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  1. Gzegzolka

    Immersive Armaments for Doom 3

    Do stuff as You like. It is bit sad that there is no feedback. I am sure there are people who like to download new stuff but have no need to share opinions.
  2. As I said in Dream games topic I have lot of fun with RAGE, but game got mixed scores for what it was and what it was trying to be. Many people trash it for weak plot or not open enough world. I wonder, hypothetically, if You can fix, make it better what would You do? 1 - Embrace full open world game map (no two towns, two separate hub maps, but everything on one map) with many activities to do/paces to visit - like first island in FarCry 3? 2 - Or rather make more linear approach, make more closed experience with small open maps with few missions and than player move to different hub for different missions - something like Ashes Afterglow? Personally I would love to see Rage fixed with some "quality of life" stuff. I think it could be implemented with 3 phases, each one require more digging in game engine. 1. Stuff that could be or can be done in current game: - increase amount of save files to match number of main missions and Scorchers missions together - I want to have save at start of every important mission, for Rage without DLC missions that amount is right - increase duration of time that gore, body parts, ripped armour parts, bullet holes and bullets casing stay visible - They should still disappear but later, so You can see result of Your gunfight - increase duration of time that mutants dead bodies stay on ground - they should still fade away/melt but later, so You see result of Your work - fix rag-dolls collision so dead bodies do not clip together - remove decline button from missions text screen - there is no point in decline taking mission - decline button should be only on those job board mission that automatically take You to mission destination - decrease max ammo You can buy and hold for avoiding player stick to only one gun - there are some guns that got right amount set like nail gun or cars stuff that would require change game in editor, use dev tools: - add quick exit to Windows from game without need to exit to main menu first - increase load-out variations, always give 4 guns, 4 ammo types (if avaible), 4 items in selectable scenarios - in selectable scenarios add ammo refill items/boxes - add more new scenarios based on multiplayer co-op levels - more explosive red barrels, gas tanks, breakable boxes/planks on maps - it depends how much You can simple drag and drop on existing levels to add new stuff without spending too much time on coding and modelling. stuff that would require create new content or heavy edit existing one: - spawn more different car power ups when destroying other bandit cars, stuff like universal additional ammo for car guns, car armour repair, extra cash, or extra car item not only useless boost refill - more cars to buy, car parts upgrades, more body paints for cars - more places with water that works with electo-bolts (or other electro charged stuff) - more fuse boxes that when shoot activate doors or traps - repopulate finished levels with new mutants, bandits from different clans, open new patches to explore in this maps - open more places on main open world map and mission levels to explore, make more dead ends, more doors that player could open, make more places player can jump over - add new locations to visit and explore, extend open maps with more canyons, caves, ruins - add new monsters, animals, bandits with unique abilities, female bandits - show player how bad is authority by showing them some result of their work, stuff like kidnapping people, experiments, executions - make game story more personal for main hero - like Authority would arrive and kill everybody in first two small settlements when You were doing Your missions - improve boss battles so bosses got more places to move, give them more moves - Scorchers gun ship was awesome boss fight - create boss fight for authority capital prime level - add important npc's to important missions for few segments so You can feel not only player is doing his work (something like Wellspring underground wheel fight with ghost clan bandits where near end player encounter small group of town guards ), Rage got awesome npc characters with great look and good voice actors - add radio tower/bandit outpost gameplay mechanics from FarCry3 or something else - maybe player can enter mutant nests and set explosives there - add events on world maps like traps set by bandits, convoys, people that need You help, crazy taxi stuff, wild animals, scouting bandits groups, travelling merchants with unique ammo types, different bandits clans that engage in fight with themself
  3. Gzegzolka

    Your Dream Games

    Yes, I have lot of fun with Rage. It was not as great as first F.E.A.R. but sometimes it was close thanks to great animations, and enough well made AI. I will create another topic for RAGE. Another dream game would be F.E.A.R. 2 - but with combat encounters more close to first one. Where there would be more different covers/routes/obstacles for AI to chose. I replay FEAR many times and find it great that sometimes enemies react in different way to me, go to different places, sometimes retreat or flank me. FEAR2 looks great with so many details and nice architecture, but usually each time I play it enemies do same thing and follow same patches. Also I would introduce Alma bit later. You can keep those visions from start, but without her. Player could start to see her after hospital evacuation level when he reach devastated city.
  4. Gzegzolka

    Your Dream Games

    I would love to play Rage on Gzdoom engine, have similar or improved gameplay mechanics - combat, crafting, scavenging. But I am not sure should it be open world or more linear. I am addicted to Ashes 2063. I wonder how would that mod look with AI and animations similar to Rage bandits and mutants?
  5. Gzegzolka

    Doom 3 in 2023

    I like Lost Mission, You can have it as a mod for original Doom3 from ModDB. I enjoy combat scenarios, demons placement is good and well balanced, same for gun progression and pickup placement only big con is that maps are made from reused rooms and sections and last boss is reused from D3 too. Hell levels looks great. It is not as good as RoE or Phobos but still worth checking.
  6. Gzegzolka

    What "Lost Media" are you interested in?

