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  1. There's a lot more meat on Doom Eternal's bones already than the demonstrations of Doom 2016, so 2019 isn't an unreasonable release range.
  2. RaikohZX

    DOOM Eternal Gameplay Reveal Impressions

    I won't claim it to be so, but Brutal Doom caused a resurgence in people quoting and memeing about the comic since it directly references said comic, and Doom 2016 itself borrowed at least a couple loose ideas in inspiration (enough so to make he who shall not be named lose his marbles and rant about how Id should hire and pay him). I wasn't in the community that deeply or that far back when all this really started, but until BD, I always mainly saw the Doom Marine as a badass and kind of unhinged survivor diving into death, destruction and insanity because no one else would or could. Now everything is about how badass the Doomguy is.
  3. They should probably come up with an official marketing name for it then so they can fix this once and for all. You can only see so many D44M and other stuff before it gets annoying, and typing out Doom 2016 or Doom '16 every time isn't very fun.
  4. RaikohZX

    DOOM Eternal Gameplay Reveal Impressions

    They gave out the modding tools to RAGE. Basically no one used them because not only was there a lack of documentation, but to actually mod RAGE in-depth would require so many external tools, finagling with megatexture hell (Carmack's greatest sin in tech development, in my opinion), requiring renderfarm top-of-the-line computers to push anything out at a reasonable rate, and so many other problems. This is why you saw one guy loosely make the Doom 4 Foundry from trailer footage with missing textures everywhere, a rebalance mod, and nothing else for RAGE. It's simply too damn impractical to mod. And now we're at least 2 iterations of IDTech ahead of that and it probably got even more complex to use.
  5. RaikohZX

    DOOM Eternal Gameplay Reveal Impressions

    I'm not here for survival horror FPS in hell. I've blazed through Hell itself more times than I could ever plausibly count as the Doom Marine, and while I can understand not liking the direction of the new games, going out of one's way to claim them childish, stupid and "selling out" is essentially putting a dunce hat on your noggin for all to see. People bitched about Doom 3 but I can accept it trying to do its own thing, even if I mod the shotgun to not be a plastic pile of garbage, and I had a fun time with Doom 2016, so see these games for their own merits rather than going "but it's not the doom I remember" Things change when they get older and different people handle them their own way. That's just how life works. But i'd say they're at least trying both new things while accommodating for veterans with plenty of nostalgia that isn't just "ha ha look at that it's a classic reference". The changes from 2016 to Eternal are primarily fan feedback and them getting to work their new project their way rather than hastily patching it together from a failed design project.
  6. RaikohZX

    DOOM Eternal Gameplay Reveal Impressions

    Looking at the HUD when the invasion happens, i'm guessing the invaders get 4 demon lives to spawn with each. The "LAST LIFE" is for the Doom Slayer player that probably has no 1Ups to fall back onto in that sequence at the time.
  7. RaikohZX

    Was that The Crucible in Eternal gameplay at the end?

    The strange alien/demon tech thing reminds me a lot of the Martian ruins and unopened sarcophagus from Doom 3, too. It definitely stands out. Not to mention that massive coliseum-looking place looks kinda destitute, but not Demonic at all.
  8. RaikohZX

    DOOM Eternal Gameplay Reveal Impressions

    I've noticed that the Super Shotgun and Shotgun have different ammo types now, with the Super only taking one "shot" per fire. Makes sense I guess. And damn, the Minigun Shotgun alt fire tore that Mancubus into shreds faster than other weapons.
  9. RaikohZX

    DOOM Eternal Gameplay Reveal Impressions

    It feels like Lives are likely to be a, "Oh, you died in the middle of a firefight but have a 1-Up? You'll respawn and get to continue from there instead of having to go back to the last checkpoint and lose your battle progress."
  10. RaikohZX

    [GZDoom] Diabolus Ex v1.1

    I finally got 100% kills and 100% secrets (it took me a while to find one particular pair, and on various runs certain secret flags would fail to trigger). I think I found a bug though.
  11. RaikohZX

    PBR for Original Doom Textures

    Turning Doom HD without the fugly side effects of 3D models and texture packs. Can't wait to plug this sort of thing into my autoload order. Interestingly I found the lighting testing to work really well with the Steve's Flashlight mod, shining a light on a reflective wall up close with bloom on pretty much blinds you with the light flare like it would in real-life. Thinking about it, I guess those Doom 3 texture conversion packs to D2 could also benefit from something like PBR.
  12. RaikohZX

    Update 5 for Snapmap.

    With the integers for 15 variables carried over a custom campaign, you could theoretically make Hexen-esque hub levels when combined with the aforementioned gear/status carryover.
  13. RaikohZX

    Doom 64 for Doom II

    Considering this seems to be keeping things vanilla asset-wise as explained in the original post, you could probably consider finding mods that you can load into a source port to do this for you.
  14. Now everyone with overly-expensive VR headsets and controls can vomit projectiles faster than a Cacodemon.
  15. RaikohZX


    They confirmed in a post a few days ago that they'll be adding bots to the multiplayer. Hell, Certain Affinity is no longer on the game and Id took over entirely now.