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  1. RaikohZX

    This does not feel like a Doom game

    Honestly I don't mind if a property changes things up a bit. Doom 3 may be a weird black sheep, but as a game it's still a very solid alternate take on the same core premise. I don't want, say, Quake to suddenly become a multidimensional skateboarding career simulator or something, but it's like saying Quake 2 and 4 aren't Quake games because they're objective-driven and have Strogg instead of whatever the hell the devs felt like that day. Eternal's going to take some adjusting and replays to get its full value for me, but the fact that it's "not Doom" because of your personal dislikes for how the game was handed is simply that - your personal opinion.
  2. I'd rather the games be tongue-in-cheek given the premise than super turbo duper serious hardcore manly man. It actually makes a good contrast; here's the Slayer with his literal toonami mancave of guitars, nunchucks and guns, whose response to his enemies involves death glares and buckshot while he plays with action figures of himself, and then over here the demons and not-angels and others all speak with a severity and seriousness like they think they call the shots as the ones in control that can overcome him. You don't need a Marvel snark to be a multidimensional character.
  3. Some have taken the Samur-Samuel thing to be that Samur's manifesting in the robotic body somehow rather than having been Samuel the entire time, the man had a rather established business family and documented human life as well as seemingly little prior knowledge of anything involving Argent or Hell until his personal discoveries. It says a lot that despite the ambiguity of the two characters being one, Eternal distinctly has Samuel rejecting his past priorities once he realizes how bad he messed up, so I don't think he's been Samur the entire time or else he's one really bipolar dude.
  4. RaikohZX

    DoomGuy in the flesh. Behind the helmet.

    I wonder if anyone will be able to find a way to catch his face model in the opening cinematic via free camera or something
  5. RaikohZX

    Empearen Key Bug [solved]

    You want to talk about inconvenient, I used cheat codes for some completionist stuff before reaching the mission with the 6th Slayer Gate, but because I didn't disable them on the mission select menu, the main campaign simply did not spawn the gate's key because it registered me as having cheats enabled. Even despite the glowing light for it on the floor. Had to do the whole mission over again to be allowed to actually get the key to spawn.
  6. I'm not sure if any rockets can daze him, or just the flare/master upgraded ones, but he auto-blocks everything he's facing if he's not vulnerable, and anything behind or around that shield is valid even if he doesn't stagger. You can notice this behavior if you fire the BFG in a large open area, he faces the rays to block them the entire time, and since he's usually facing you all the time it's hard to notice.
  7. RaikohZX

    Doom Eternal's Deathmatch Shaped Hole

    To be fair, Pete Hines is notoriously stupid and arrogant, and should not be taken as the face of id's opinions. Just look at him disparaging Fallout fans for not appreciating 76.
  8. You want to melt him, set up the Ballista and Super Shotgun for quick-swap between the two. Then stagger him with the SSG, swap and shoot him with the Ballista for more damage than what a second SSG shot would do. Alternatively, you can use grenades and sticky nades as well as remote detonation rockets to bypass his shield.
  9. RaikohZX

    Let's talk difficulty (Not a rant)

    I still finished HMP at over 30 lives, mostly because you can stock them up via mission select and my completion runs didn't have my skipping them if they were in the way, but yeah, the game kinda goes apeshit. Way more enemies on the field at once and consistently compared to 2016, all of them gunning for you. The Mancubus got buffed to insane projectile speeds and tracking, Cyber-Manucbi have super-obnoxious area denial at any range, Whiplashes are plain assholes, and Marauders are super nightmares. I can see why they added Extra Lives, you soak up so much damage in a matter of seconds on the game's equivalent of a normal difficulty that you can end up trapped and dead in seconds; of the official Doom games, it's probably easily the hardest installment if you were to go on a single life run. That's not to say you're at a complete disadvantage all the time, by late game you're so potentially overpowered that you can mitigate a lot of the difficulty with plain skill and hard counters for each enemy type to the point that aside from 2016's Rich Get Richer, you easily outstrip that game's redonkulous scaling. But it's also a necessity because the devs absolutely went postal with how aggressive enemies are. 2016 only had projectile tracking for player movement on Ultra-Violence and up for example, but here every enemy that isn't spraying randomly is insanely accurate now and very good at predicting where you're gonna go, regardless of difficulty. Everything attacks more often, rushes more often, and pressures more often. Half the time in the end game I ate so much damage between my glory kills to survive that if the game tracked damage taken i'd probably be in the tens of thousands. If you learn how the game wants to be played, it can be a chaotic and brutal dance of destruction and mayhem. If you try to play it just like 2016, you're in for a bruising.
  10. After Wolfenstein Youngblood tried to sell you gold bars as boosters for progression, it doesn't matter much if all the in-game skins are earnable without MTX - you still need EXP to get the unlockables, and they can still sell you boosters so you can pay to accelerate that EXP growth. I can't shoulder the blame on id here, this is distinctly a Bethesda publishing / Zenimax problem. The big decider is if the EXP rates are fair or you're expected to deal with way too much grinding just to get some really stupid cosmetics. It also doesn't help that with the multiplayer only being Battle Mode and the game allegedly not launching with Invasion, there's intrinsically no value in any skins but the Slayers, so there's not much point in a battle pass or any of this.
  11. RaikohZX

    Is Doom done being serious?

    Even Doom 3 had a lot of ridiculous shit in the logs, rare character dialogue, Martian Buddy, arcade machines (Kelly has a damn machine dedicated to himself shooting down bears floating on balloons in his office even postmortem), and things like the guide to demonic rituals. I do think they're meming it up a bit too much with what little i'm bothering to look up for Eternal, but the series is built upon the backs of using hellish imagery and demons themselves for an arcadey shooter as you gobble up blue health drinks and tiny green helmets, carry an arsenal as large as yourself with more ammo than plausible while outrunning rockets, and the series never really bothered to be realistic, just movie-like for the sake of killing shit. And with 2016 and Eternal, you're still running through wartorn and gored places of genocide and extinction, the game just doesn't try to be grimdark about it despite the excess violence.
  12. RaikohZX

    Do you care about Doom Eternal spoilers?

    There's also the fact that ultimately one can attribute Carmack's quote to his preferences in particular, given the massive dump he took over Tom Hall and the then-preexisting content up to that point in the original game's development just to make it more arcade-like. Every time someone uses that damn Carmack quote it feels like yet another case of using a lack of context to justify bullshit.
  13. RaikohZX

    Do you care about Doom Eternal spoilers?

    I'm actually pretty interested in the story even if it's batshit insane or absolutely predictable, but the spoilers i'm more worried about is seeing major experiences and sequences. I wanna play through shit for the first time, not know it's coming, so the big swathes of content just the other day put me on edge about things that might show up and make me want to avoid 'em. Just knowing about some of the hub unlockables hurts.
  14. RaikohZX

    Does anyone else think this game is going to suck?

    You're not even cherry-picking correctly. Only Bethesda's games have genuinely been absolutely fucked, everything else is a little buggy or stable. Fallout 76 may have been bad, but do not assume id, Arkane, Machinehead and everyone else are suddenly going up in the toilet bowl all because of one damn game.
  15. I'm honestly curious what kind of add-ons are being considered for support, whether they're straight up vanilla-compatible map packs or slight limit removers only, or if things like the visual / audio tweaks some folks want to see would be able to make it in there seeing as you can technically activate multiple add-ons at once. Because something like a D2 add-on of the PSX maps with colored lighting and the audio that would be reused for 64 would be neat, but that's not entirely plausible on a strictly-vanilla engine for that sort of lighting as far as I know?