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  1. [v1.4a] Doom 64: Retribution

    Hi ! Great update ! I noticed a bug in the script at the end of DOOM 64 Museum map. It's supposed to dispose of the Unmaker upgrades but instead but it doesn't. I'm using GZDOOM v3.2.5.
  2. [v1.4a] Doom 64: Retribution

    Hi, just wanted to say I love this project. How much have you progressed since November ?
  3. [GZDOOM 3.0.0] Mod without automap HUD [Solved]

    Ok, I'll wait for the next update then, thanks.
  4. Hi, I created a wad in order to hide the automap HUD in order to play completely without HUD. I created these: MAPINFO: gameinfo { statusbar = "sbarinfo/doom.txt" } And a SBARINFO containing all lines from sbarinfo/doom.txt with this add: height 0 ; statusbar automap {} The automap HUD is gone, that's great, but the automap text has turned gold instead of red. How do I get it back to normal, please?
  5. Back to Saturn X E1: we love fixing bugs

    Damn, sorry, next time I see a bug using DOOM Retro, I'll assume it's DOOM Retro bug.
  6. Back to Saturn X E1: we love fixing bugs

    Hi, came back with a little glitch, I'd say. On E1M13, at the end of the level, the (fake?) teleporters seem to be flagged as liquids for some reason:
  7. Back to Saturn X E1: we love fixing bugs

    Well, I guess it is a DOOM Retro problem, sorry...
  8. Back to Saturn X E1: we love fixing bugs

    Hi, I don't know if someone already noticed this. Teleporter texture misalignement on E1M10:
  9. Doom 64 for Doom II

    Hi, I hope this project isn't dead, any news?
  10. 6 months later: Well, still waiting... ^^ Damn you, Internet problems! Damn you!
  11. [ZDOOM] No HUD on Automap?

    HOLY ****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT WORKS!!!! height 0 ; StatusBar Automap {} Thank you, Weasel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. [ZDOOM] No HUD on Automap?

    But I downloaded it and tried again with different settings, there's no change to this:
  13. [ZDOOM] No HUD on Automap?

    Then, what do I do next? I tried, but it doesn't work. Again.
  14. [ZDOOM] No HUD on Automap?

    Well, you guessed it, it doesn't work...
  15. [ZDOOM] No HUD on Automap?

    Don't work either.