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  1. Category 1, dead on map 07, chewed up by chaingunners and a cacodemon. I think my own worst enemy was myself heh, a lot of self rocket damage, and one or two point blank dime rockets 😏. honestly surprised how fast i died, at the time i thought i was doing pretty fine on health and armor, but looking back i wasn't doing too hot lol. I even used map markers at one point to remember where an extra armor was! keaton_bakers-dozen_ironman.zip
  2. This is a level of comedy i wasn't expecting today. The beeping elevators for the slow lifts are amazing.
  3. Finally got around to joining in on this, still getting used to aiming while demo recording so im struggling with accuracy heh. Vanguard was totally blind but i am familiar with Lunatic from a few streams so this would be a category 2 submission. Reached Vanguard Map 10 at 1:14:23 and died with 207/823 kills Survived Lunatic in 48:04 Surviving a total of 14 maps. dwironman_VanguardLunatic_Keaton.zip Had a number of real close calls in Vanguard and i only just barely survived map 4 of Lunatic at one point getting down to 10 hp, It was a real butt clencher! I took a bit of time running around gathering supplies and coming up with a plan on the tougher maps, but overall i felt like i played pretty well considering i haven't played anything since the release of Sigil and was playing with unfamiliar controls.
  4. Keaton

    Crispy Doom 6.0 (Update: Mar 31, 2023)

    Yeah i just quickly glossed over a few pages of the thread and didn't spot any posts of it so i thought i would mention it.
  5. Keaton

    Crispy Doom 6.0 (Update: Mar 31, 2023)

    Downloaded the 5.4 binary from the GitHub but kept getting consistent stuttering/hitching every few seconds. Happened with both limited and uncapped framerate as well as with Vsync on and off and in windowed and fullscreen, nothing fixed it. Downloaded the latest daily build at the time and the issue was gone.
  6. Keaton

    Is it too late to save MP?

    I could be wrong about the loadouts thing, but i do remember hearing of a number of hints to gameplay settings including one specifically referring to strafe jumping.
  7. Keaton

    The only thing I'm disappointed with (ie snapmap)

    What bugs me about SnapMap is the inconsistency. Like how theres a limit to how many monsters can be placed on a map to a max of 64, however if you use the single/group monster encounter tools those don't apply to that limit at all. As well as random missing weapons and their mods. It just feels very rushed and slapped together. Which is a shame because it has some good power with it's logic tools. Hell someone managed to bypass the two weapon limit by allowing you to cycle through an inventory of weapons with a logic string.
  8. Keaton

    Is it too late to save MP?

    I distinctively remember there being a game list. Did you play the in the official Closed Alpha? Because this was in a cracked build that was different than the one everyone got to play. It had access to a multiplayer test map that had all the weapons and powerups. EDIT: Also i couldn't tell you where the reference to the loadout options is since the threads with it all got deleted after id/Bethesda threw a hissy fit over the datamining.
  9. Keaton

    Crashes to Desktop, Often

    Huh, It's strange the these specific things are whats causing the crashes. I've had a few CTDs but they were always at random times and nothing corresponding to one another. However i get much worse issues where my whole PC will shut off as if it were powered down and then quickly reboot on it's own, which I've never had happen until running this game. At first i assumed it was an overheating issue but my temps were all reasonable so im starting to think it's a PSU problem. Either way it's not good.
  10. Keaton

    Is it too late to save MP?

    You know whats funny? In the leaked alpha build a while back, it actually had Bots and Private Games with custom settings and even had a server browser. And i believe in the datamined info there were references to options that would disable loadouts as well among other cool features. Why they aren't in the final release? I couldn't tell you.
  11. Installed. Heatwave still runs like ass. And i almost want to say Infernal runs a bit worse but i don't have hard numbers for that.
  12. Keaton

    DOOM Beta FOV on PC

    Well holy shit it actually works.
  13. Keaton

    DOOM Beta FOV on PC

    I've been using +set g_fov and not still no success
  14. Keaton

    The Real "Minimum Requirements" for the beta

    Yes theres definitely something going wrong with the optimization. Also if a 980ti can't handle it then they royaly fucked up somewhere, a 980ti is a beast of a card that shouldn't have any problem running anything at the moment.
  15. Keaton

    The Real "Minimum Requirements" for the beta

    I don't know man, Mortal Kombat X happened earlier this year.