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  1. karacho

    How did you guys learn how to map?

    This way of making maps, mods, and even full blown games is even used by pretty much all professional developers. Just complete the most basic core gameplay first. They have dots or balls or whatever as the player or enemies or things to interact with and put only the absolutely necceassry features first. That way they can evaluate and change the concept in the earliest development stage. And the changes they need to implement are so easy to do because there arent like hundreds of details or connected features they have to care about. Graphics and all the stuff can also be ready very early, but thats because big developers have huge manpower that have designated artists and so on that work parallel to the development of the game itself.
  2. karacho

    Doom II maps, looking for opinions/advice

    i am no pro mapper or something, just a DooM veteran, and i really liked it. The architectural design was really impressive for me. A few small notes: - I picked up the blue Key, and dont really know if i used it, no biggie, but something like this is somehow hard to notice on your map. - Maybe put a small section of blood (i assume) on the floor near or at the start the player absolutely has to walk over to demonstrate that it doesnt damage him. - If there is a chaingun somewhere, i missed it. (those two guys at the end dont really count) - I felt a bit weak against the revenants, and very overpowered at the end. Both are no big deal, but maybe put a chaingunner at the graveyard. I dont really know if the dropped chaingun would make the revenants eat dust in a less dangerous way, but i assume the SSG i see in the screenshots but didnt find myself would solve that problem. On the other hand the graveyard is really cool like that without enemies in it and the revenants are also a cool "oh crap!" moment. Those arent really critical points you know. Just a few personal pointers. I had real fun to play your map. It is very clear from the start how much work, thought and love went into this map. Great work!
  3. karacho

    Do we want a new movie based on Doom '16?

    I think Karl Urban was the best one to cast. He looks like Doomguy, he looks like someone that can take a beating and give it back, but at the same time he looks like a "normal" person.
  4. karacho

    Do we want a new movie based on Doom '16?

    If someone makes a new Doom movie, they absolutely should take notes from Die Hard, John Wick, Shoot 'em Up (the Clive Owen movie) and Dredd. Those movies are so effecient in developing their Charakters. - John Wick really lets you feel what kind of guy he must be, just by showing the reaction of someone on a phone for example. - A lesson for everybody working on movies, just watch the first minute or so from Shoot 'em Up. Thats an effecient and powerful introduction to a charakter. Just he sitting there and his delayed and annoyed reaction tells you so much about this guy. That movie wastes no time and cuts straight to the action, and still you are invested. - Die Hard does so much absolutely right on so many levels. I couldnt explain it properly in just one post. But people made hour long videos about the storytelling, the charakter development, the investment of the audience. - Dredd. Just go and watch it. Everything but the story and background is so Doom about that movie. Dredd never takes the helmet off and is more a personification of ultimate punishment than a human being. If you have seen Dredd you know a really really good Doom movie is possible. I feel a Doom movie needs to have buildup for atmospheric purposes. But for charakter introduction and develpment it needs to go the way of the action movies that understand how to work without dialogue. A Doom movie needs to be so tight that it hurts. You need a couple of slow scenes to properly convey tension and stuff like that, but the movie itself can still feel fast and entertaining.
  5. karacho

    *** The "ask a miscellaneous editing question" thread ***

    Thanks for the help and clarification. :) And yeah when i meant vanilla, i meant monsters, weapons, architecture and so on. I wanna stay as vanilla as it gets, but in cases i sway away from vanilla, i will try to keep it so it is still known from vanilla. People that played only through Doom 1+2 are aware that something can happen when a monster dies - even when it is map specific. Anyway thats my goal now. That goal may change over time, but mapping in itself should be enough work for me. :)
  6. karacho

    *** The "ask a miscellaneous editing question" thread ***

    Hi everyone :) I installed Doombuilder 2 a few days ago to warmup again for making levels, and when I looked up some things I recognized it doesnt seem to be capable of some things i wanna do. At this stage, I wanna keep it vanilla (no 3D stuff). I mean maybe i wanna do my own Weapons and Monsters one day, but i dont think thats the problem at this point. But i wanna execute scripts for doors that open when a monster is killed and so on (just a basic example). So i found out about GZDoom Builder, but i am a bit confused about the different versions. There is a version 2.3 (R2364), there is a GZDB_Updater, and there is what i assume is the latest one called R2787, i also read about different branches and whatnot. So from what i understand there arent only udates, but also forks. So which of those should i install?
  7. karacho

    Doomworld Mega Project 2015 - Now on /idgames

    I am really sorry. I wanted to contribute a map, because that was a cool idea to get me working just on anything, to get me started on DooM mapping. But my job and my girfriend kept me so busy, i did not even have time to hang around this very cool board. I don't know when i really have time again. May be very soon. But that is hard to tell. Doom is still the only game right now that has me interested in making something myself. But right now, i did not have the time to even start. I wish everybody a good party into 2016.
  8. karacho


    you should read stories from people playing it words fail to describe the "thing" surrounding dwarf fortress, it really IS kind of a matrix, everything gets simulated in it, everything
  9. karacho

    Are there any Artists and Programmers here?

    I often wish i could call myself an artist or programmer. Problem is i was never focused enough to do anything long enough to get good at it. Had some programming schooling, but was only about the most basic things in visual basic, skills i already aquired as a kid by typing cpc 464 programms from a magazine. Also tried to draw and do some music, have all the supplies needed to do those things digitally, and a bunch of supplies to draw on paper, but i am not good at focusing at such things :/ Respect to everybody that does such things and comes up with creative and wonderful work. Also respect to everybody who just doesnt give up on those things.
  10. karacho

    Secret areas should be visible, call me crazy

    Ok if you indded can see it on the map (i didnt go back checking for the discussion) i just did not recognize it and take back what i said.
  11. karacho

    Secret areas should be visible, call me crazy

    You misunderstood me. I didnt mean to say you have to search for a teleporter. I meant to say that you do not know that you do not have to wallhug the whole level to get there. Also i still dont know how the map helps in any way besides telling you "there is a room". You dont know if that room is important, you still dont know how to get there. I really am curious about people finding the way to the room. I mean ... well i cant discuss further unless spoiling how to get there, and it is pretty stupid.
  12. karacho

    Secret areas should be visible, call me crazy

    I am not sure how the computer map helps to find the secret. It just tells you that there is a room there. It doesnt tell you that that is the room that gets you to progress, and even if you knew that, it doesnt tell you not to wallhug the whole level to find a teleporter that leads there. Maybe it is still good level design if you make a yellow key appear only if you make 3 360 degree turns in a row in a specific spot at midnight or something. ;)
  13. karacho

    Secret areas should be visible, call me crazy

    If you are answering to me, go play Vesperas. Find your way through it without a guide. And if you by some miracle do, dare to tell me that such a dumb secret needed to progress is good level design.
  14. karacho

    Secret areas should be visible, call me crazy

    Problem is, in the level i mentioned, you will not even find your way using a map. Its literally the most stupid "secret" so far you need to progress the level. I dont know what they where thinking. As i said, i will not play Master Levels ever again. What i might do is edit the Master Levels, so that those secrets are not needed anymore, or are no secrets anymore.
  15. karacho

    Secret areas should be visible, call me crazy

    Sorry for posting again about the discussion about secrets you need to do to finish the level: Master Levels - Vesperas I will never play that pile of garbage again. To call master Levels that might be overreacting, since level design minus those needed secrets is pretty good, but ... just vesperas, i dare people who defend mandatory secrets to play this without a guide. And if you find what i am talking about by accident, yeah good for you. But dont tell me that is good level design.