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  1. Sheepy

    Broken Custom Sky Texture

    I did and now I'm getting this error when loading it up in Zandronum: Execution could not continue. Script error, "gangrel.wad:MAPINFO" line 4: ,: Unknown top level keyword Line 4 of course being where the sky1 line is. edit: Oh! nevermind, I fixed it. I checked what you meant by different types of MAPINFO and I was using the older ZDOOM syntax thingy. Thanks!
  2. Sheepy

    Broken Custom Sky Texture

    Oh! That makes sense, I kind of figured there should've been something there in the cluster for that. I'm not really all that rounded in that side of .wad editing so I mostly just kind of have to look up everything. I'll fix it in a jiffy, then! Thank you both so much! edit: Or uh, maybe not. I have the new "sky1" line in my MAPINFO but it doesn't appear to have done anything. For example, this is really all I have at the moment. map MAP01 "wip" next MAP02 secretnext MAP02 sky1 = "SKY1", 0 cluster 1 music D_RUNNIN map MAP02 "idk" next EndGame secretnext EndGame cluster 1 music D_STALKS
  3. Sheepy

    Broken Custom Sky Texture

    Oh, sorry. I guess that would make more sense. I'm not particularly tech suave (I like making maps at least) so if you can find the issue and fix it, that would be most appreciate it. If not any advice after checking it out would be great. https://www.dropbox.com/s/7tbe1hqpqs6voqc/gangrel1.rar?dl=0
  4. Sheepy

    Broken Custom Sky Texture

    Hi, I'm working on a Doom 2 .wad in SLADE3 and I'm using a custom SKY1 texture (from the Doom 1 texture pack for Doom 2 from Realm667) and while it appears in SLADE3's map editor, it does not appear in game and thus I am presented with checkered boxes. I'm really only using this one texture from the pack as it was the only thing I ported, as I'm trying to save some space as I'm already using a gothic style texture pack. Is there anything I'm missing? I was sure I edited TEXTURE1 and PNAMES accordingly. Thanks.