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  1. noshutdown

    PrBoom-Plus, ver.

    come on guyz, i wanna know if there is a future plan for prboom? and whats this project going to be, seriously? prboom has always been my favorite port for: * good vanilla accuracy(not so perfect as chocolate, but it has other advantages) * perfect support for ever-popular boom standard * great speed for populous maps * decent graphics, not so beautiful as zdoom but good enough, and much better than chocolate * plenty of features for playing, demo playback and game behavior tuning for me, being a perfect barebone port is good enough for prboom. what i like to see is: * tidy up the code so its easier to read and maintain * fix known bugs and desyncs(but as the nature of software, fixing bugs often introduces new ones) * adding new features and extensions are optional, as long as they don't change gameplay compatibility * possible even further optimization for speed? even though today's computers are very fast, i am from the quake world so i am always freaking out for ever increasing framerate.
  2. noshutdown

    Things about Doom you just found out

    i knew it so far, but never considerd it to be a bug, i thought it was a little punishment for not going the right path.
  3. noshutdown

    Why do people care about FPS past 120?

    i am from the quake world so no wonder i always get crazy on this, 120 is just the baseline that i can live with. i even dream of a machine that can run crysis3 at 300fps, even if at lowest resolution and image quality.
  4. noshutdown

    swiftdeath vs italo

    well this is simply against my taste. assume you are facing tens or even hundreds of heavy monsters here and there with nowhere to run, the only thing you can do is slaughter them with bfg/rl as quickly as possible, or you would be cornered and dead right? but that's not what i want, i want the map to give the player variable solutions, rather than making "just kill everyone quick and you are safe" the only thing to do. and to do this, the map should not give the player too many cells and rockets. for example, all cells on the map can only kill 1/3 of the monsters even if the player makes best use of the bfg, and so for the rockets. and the supplies are scattered here and there, so the player must keep running for them to survive, but not to wipe out a place quickly. this doesn't mean the map would be a park stroll, there is no safe place and the player is still constantly threatened, just not so instant-death under attack of tens of monsters.
  5. noshutdown

    swiftdeath vs italo

    which do you like better? i feel that italo is way harder, but its mostly due to heavy numbers of slaughtering, while swiftdeath is a good sample of making levels hard by design without placing hundreds of monsters. for me, the latter is something more like art.
  6. you still have rocket launcher and berserk, which is sufficient for most of those who know the idclev code.
  7. noshutdown

    Doomworld Community Top WADs of All Time

    can't decide on all nominations but hr2 is probably my favorite, it may not be the best wad in the world but it works with vanilla doom.
  8. but its often done without firing a single shot...
  9. when i play various pwads(from hr to recently released swiftdeath, sunlust and so on), i found that only some pwads display their map names in automap, while others display the default map names of iwad(doom2). is displaying pwad map names something that some pwads simply didn't bother to work on, or a feature only available on sourceports?
  10. e4m2 is still a bit hard if you don't know where to run out of the start which is full of cacos with only a shotgun and limited ammo. but yeah, i know where to grab the bfg through wall so its no match for e4m1. for doom2, map24 is pretty hard for me. its not the combat but that i was never able to remember the map well, and the catwalk before exit is not forgiving.
  11. hell revealed 2, works with vanilla doom.
  12. go2it is good but l like playground better, i got a stunning 9fps on amd486-133.
  13. e4m2 is much easier than e4m1 because i know where to grab the bfg through wall, and i can take ~1050 damage without dying, and ammo is sufficient for killing all monsters 3 times without using berserk fist. e4m1 on the other hand, is guaranteed to die after taking 163 damage, and i can only kill all monsters for ~1.2 times before running out of ammo.
  14. noshutdown

    Going Down demos [-complevel 9]

    i suggest... no one has done map29 uvmax yet? is it too difficult or something?
  15. noshutdown

    plutonia map11 100% kills possible with tas?

    thanks for demostrating that!