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  1. Specter4582

    First time mapper here!

    If you download the new version of my map I have already done all of the things you suggested.
  2. Specter4582

    First time mapper here!

    New version of my first map. I started work on a second map but I finished up and polished this map. New version: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4qQmTpT0zKzenZ2bTdLZ0VxLTA/view?usp=sharing
  3. Specter4582

    Doom builder vs doom builder 2

    What is the difference between doom builder 1 and 2?
  4. Specter4582

    COOP Wads

    Something two player preferably and has a classic doom feel. Maybe something not a demonic, I like tech based levels a lot more.
  5. Specter4582

    COOP Wads

    Can you guys recommend some good Doom 2 coop wads, for the average player?
  6. Specter4582

    SLADE 3 or XWE

    SLADE 3 for sure!!
  7. Specter4582

    First time mapper here!

    Yeah I know what the problem is I thought I already fixed it, but I guess I didn't save when I changed it.
  8. Specter4582

    First time mapper here!

    Well thanks, scifista42 for that comment, I thought that I did a good job making the fights interesting and somewhat difficult. I will be posting and updated version of the map in the next few days. Also I'll see if I can fix the compatability with chocolate doom.
  9. Specter4582

    First time mapper here!

    Most of the beginning of the level was me just learning how to make things. That's why there is a random secret with a rocket launcher right at the beginning. As for the doors and misaligned textures I've already been working on that and fixing it. Could you elaborate on skip able rooms?
  10. Specter4582

    First time mapper here!

    Thank you so much your really boosting my self esteem. I know this wont be the only map I'll ever make and my next one is definitely going to be non-linear. Thanks for the support!
  11. Specter4582

    First time mapper here!

    Wow thanks guys for great tips and for pointing out all the misaligned textures. I thought I got all those pesky little things haha. Definitely will change the door track textures and make those doors thinner and sink them in so they look better.
  12. Specter4582

    First time mapper here!

    I was definitely going for a classic doom feel.
  13. Just wanted to post my first map on here and get some reviews and maybe some tips. Spend about 30 hours overall making this wad, as this was a learning experience for me. I wish to continue to develop more levels for this wad. A few spots are based off of MAP02 from DOOM 2. The map should work in any source port. Has been tested on GZdoom, Zdoom and chocolate Doom. If you find any bugs let me know, enjoy!! Lost Outpost A54 Download link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4qQmTpT0zKzenZ2bTdLZ0VxLTA/view?usp=sharing Zdoom in-game screens Gallery link: http://postimg.org/gallery/3edwzfcda/