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  1. cr0wb4r

    Why havent you played Doom 2016?

    I haven't played the new DOOM namely because it uses Denuvo. Storefront DRM is enough imo. I'm also not keen that the horror aspects appear to have been greatly stripped down. I feel the classics had a great balance of action, tension and creepiness even with their limits at the time. There was always something about surviving the darker, creepier levels in the originals. I'll buy it once Bethesda and Id announce Denuvo is removed. For now though, I'm happy with Brutal DOOM and the D4D Mods. I think D4D has the best blend of gameplay from the classics and the newer game. Just needs a custom campaign tailored for it. :P
  2. cr0wb4r


    I agree with Z0K about the old RSKY2. I like the night time ambience it gives to the city levels.
  3. cr0wb4r

    Updates and Tweaks to older assets

    I've had the idea that the prisms could be used for the power up spheres too. It would make a decent change from the DOOM-like sphere's currently used.
  4. cr0wb4r

    Updates and Tweaks to older assets

    So I thought about redoing the M_SKULL images with something new. I went with a prism shape since prisms were mentioned on the keycard icons thread which gave me the idea for this. :P I drew these up fairly quickly so they're a bit dull. The animation seemed to work ok in-game.
  5. cr0wb4r

    Map Status Phase 2

    That might be a good idea. Both maps could potentially do the job of the other.
  6. cr0wb4r

    Photographed weapons (WIP images)

    I think the new weapon sprites are good, but I feel they clash a little bit with the rest of FreeDoom's sprite style. I think modifying them to feel more 'hand drawn' would help.
  7. cr0wb4r

    About those keycard icons

    Just got a quick fix update to the skull keys, the lit eyes now have colours to match the in-game skull keys. http://www.filedropper.com/skullupdate
  8. cr0wb4r

    Updates and Tweaks to older assets

    Ok, here's an edit of RW32_2. And here's a link to File dropper with the new textures. (named RW15_5 and RW32_4) http://www.filedropper.com/newtextures
  9. cr0wb4r

    Updates and Tweaks to older assets

    Guess I could create some different ones from the older ones then. The skull picture looks interesting, wonder if it could be used for the final boss.
  10. cr0wb4r

    Updates and Tweaks to older assets

    I did think about changing the Green to Red. I'll have another look into it. I'll try and improve contrasting on some more edges as well as changing colour, some edges look a little faded. Suggestions for colour will help too as I don't want to pick out a colour everyone hates. :P
  11. cr0wb4r

    Updates and Tweaks to older assets

    Been tweaking the textures from the Problematic thread. Got this one here tweaked now with two panels instead of three and some bumps in-between. Edit: Still working on tweaking the other one, adding a third light row didn't seem to work out well, so I'm going for colour/contrast tweaks instead.
  12. cr0wb4r

    Problematic textures

    I could look into tweaking and improving these textures. When I get them finished I'll post them in the Updates and Tweaks thread.
  13. cr0wb4r

    I'm dumb, and stuck E2 lvl 4

    I think idclev is for DOOM II. For Ultimate (Free)Doom you'll want to type 'Map E2M5' into the console. (without quote marks)
  14. cr0wb4r

    Let's name Freedoom's levels!

    Map25 = Red Works Edit: Realised Bloodworks sounds too close to DOOM 2's level Bloodfalls.
  15. cr0wb4r

    Map Status Phase 2

    Map 24 has a pretty interesting layout. I think it needs someone to do a detail and lighting pass on it though, it's a little bland with most of the hallways and rooms. Fairly spacey with little detail in a fair few areas.