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  1. Hello, Can anybody determine what happened with this? It happened with another static object, I did remove that before that screen print. Thank you.
  2. doom3xbox

    Exporting a new model for the game

    Hi, I wanted to know, how can I get a new model enemy into the game. I tried exporting a model made in blender, with sixteen bones, but it doesn't work.Must the textures be tga or jpg is fine? Would using 3D studio max, and I mean an old version 6 or 7 be a better option?
  3. Hi, I am trying to get a brush to be a working light, so once it is switched on it will work. I tried using 'texture' and 's_shader'. I'm using a texture called strobevent01. None of those are any use to making a small brush into a working light.
  4. doom3xbox

    Map creating proc file?

    That now does work. I want to get these doors working that are a part of the hallway. They are broken.
  5. doom3xbox

    Map creating proc file?

    I have done that, and now there are leaks. I do have a box around the hallway I have used.
  6. doom3xbox

    Map creating proc file?

    Hi there, A map i created using a hallway from Mars city 2 map, doesn't load up. It requires a proc file, how is that file created?
  7. doom3xbox

    Rare unused monster in Doom 3 files.

    As somebody that is certainly no big fan of 3, and generally the series. This is an interesting find. I think they didn't get it into the final as it wasn't as freightening as the demons made for the game.
  8. doom3xbox

    Getting a copy of the enemy image files?

    As my username states, I enjoyed partially playing 3 on the Xbox a few years back. I only wanted to edit a small part of the Monorail level, it really couldn't of been that difficult. It can be a problem of script and map and how the objects are named for the level to not freeze. I even typed up a message on the twitter site to Mr Carmack, unfortunately he expressed he wasn't involved in the scripting of the demons and so on. He was pretty much the game engine techie guy. Or who modelled out the Pinky. So Doom 2 isn't any interest to me at all. Thanks.
  9. doom3xbox

    Getting a copy of the enemy image files?

    I did purchase a copy of Doom 3 last year for the PC £2, and tried to edit the Monorail level, and tram. But that failed. And the users at a message board weren't any help. So I'm not interested in purchasing any Doom games. I just wanted to use Doom or Doom 2 enemies, just a particular one, they are similar to Doom 3. Alternatively, as I first thought to get the Doom 3 cd's that I threw into a bag for going to the recylcing centre and may be grab a 3D model from it to try and load into Blender. I had made a stun gun from a scifi kids show I saw fourteen years back, so I thought what would go with it. Nothing does. But I thought back at how nice the 3D models looked in Doom 3. So yeah I just thought as an easy alternative to try and use a sprite to begin with as a termpory target.
  10. Hi there, I would imagine the Doom 2 enemies are available to download? They are all 2D images. Thanks. I don't have a copy of this game. I imagine they are available to download somewhere?
  11. doom3xbox

    Was Doom 3 popular for modifications?

    Elite force was also taken offline at filefront. Only popular mods were transfered to Gamefront. I tried my best to edit the Monorail map, I wanted a daemon to run out where the Monorail rider is, and attack the player while on the way to site2 area. I tried editing the keynames of the connecting pieces, but nothing changed. The daemon can attack if it sees the player, but it standing there it just freezes the tram from leaving. Deleting the doors also doesn't allow the player to go to the back. I only got a copy for £2.04p, may as well uninstall it. Not that I need the hard drive space on my twelve year old pc. Its sad as the above posts mentioned. Thanks for the responses, take care.
  12. doom3xbox

    Was Doom 3 popular for modifications?

    Editing the actual levels is the problem as mentioned. I don't about modding friendly, tutorials are needed, well explained stuff. Thumbs up for id making it moddable via an editor unlike other games out there. It doesn't seem that my original idea is doable with so little information available. The key to modding is to keep it simple especially when you don't know much about a game. My first mod was connecting maps, but then I thought concentrate on one level and do some editing there. But that has failed as mentioned. There is one other idea I want to try was to use some of the Mars city, perhaps like Administration to use a console to turn on the alarm heard in the first part of the game, along with those flashing lights.
  13. doom3xbox

    Was Doom 3 popular for modifications?

    Thank you your information. I commented on the idtechforums about this, my instinct was correct about that. I tried some editing of the monorail map and its been successful only as far as changing the light radius in the pc version to the xbox version. Unless somebody thinks thats a really modification I could release that.:p Editing the guy out of the tram works, but getting the player to walk in the tram and then the doors close, nothing. The only few tutorials around via youtube.com are bare bone ones where adding a character in a box is the subject. Its disappointing so far.
  14. doom3xbox

    Was Doom 3 popular for modifications?

    And also have mods used the Monorail map? As in the tram, that map is one of the few where the player can see a little martian landscape.
  15. doom3xbox

    Was Doom 3 popular for modifications?

    As the subject line states, was it? Today there is nothing going on for it. I've tried some modding at IDtechforums, and its not what I had expected. There is almost nothing actual doom 3 editing such as changing a script from an existing level, and so on. I had wanted to connect some maps, but that is quite a ambitious task. But just to edit a script and change bits and pieces, I've had no luck with that. Any thoughts?