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  1. Dr radinki

    Full list of Doom clones/similar games?

    Although it is more wolfensteiny and RPGish, would pathways into darkness count? For Mac Also there are many TCs for doom eg ghostbusters doom, army of darkness tc poom for amiga lol
  2. As I said. Can have a bit of content but nothing Doom-intense. He loves old shooters and has a GBA SP, an Amiga and he uses his dads PC.
  3. Dr radinki

    Secret areas should be visible, call me crazy

    I reckon the idea is you find the secret accidentally, show off to your friends then not tell them were you got it and end up on the final boss while they're in E1M1. They always do that to me. I should start humping walls!
  4. Dr radinki

    Quake or Doom: Which was better and why

    True. The graphics, advanced for its day, are very hard to look at. Also true, mostly, but Quake is a good game. I still play it.
  5. Doom (aka the fifth one) is coming out. Trailers have been released. So freakin' excited!
  6. Dr radinki

    Quake or Doom: Which was better and why

    Definitely Doom. Don't know why, its just much better.
  7. Dr radinki

    Nukem is a Doom clone?

    Yeah, thats true. Very true.
  8. Dr radinki

    Nukem is a Doom clone?

    I always see people calling games like Duke Nukem 3d System Shock Blood and Dark Forces Doom clones! What the heck?
  9. Dr radinki

    Is it okay to like Sonic ?

    noirseude there's nothing wrong with liking Sonic. I still play the first one! Doom kart? My life has been fulfilled.
  10. Dr radinki

    World's Most Anticipated Games

    Thank god. Doom is so much cooler.
  11. Dr radinki

    Your favorite Blood levels?

    This is true horrormovieguy.
  12. Dr radinki

    Your favorite Blood levels?

    Hospital. Siege is good too. Totally underappreciated game. Good job bringing it back up.
  13. Original for sure. I play classic Doom on Windows 7. Much better retro experience with original control.