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  1. noshutdown

    Post Your Opinions About Doom (Whether Controversial or Not)

    i think it was daikatana that proved this.
  2. wolf3d: dunno doom/doom2: watcom quake: djgpp winquake/quake2: i guess its msvc but not sure. quake3: again i guess its msvc but some rumors said portable c compiler, an ancient compiler from the 1970s and never heard of in dos/windows. rtcw, doom3 and later: again i dunno anyone know about them?
  3. noshutdown

    What is your most hated demon in Doom?

    yeah i hate archviles aswell, they are so threatening that everyone is forced to kill them as quickly as possible. and they don't go down easily.
  4. noshutdown

    PrBoom-Plus, ver.

    because unreal was a windows game with everything programmed and compiled in windows standard, but doom wasn't. the released doom source code required all ports to handle all these io operations by themselves.
  5. noshutdown

    PrBoom-Plus, ver.

    even earliest version of prboom from 1998 used sdl. it should support win95 but not sure about winnt4, not to mention nt3.x. indeed, if your want your retro rig to stick with nt3.x, then i can't think of any doom sourceports thats known to work with it. the main problem is all kinds of io: video, sound, music, keyboard, mouse etc. doom must be ported with a certain library that handles all these io operations(for example, most dos doom ports used allegro with djgpp while prboom uses sdl), and i don't know of any such libraries that works with nt3.5, so you can't even compile the source code of any port by yourself to get it work in nt3.x.
  6. noshutdown

    PrBoom-Plus, ver.

    maybe you can try an older version of prboom(without +).
  7. noshutdown

    Post Your Opinions About Doom (Whether Controversial or Not)

    e4m1 is hard but i like it
  8. noshutdown

    Post Your Opinions About Doom (Whether Controversial or Not)

    prboom is the best sourceport in the world.
  9. noshutdown

    Post Your Opinions About Doom (Whether Controversial or Not)

    4. e4m2 is not a hard map.
  10. noshutdown

    Post Your Opinions About Doom (Whether Controversial or Not)

    1.the firing rate of chaingun and plasma gun shall be swapped. 2.firing rate of rocket launcher shall be slowed down. 3.the traces damage of bfg9000 shot shall be emitted from the location where the energy ball hit rather than the player.
  11. * refrain the amount of monsters, a few dozens in a battlefield and low hunders in a map would be reasonable. * despite that, monsters are placed in a way such that is literally impossible to wipe out quickly and secure yourself. for example, cybies in tall caged turrets that can bombard the whole place while you can't get point-blank bfg shots. * limited supplies although not starving. bfg and rockets are available, but only enough to get you through a few most difficult times, for the rest you would have to fall back to slow weapons like ssg and chaingun, and even berserk fist. supercharges and blue armors are rare, instead medkits and green armors that can only keep you alive for a few seconds are everywhere. * no safe place like corners and corridors for defence, you can only hide from archvile fire a few seconds, and you are under attack from everywhere and from start to the end without breathing room. * monster infighting is important, but difficult to provoke due to placing design. * malicious designs. for example, a few archviles released into a field with dozens of corpses while you are busy at other side of the map. * if you are in a hurry to run somewhere, you way is often blocked by monsters and you don't have enough to blast it out quick. * and many inconvenient situations that prevent you from wiping out monsters quickly.
  12. well, talking about "best" can always be controversial, but in terms of map design, visual effects, and difficulty, i havn't seen any vanilla megawads matching it yet. there are many other great megawads, but most of them use boom features and require limit removing. maybe the only drawbacks are not filling all 32 level slots, and the end of episode2 remains dubious.
  13. we know there are three versions of vanilla doom: commercial doom/doom2 v1.9, ultimate doom and final doom, or complevel 2/3/4 respectively. the id anthology final doom or final2 for short is supposed to be most close to complevel 3. but i am curious on two ports: id released linuxdoom source code v1.10 and dosdoom(the first port based on released source code), how in detail do they behave differently from vanilla doom , and which complevel are they most close to?
  14. and playback with vanilla doom desyncs the same way.
  15. i want to complain a bit that some solo-net demos simply goes desync without adding the -solo-net option, even though i am using the recent prboom2.5.1.4.