    Mostly unreleased Amiga games, previews from magazines, early builds, demos, but also prototypes and unreleased games from other systems like first PlayStation, Saturn, Dreamcast, Nintendo64, MegaCD, 3DO, Snes and Genesis.
  7. Gzegzolka

    Ashes 2063 - GZDOOM Total Conversion

    Those are some awesome news, that story expansion seems very interesting.
  8. Gzegzolka

    Supplice - Out now on Steam!

    Just bunch of my options: Air locks on new map works fine, just like they should in real life. I understood in combat scenarios - when You need to quick move back and hide air locks can be stressful with how they lock You inside and You need to wait to open them again. Maybe add button just like in Doom3 for manual chamber cycling? Saving on text terminals are bad idea since You can rush to text terminal without killing monsters and with low health You will lock on Your game progress. It could work if terminals heal You. Manual quick saves any time are better option. Eventually game could auto save when You find room with supplies or before entering arena with many monsters, Eventually after finding important key/button. There could be option for silent protagonist, simple check box near music/sound effects slider would be enough. In my humble opinion it would be great if heroine got spoken lines - one per level. Not action oriented one liners like in Duke 3d, but single short comment of her per every level about important objectives or her observations. Something to learn about her personality. Also in my taste every creature fits perfect Your game. I would not cut any monster, maybe just change their placement for better combat flow/gameplay. and for last one, please release it on GoG, but I understood it is more publisher decision.
  9. Gzegzolka

    Ashes 2063 - GZDOOM Total Conversion

    Personally I do not mind amount of text You have in dialogues, it is right amount. Enough to quick grab some quests and enough if You are looking for more information/story. For example You have those standard roaming NPCs and town guards/bandits with need just few short one liners so player know they have nothing interesting to say. You also have important characters, I think it is good way to gain quest by start talking, asking about different things and than getting missions from those characters. Eventually You can talk to them after completing Your task to learn more. And there is Larry, those who meet him in Afterglow will understood, he is a good example how You can play with conversation by careful asking and picking your answers. If You pick wrong You won't lock Your game progress, if You pick right You might get something or at least have interesting conversation.
  10. Gzegzolka

    Ashes 2063 - GZDOOM Total Conversion

    That is interesting place to explore. Will it be in episode 3 or in update for afterglow?
  11. Gzegzolka

    Doom 3 in 2023

    Doom 3 is definitely a Doom game, just with bit different mood. Shooting is also bit janky as people would say nowadays, but when You start playing You can get used to it. For me best part was all that detail in maps, all that working machinery and monitors displaying in game gui. Maps in both ways looks like mazes and like places where humans could work. In my opinion there were too many PDAs to collect and too many spam audiologs/emails, too many puzzles were based on finding codes in PDA. It was also long game with lots of tech base corridors, they should definitely introduce hell overgrown/tentacles, candles, satanic runes much later in game and made it more twisted mix of hell and Mars base. As a person who replay D3 each year few years ago my habits bit changed, now I prefer RoE add on and Lost Mission for quicker more action oriented experience.
  12. Gzegzolka

    Doom 3: Phobos

    Wow, great looking environment. It reminds me Doom 2016 Lazarus Labs and Dead Space. Great example of how to turn well know comfortable tech-base into unsettling alien place. Those two birdmans looks as awesome as hell knights when they were introduced in D3 Delta labs.
  13. Gzegzolka

    Doom 3: Phobos

    It worked :) I wonder near end of that level are two locked rooms. Where they designed just as an decoration or at some point there were plans to open them? Now I need to find a way to open that small room near start of next map. It also have opening above locked doors. I try to toss inside small things and grenades but I did not work.
  14. Gzegzolka

    Doom 3: Phobos

    I bring ball from court with grabber, take it to train cart and toss at locked door. I do not manage to unlock it. I am sure I do it wrong :)
  15. Gzegzolka

    Doom 3: Phobos

    So I decide to play Phobos episode one again :) I have finally found what should I do with markers You can pick up in Mars City just before visit in doctor room with brain scanner. Just after invasion near level end there is small armory room near elevator. How can I open it? There are armour and shotgun shells inside. Also there is small sticker with ball near locked door. On next level in same big room with shotgun there is small locked room with some basic supplies. How do I open it? I try use grabber on every body and small box to see if there is some hidden switch but I do not find it.