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  1. BMRX

    Power Weapons?

    Hey guys, I tried searching for an answer but I either just don't know how to search or... No one has asked this. (lol) Anyways, I'm working on a deathmatch map. Why does it seem impossible to create and add power weapons with the same functionality to the map? What I mean is, in Multiplayer when you pickup a power weapon it's only good until you run out of ammo. After which you drop it and continue on with your loadout... This doesn't seem possible to do in snapmap? Am I missing something here?
  2. BMRX

    WAD List/WAD selector?

    So I've done a bit of googling but I seem to fail at it. Just wondering if there is a sourceport or mod of somesort that allows for easier WAD useage? I know right now the click and drag method seems to be the best means to use a WAD, however does any sourceport have the means to select which WAD you want to play from a list? EX: Open GZDoom, and it asks you if you wish to play Doom 1/2 than opens a new window populated with all the compatible WADS you have stored in X directory?
  3. BMRX

    Enemy behaviours

    Oh that's great! This helps tremendously, thanks for putting up with my questions. Thanks Scifista! EDIT/ Quite a complex way to create AI but, I guess that's what makes it magic.
  4. BMRX

    Enemy behaviours

    Ah yes, being heard... On the topic of Fleeing What if the target cannot be reached. As I understand it they will always flee. But I'm more to believe that if they cannot find their target at all then they will instead just go into "persuit" or "search" and look in the last known location of the target instead. This:
  5. BMRX

    Enemy behaviours

    This is becoming quite interesting indeed. Fleeing was something I never thought of. Things are getting complicated. Tis' a good thing. EDIT/ I never thought that they would go back into Dormant stage. I thought that was something that only happened on runtime. My guess is that they determine their target based on damage inflicted on them. As such if they are infighting, and nothing else does damage they just go back to dormant instead of looking for a new target. That's pretty neat, so in theory you could clear a whole level through the use of explosive barrels. If you manage not to be seen that is. By this I mean, you would not even see infighting. Because blame is not put on anything when a barrel explodes ya?
  6. BMRX

    Enemy behaviours

    Interesting, doomguy instilling fear into Pinkies? Or leading doomguy into a trap? Hmmmmmmmm.
  7. BMRX

    Enemy behaviours

    Well that makes things easier, thanks for your help everyone. G'day!
  8. BMRX

    Enemy behaviours

    Makes more sense than randomly patrolling. So what about if the player runs through a door and it closes, do they just stop in their tracks?
  9. BMRX

    Enemy behaviours

    I actually have more questions, when you enter a room full of monsters... Then leave. Do they line up around the door waiting for the player? I don't think so, I think they just sit around and wait. That said, if there is no door and the player moves out of sight do they go looking for him? Or can they see through walls? EDIT/ I'm starting to think that when the enemy loses sight of the player, (around a corner) they do not persue the player past said corner and in fact just start to randomly patrol. Guess I should just play it and see for my self.
  10. BMRX

    Enemy behaviours

    Thanks AD! Forget this topic ever existed, or keep it going. Whichever. Until next time, back to lurking!
  11. BMRX

    Enemy behaviours

    I have a few questions about Enemies from Doom 1 & 2, I'm looking around for these answers as well but didn't think it would hurt to ask. Do any of the enemies in Doom 1 or 2 patrol map areas or do they just sit around until the player shows up? Do enemies heal over time? How much do they persue the player after they lose sight of the player? Thanks in advance, Some guy EDIT/ http://doom.wikia.com/wiki/Monster_behavior answers two of my questions! :P
  12. BMRX

    My lill Crackodemons

    You and me both! Great work Syferous! These are just awesome.
  13. BMRX

    Just some questions...

    Indeed. I'm glad to see such positive reinforcement for the community as a whole this is a great place to be so it seems.
  14. BMRX

    Just some questions...

    Oh... I see. Is.. Is there anything clever about the way they annoy you?
  15. BMRX

    Just some questions...

    Is it these mysterious MLP Furry WADS that Quast spoke of earlier?