Project

    I admire voxel works a lot. Maybe I am saying something totally stupid, but what if someone make work doom wads on a potential Build Engine based port? I mean voxels are already included in this engine, so maybe it's the most logical thing to do. I think it might be easy to convert doom wads to build engine since maps settings are very close.