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Everything posted by NinjaLiquidator

  1. NinjaLiquidator

    Looking for collab with someone

    @CatphoYou can add stuff, but you cannot OVERWRITE anything. Skies, sounds, sprites always overwrite something, so no you cant have them. New textures are OK. New music is OK too.
  2. NinjaLiquidator

    Maps With Lots of Detail and Atmosphere

    Is 60k linedefs / 600 monsters in non-slaughter enough? Complete map01, there are some other maps but you must idclev them:
  3. NinjaLiquidator

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    First 1h30min of new map. Detailing walls is harder than floors/ceilings, so I started with them.
  4. NinjaLiquidator

    Bend geometry?

    I have complex geometry like this: and I want this to be like a circular wall (you know what I mean I hope :D). Shift+C doesnt help cause it does curve from every single line independently, but I am looking for something like Bend tools in C4D or Blender
  5. NinjaLiquidator

    Bend geometry?

    Instead of focusing on how to do it, I gave like to the map. Anyway, I could maybe write that tool myself if there was a way to do Doom Builder macros for linedef modifying, sector building and so, do you know any good way to start with this?
  6. NinjaLiquidator

    Doom Streams

    Mapping :) :I :( :D https://www.twitch.tv/macin2
  7. NinjaLiquidator

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Block Puzzle Jewel. Last weekend I was stuck in traffic jam for 7 hours so I downloaded it, and now I am addicted
  8. NinjaLiquidator

    Your favorite anime?

  9. NinjaLiquidator

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    @GezSince the objective is to create waterfall with fuzz, we are okay just with things. I tried to rip off Dehacked from Struggle, cause it has invisible Cacodemon. And guess what. Its working. Add line "Bits = 4473350"
  10. NinjaLiquidator

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    @StalkerZHS ...OK, it looks you cannot do it for textures, but you can do it in dehacked for things. It looks its changed in "Bits" property, but I dont know this on 100%. So if you will make custom thing and enable the bit, there is high possibility you could get your waterfall...
  11. NinjaLiquidator

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Isnt it like, that in pallete some specific color is a "spectre" one? Or its hardcoded and there is no way?
  12. NinjaLiquidator

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Is there any way to get the Spectre effect on a midtexture?
  13. NinjaLiquidator

    Come up with your own idea for a movie based on a game.

    Unreal Tournament prequel that takes place in 1990ish alternative presence. Except tournament is fought by preteen kids, and it is mandatory. Will be done in cute anime style. Looks innocent, but only for first few minutes. Fights usually look like 6x6 brutal brawl in quickly abandoned flats, but sometimes rooftops or inside bigger buildings (final battles). Mainly cold weapons will be there, but in the end even firearms appear. No death will be offscreen, no violence will be stylized (no bloody splats and shit, but when stuff happens it will be so shocking you will go on therapies). Main character dies in 1/3 of movie. From that time, you dont know who will win. No character is likeable cause everyone is bare survivor. Battles will show more fatal failures and cowardice than epicness (almost no epicness here, it is supposed to give realistic "strongest wins" outcomes). Should be max 90min long. Will make you suffer on first watch, but will have strong motivational effect in the end.
  14. NinjaLiquidator

    How do YOU speedmap?

    Usually this results in one cool-looking room (or few connected) that teleports monsters / is already filled with them. Themes are still unique, detail is still up to my high standards, but no time is left for gameplay-related shit like layout, monster placement, and difficulty balancing. Still the only way for me how to actually finish stuff.
  15. NinjaLiquidator

    Is it me or do crazy facebook posts tend to be extremely similar in style?

    The worst are video sharings, memes and "jokes" that already stopped to be entertaining cause its too much of them. If motherfuckers cant say something meaningful, they should shut up.
  16. NinjaLiquidator

    People suck

    This thread is cute and everything, I would rate it 60%. Best part is "actually talk to each other. Not fill the forum with memes", thats true.
  17. My screenshots are liked but my maps are barely downloaded

  18. Not everybody, you just cannot look stuff up. Here is REAL oldschool non-linear FPS by me:
  19. NinjaLiquidator

    Where is Alexander Eternal?

    He used to be top in 2k9-2k10 but he is past zenith, just compare Hell Ground and Icar2015...
  20. NinjaLiquidator

    Where is Alexander Eternal?

    @scifista42Yes he has nice texture themes and maps but you are all like there arent any other good mappers NOW, still dickriding the old mappers and not giving chance to new ones
  21. NinjaLiquidator

    Where is Alexander Eternal?

    Also, you are overrating this guy. There is plenty of good mappers. Alexander S. would be not match for any of main 2015-2017 megawads
  22. NinjaLiquidator

    Doomworld's thread of adorable!

    @AjoraI just wasted 15min by looking on cute otter pics
  23. NinjaLiquidator

    Who is the most promising newcomer?

    And bemused. Cryogenics look good
  24. NinjaLiquidator

    Always make a backup for your files

    I backup sometimes even 10x a day. A lot of space is wasted, but its the safest way.
  25. NinjaLiquidator

    Who is the most promising newcomer?

    @yakfakOr they can paste all that scraps together to get a whole map.