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  1. kelliegator

    PS4 Doom with Mouse/KB

    I just tested this and with mixed results, to put it mildly. I dunno if it's just Doom or in other games too but there's some serious negative acceleration issues here which makes aiming a chore and it's hard not to feel like it was made for Killzone or COD-like shooters more than something like Doom. If anyone figures out the neg accel issue it'd be wonderful.
  2. kelliegator

    Polygon and Doom...

    Why is this worth getting upset over or making a thread about it?
  3. kelliegator

    Snapmap puzzle solutions?

    The "One Player CTF Challenge" is still driving me nuts, I dunno what I'm missing since I've been able to set teams and to set scores when the flags are dropped so I dunno what else I could possibly be missing...
  4. kelliegator

    Snapmap puzzle solutions?

    Thanks for the advice, guys. I only have two puzzles left I'm stuck on; "Variable Challenge" and "One Player CTF" challenge. I'm completely lost on both of 'em. :S
  5. kelliegator

    Snapmap puzzle solutions?

    Either way is fine with me. And the advice you gave helped, so thanks a lot. Now I'm stuck on AI Proxy Challenge #2, which is bizarre. You're supposed to "move the baron without touching it", so of course I use the teleporter, but nothing really happens that lets me win the game...
  6. kelliegator

    Is it too late to save MP?

    I actually don't know, all info I found was that it's multiplayer content. If anyone can confirm if you're right or not it would be great.
  7. kelliegator

    Is it too late to save MP?

    Which means we'll have to buy a season pass or individual DLC's just to get multiplayer that's above average. Gotta love this industry.
  8. kelliegator

    So where does it rank on your list of DOOM ?

    Doom 1993. Doom 2016. Plutonia (not even joking). Doom 2 (not a big fan of that one, myself). Doom 3. TNT. And those are all the Doom games I've played from start to finish and beaten.
  9. kelliegator

    Doom on ps4

    Since I wasn't enlightened about PC gaming until recently and had to buy the PS4 version, I gotta say that playing it on a PC would be better. I know there's a peripheral for the PS4 that works as mouse and keyboard but it's a bit pricey and I dunno if it's good. Depends on what you'll think is better and more profitable. Personally I don't like that you can't make quick turns with a controller unless you adjust the sensitivity so high it becomes impossible to aim.
  10. kelliegator

    Snapmap puzzle solutions?

    I know I must look dumb here but I have no experience in making levels so I can't really figure out the Doom snap map puzzles. Well, some of them, but I got stuck on the "Cached Entity Challenge" where I have no idea what I'm supposed to do to beat it, and learning more about puzzles here might inspire me to try making an actual map, I guess. Hope it's not too much to ask for, thanks.
  11. kelliegator

    That other Doom 4

    I hope someone manages to dig up a lot more on this game, I could use a good laugh.
  12. kelliegator

    Why does almost every one here hate consoles?

    *Ahem* https://youtu.be/L6JXeX9sYYE
  13. kelliegator

    What is your deathcount? (so far)

    Probably a few hundred for playing on Nightmare mode. On console. With a controller. Mostly from big hordes of enemies. The pinkies really screwed me over for forcing me to focus on them while all other shit was going on. Oddly enough bosses were pretty easy IMO. And I had little problem with pits and stuff, too.
  14. kelliegator

    What would make a better DOOM cover?

    This Cyberdemon picture I found when checking out The Art of Doom book on the Bethesda store is perfect. Why not put THAT on the cover, the Cyberdemon says it all! It's demonic, it's futuristic. Flesh, metal. It says so much and the Cyberdemon is arguably the most iconic monster in the series.
  15. kelliegator

    [UPDATED] The DOOM System Upgrade Thread

    This does look pretty damn good and affordable to boot, so I'll consider this setup, thanks a lot. Three more questions: Water/liquid cooling, is that also recommended or not? Sounds like it might be better cooling but I'm a newb at computer hardware so I dunno. And about memory: will 16GB suffice or is maybe 32 a better investment long term? And finally, I technically have a bootable USB with Windows 10, would that work to install on this PC setup?