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  1. Goosepants

    Need help on Doom 2 Nightmare

    Thanks. I can get to the other side, but once I reach the yellow door into the last area of the map I’m done for. I’d like to complete it on nightmare because there is an achievement tied to it on PS4.
  2. Goosepants

    Need help on Doom 2 Nightmare

    So I play on PS4, and they released classic doom on the weekend. I’m currently on industrial zone on nightmare on doom 2, and I just can’t beat it. Is there a way to activate a bridge over that lava pit? Also, the way doom 2 co op works (which is what I’m playing) on consoles is you can respawn, but you respawn with nothing, and items don’t respawn either. Not sure how to handle this level. If I grab the invulnerability underneath in that cavern, I don’t have enough time to get to the other side and through the yellow doors all the way to the exit.
  3. I know you can get the chain gun and plasma rifle early, but what else, are there any guides? Thanks!
  4. That doesn’t have commentary? I play on PS3, so an unmodded or just regular classic doom please. There’s a guy called bigmacdavis but he starts his videos with a lot of talk, just rather get straight to the game.
  5. Goosepants

    Anyone here as big a Duke Nukem fan as a Doom fan?

    Nice. I’m currently finding the secrets in each map on Duke 3D, makes the levels a lot easier.
  6. Maybe not as big as this is doomworld. But anyone else a huge Duke Nukem fan as well?
  7. Goosepants

    What difficulty do you play Classic Doom on?

    Cool. What Doom do you find the hardest out of Ultimate Doom Doom 2 Doom 2: No rest for the living master levels for Doom Final Doom TNT Final Doom Plutonia
  8. Goosepants

    What difficulty do you play Classic Doom on?

    Cool that all you guys play on UV. As I said in the beginning I play on UV for Doom 1 and 2, and maybe I’ll have to try it on final doom. I remember not doing so well with final doom on UV.
  9. Goosepants

    Anyone played the Bethesda doom pinball?

    Cool. Does it make me any less of a Doom fan if I haven’t played the pinball in the Bethesda Pack, or haven’t played doom vfr?
  10. Over the past few years I’ve become a huge DOOM fan ( I was always a fan since I played the shareware version in the 90s), but getting back into the classics in 2015 I loved the series again. I’ve bought the novels, art books, collectors edition guide, collected every doom trophy on PlayStation. Anyways, wondering if I should play it, any thoughts?
  11. Goosepants

    Doom Co op on PlayStation anyone?

    PS3 (Doom 3 BFG Edition) or PS4 (DOOM 2016) . I asked this a long time ago but wondering if anyone would like to. Don’t have access to a pc
  12. I always choose Ultra Violence for Ultimate Doom and Doom 2, but I’ve considered turning it down to hurt me plenty, just because I find myself getting screwed over in some of the later levels (thy flesh consumed....)