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  1. Xaero_Four

    Literal hell or Alien world?

    Again it's usually thought of as another dimension altogether.
  2. Xaero_Four

    Literal hell or Alien world?

    Because hell is often thought of as another dimension entirely beyond our universe, rather than another rock floating in space.
  3. Xaero_Four

    Should Doomguy speak?

    Dude, it's a Doom game. It was practically defined by the whole "hollywood tough hero" type especially considering it was the 90's. This wasn't exactly some profound story of inner strength. This was literally one man and his boomstick vs the hordes of hell. And he did it several times. Take the brief moments of text between episodes to heart if you want but don't read too much into it.
  4. Xaero_Four

    Should Doomguy speak?

    Psychopathy doesn't necessarily entail that a person is evil just that their regard for personal well being is inhibited and perhaps urges.
  5. Xaero_Four

    Should Doomguy speak?

    Yeah but so what? Regardless if you wanna regard Q3 as canon, the fact that a single man turned back an army of demons means you gotta be made of the toughest shit. Something along the lines of what I described probably wouldn't be too far off.
  6. Xaero_Four

    Should Doomguy speak?

    I've always thought of Doomguy as some roided out psychopath. Christ you'd have to be if you're going up against legions of hellspawn. In terms of personality he hasn't really expressed any which leaves him as an open template a bit. But if he had a persona he might not even be what you'd call hero material, just a necessary evil that you're glad is on your side. Whatever the case you'd have to be nothing less than a "berserker packin man and a half" to go head first into this kinda shit.
  7. Xaero_Four

    DOOM on Clueless Gamer w/ Conan O'Brien

    It doesn't tell us shit about level design. Don't be ridiculous. Besides previous coverage has noted that exploration will be a big part of the game and that it wont be as linear. Now if that turns out to be false then I'll eat my words but until then I ain't going off about stuff I ain't even seen yet.
  8. Xaero_Four

    Doom Requirements

    Anywhere near those games? Come on dude, I've played all those games and though they do look fantastic, to say Doom doesn't come anywhere near them is crazy talk. UE4 might have an edge on it but the best footage I've seen from Doom measures up with just about the rest out there.
  9. Xaero_Four

    Doom gameplay with metal overlayed

    Like I said, if they're gonna throw in some metal, it has to be in good taste and appropriate for the situation, not just metal for metals sake.
  10. Xaero_Four

    Will virtual reality lessen DOOM's impact?

    You're right. As cool as Rift looks it's still in its infancy. It'll be some time before the tech evolves and really becomes something special and viable.
  11. Xaero_Four

    Doom Alpha chat brinksmanship thread

    Agreed. I'm liking the overall feel of this game.
  12. Xaero_Four

    Doom Alpha chat brinksmanship thread

    Holy hell I actually got an invite! Would've preferred to have it on steam instead of PS4 but hey I'll take what I can get. I'm having a blast so far. Looks smooth, runs smooth, the pacing is actually pretty good imo, almost if not on par with UT. I know some people say it's not as fast as they would like it, but you gotta take into account not just player speed but the actual combat that ensues. Shit gets hectic man. I'm very pleased with this. Not really sure why some people don't fancy it as much but hey, it's whatevs. Can't wait to see more :)
  13. Xaero_Four

    Doom Alpha chat brinksmanship thread

    See the thing is we're talking about MP deathmatch here. Well TDM in this case. There's only so many ways you can go about that. It's two teams versus each other with a hint of whatever the developers choose to throw in. Couple that with the fact that it's a small portion of content and naturally people are gonna make comparisons or criticisms. You're right though, I think some people just complain too much. From what I've seen this looks like a proper arena shooter to me. We've yet to see what other content MP has have to offer as well.
  14. Xaero_Four

    Doom 4's chainsaw suck!

    I can't believe some of you people are gonna complain about being able to saw a guy in half. I frickin dreamed of the day I'd be able to do that in a Doom game.
  15. Xaero_Four

    Doom 4's chainsaw suck!

    The time it takes to kill a thing with a chainsaw is about the same on either iteration so I don't see your point. And again how is it any less tedious or boring as you say than "put chainsaw on monster til it dies"? Also you say this isn't mortal kombat put praise Brutal Doom, which is practically a 1st person MK. Stop pretending like classic chainsaw was anything special.