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  1. Is it possible to remove announcer voice from sports videos or at least reduce it, while keeping the crowd noise?
  2. Is there a way to download user maps for Duke3D World Tour from Steam, without having World Tour? There are some user maps I want to download from their site, especially this. I've tried it with some Steam Workshop Downloaders which failed.
  3. I'm looking for ideas for things to do with PC while listening to music. (mostly pop and rock.) Things I tried that didn't work well for me: playing tetris and racing games, watching visuals and surfing the web.
  4. Sox cannot convert MIDI files.
  5. I have 20$, but not for this :)
  6. Timidity can only convert to WAV, and from WAV you need another tool to convert it to MP3- too much quality loss, plus, it's pretty clumsy to make Timidity work on Windows.
  7. I'm looking for a Windows command line tool that converts MIDI to MP3. I've found a tool called "Free MIDI to MP3 Converter" which does a good job, but I prefer a command line tool, since I want this conversion to be a part of a batch script that activates several tools.
  8. Mike800


    One of the best out there:
  9. UI changes are necessary if they want Duke3D mapping to have a future. It's much more important than to release new EDuke32 versions frequently, as they do. If they don't do it, I hope somebody else will.
  10. I already knew about this. However, I don't want the solution to be limited to VLC only.
  11. Maybe this tool can help with Duke3D mapping.
  12. As a fan of Duke3D I would sure like to see much more than 20-25 single maps being released per year.
  13. Mike800

    Movies speed: NTSC vs PAL

    NTSC movies = 100.1% of the original length. PAL movies = 96% of the original length. Although the dialogue is sometimes too fast, I personally prefer the PAL system since it has a better pace imo. I will probably stretch some movies to 98% and test it. Your thoughts?