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  1. RobotJoe

    Hour long interview with Hugo Martin via /noclip

    damn.. you got me... Though pretty sure you're sitting around for more than 20 seconds where you get your first argent cell or when you are in hayden's office waiting for him to slowly deliver his lines. If story was so unimportant they should have given u the option to pry those doors open and skip the shitty exposition. Cutscenes might be few and far between but they're still annoying.
  2. RobotJoe

    Hour long interview with Hugo Martin via /noclip

    and yet they occasionally lock the player in a room and force them to listen to a character spew exposition.
  3. RobotJoe

    Doom - Bloodfall now available

    I really hope they make snapmap tiles in theme of the dlc maps and hopefully they arn't just done with the game having just finished the last paid dlc. :(
  4. RobotJoe

    Doom - Bloodfall now available

    where were these cool organic lvls in the sp? 8(
  5. RobotJoe

    Hell Followed DLC

    hell cathedrals and space stations, where was this stuff in the SP. :(
  6. RobotJoe

    Name one thing Doom 16 is missing

    what about fallout 4? at most i'd like to see mapping tools, im sure there's a lot you could do with the assets that already exist.
  7. RobotJoe

    Name one thing Doom 16 is missing

    crushers and other hazards to kite or force monsters into. :O
  8. RobotJoe

    Things You Thought Would've Been Cool to See

    hell could have used some scrolling face textures and weird techno-fleshscapes
  9. RobotJoe

    Things You Thought Would've Been Cool to See

    SEVERE LACK OF CRUSHERS, GAME NEEDED MORE CRUSHERS. More fun environmental hazards to kite demons into in general. also more enemies that force the player to change things up a little bit. Like archvile fire forcing the player to break LOS, stuff like that.
  10. RobotJoe

    Guys...check this new Quake video out

  11. RobotJoe

    Doom stream

    saw dead simple earlier ago O:
  12. RobotJoe

    Doom stream

    it's like a lot of these ppl who got these early copies never played a video game in their lives or have any kind of basic problem solving skills.
  13. RobotJoe

    Doom stream

    It sounds about as long as HL2 or something, I don't get the big deal about its length being 8 or so hours, or even less than that. I'd be more concern about how replayable it is.
  14. RobotJoe

    Early Access SnapMap Gameplay

    I like the new archvile design as a doom monster but not so much as the archvile :(
  15. RobotJoe

    3 Simple Changes that Could Save the MP Mode

    double jump being multi directional would be nice.