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  1. BuffGUh

    Woman runs over husband for not voting

    I never understood the "making me lose faith in humanity". If anything, humanity is at it's least savage and archaic that it's ever been. Can you imagine living in the Dark Ages?
  2. BuffGUh

    So do you guys like Wolfenstein 3D?

    I didn't stereotype, learn to read and not be so defensive.
  3. I got the impression from another thread that a lot of people weren't big fans of it here. Obviously the engine feels dated, significantly more so than the original Doom despite coming out only a year before. And the level designs leave a lot to be desired (way way too many confusing mazes and same looking halls). Not to mention you couldn't turn on a dime, so the primary strategy was stepping slightly into the doorway, then retreating and waiting for the enemy to walk into your line of fire. Definitely not as fast-paced as Doom's gameplay. So what's your guys's thoughts on Wolfenstein's place in history?
  4. BuffGUh

    Who has completed Doom on Nightmare?

    I don't know anyone personally who still plays Doom, otherwise I would probably run through it on co-op. It sounds a lot easier than trying to tackle it alone. This is why I always keep two saves. One at the beginning of the level, and one that I save over as I continue to progress through the level. That way if my one save gets in a position where I'm screwed, I can load up the beginning of level one without having to lose all my guns.
  5. BuffGUh

    Who has completed Doom on Nightmare?

    Well, I went ahead and completed the entirety of The Ultimate Doom on Ultra-Violence, and found it really, really easy to be honest, aside from one or two levels on episode 4 that were kind of tricky. It was certainly a lot easier than Wolfenstein 3D on the hardest difficulty (mostly due to the more dated engine). That said, I don't have the patience to spend weeks and weeks memorizing enemy and item location, and other knowledge needed to run through the game on Nightmare. I think I'll pass lol.
  6. BuffGUh

    Who has completed Doom on Nightmare?

    That is nuts, I could probably spend 5 years working on that and not get as good as he is. Maybe I'll just stick with Ultra-Violence lol, I think it's what the developers intended the hardest difficulty to be anyways.
  7. I'm thinking about giving it a shot after I finish up my playthrough of SoD on I am Death Incarnate! But I imagine Nightmare is far more difficult than Wolfenstein 3D's hardest difficulty. Who has beaten Doom all the way through on Nightmare and what can I expect? Also, any tips?
  8. is there any way i can delete this username..? reason is.. i want to register under a new nick.. :) thanks for any help...
  9. BuffGUh

    custom title giveaway : teh revenge

    For me... huh?
  10. I just installed a second NIC in my PC, running win98se all was happy until just now, when sound absolutely refused to come out of my speakers. I got a feeling that its the second NIC. Any help? By the way, im using the second nick so that i can share my Cable connection with my brothers PC. Any help is greatly appreciated... thanks..
  11. BuffGUh

    Alien Vendetta Released

  12. well..... i just finished playing zdaemon and just because my name is BuffGUh, it seems that people asscociate me with someone who uses the bfg like no tommorow... and i get kicked.... oh well... sorry if you find this unrelated.... ;)
  13. BuffGUh

    Vavoom Moves