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  1. loser

    Teleporters and Windows

    I just tried to email you an example, but it came back. Your yahoo account has been disabled. Do you have another email address?
  2. loser

    Loser and WadAuthor?...an Idea

    XWE is short for Extendable Wad Editor, you can download it here: http://doomworld.com/xwe
  3. loser

    BSP and ZDooM maps

    I have downloaded ZenNode. It does support ZDooM format maps, and it's fast. Thanks for the information.
  4. loser

    BSP and ZDooM maps

    It seems to me that BSP 5.0 won't build nodes for maps that are in the ZDooM format. Does anyone know of a stand-alone nodes builder that can do this?
  5. loser

    Duke Nukem 3D 'Build' style editor

    Tarin: What's Cube? Is it another game?
  6. loser

    Loser and WadAuthor?...an Idea

    I'm not sure John would want that, from what he wrote to me it sounded like he has plans of his own. However, since the last release of XWE (1.09 in last November) I've concentrated mostly on the map editor. When I release the new version, it will be nearly the equivalent of WadAuthor. I see Espi just beat me with a post :-) I have to thank him for a lot of good requests and suggestions (some of which I'm still working on). Thanks for the suggestion anyway.
  7. loser

    For those who use WadAuthor

    I appreciate your comments on this issue Jack. To answer your question, I have to re-iterate myself: "I don't mind if anyone does anything to XWE." John contacted me by email today. He asked me to send him my version of the file, if he likes my changes, he will consider incorporating them into the new version of WadAuthor. I guess this is a bit of good new for anyone waiting for an update of WA.
  8. loser

    For those who use WadAuthor

    You didn't read what I wrote carefully, Jack. I am aware that all windows RC files can be modified, not only VC++ ones. What I stated was "Since WadAuthor was written in Visual C++, you can change the dialog box layouts." Visual Basic for example does not store it's forms (dialog boxes) in resource files. Delphi does, but it's not as simple as VC++. I don't mind if anyone does anything to XWE. It's a free software in all senses. At least they are using my work, so I didn't waste my time developing it. Realistically, why would anyone put the effort into it, if they can just ask me? :-) However, WA hasn't been updated for a long time. To me the Doom community is a hobby, I do it to have fun. I enjoy downloading other peoples maps, and playing with them occasionally. They invested their time to make them and it's free. Well, I'm not good at making maps (I'm not really interested), but I enjoy developing software. So I wrote XWE and gave it to the community: here you go everyone, this is my contribution. Quite a few people even asked for specific things, implementing those things was a challenge, so I enjoyed doing it. I'm only telling you this to see where I'm coming from: I thought releasing a better (or at least alternative) version of WadAuthor would be a "nice thing" I could do for the community. It's a small but useful change. I don't think anyone would mind, I wouldn't call this unethical. Still, you are right about the legal aspect of it. Thanks for letting me know. I will wait until I hear from John.
  9. loser

    For those who use WadAuthor

    It is a hacked EXE. Since WadAuthor was written in Visual C++, you can change the dialog box layouts. You can't change anything else without the source (okay, you could, but it would be extremely difficult). I don't think John would mind, if anything, this version would encourage more people to buy it. I'll email him, but I doubt I'll get a reply.
  10. I created a modified the version latest WadAuthor executable. The lists in the editing dialogs are now much wider, they are easier to use. If anyone is interested, I could upload it.
  11. loser

    Duke Nukem 3D 'Build' style editor

    What Cube -> Doom converter?
  12. Hi Mordeth, Thanks for the suggestion. I have found the page you mentioned ( http://www.doomworld.com/tutorials/fx2.shtml ), but I can't say I fully understand what the trick is. All my barrel explosion frames are already between SS_START and S_END markers. They are all named BEXP?0. I did get it to work, here's my DeHackEd Entry: __________ Frame 808 # --- Make barrel frames duration 3 tics Duration = 3 Frame 809 Duration = 3 Frame 810 Duration = 3 Frame 811 Duration = 3 Frame 812 Duration = 3 Next frame = 720 # --- point to Pain Elemental respawn Frame 720 Sprite number = 58 # = BEXP sprite Sprite subnumber = 32773 # --- $8000 + 5 Duration = 3 Frame 721 Sprite number = 58 Sprite subnumber = 32774 Duration = 3 Frame 722 Sprite number = 58 Sprite subnumber = 32775 Duration = 3 Frame 723 Sprite number = 58 Sprite subnumber = 32776 Duration = 3 Frame 724 Sprite number = 58 Sprite subnumber = 32777 Duration = 3 Frame 725 Sprite number = 58 Sprite subnumber = 32778 Duration = 3 Next frame = 0 # --- stop animation __________ Could explain in a bit more detail how to achieve the same thing without re-using extra frames? Thanks.
  13. Hi Enjay, Thanks for the reply. First of all, partial AT support has been added to XWE more than a month ago. The 'easy' stuff can be viewed (intro screens etc). Unfortunately the good stuff (sprites) is not yet done, it's in some compressed format, I have no idea what to do with it. At least XWE displays them as hexdump. I haven't updated XWE since last December, since no-one seemed to care about it. That is until recently, now I'm getting some emails again. By now, XWE supports ZDooM maps, plus the level editor actually works (sucks though). Maybe I will release an update in the coming weeks. XWE is also one year old :-) Wow... (92 posts in a year?!) After Fredrik's suggestion, I found your site, so I visited the link already. I also figured out the sprites and the 'chain'. What you described above is really helpful, I'm sure now I can get this thing working. Thanks again.
  14. The animation for barrel explosions can be replaced by making new sprite entries and naming them BEXP?0 where ? is a letter from A-E (since the original barrel explosion has 5 frames). Simply adding extra frames and naming them appropriately (e.g. BEXPF0) doesn't work, these frames are ignored. DeHackEd only seems to specify the starting frame (BEXPA), but not the number of frames. Is it possible to use more frames? How? Also, is it possible to change the speed of the animation?
  15. loser

    ZDoom ambeint sounds.

    Every 'thing' in Doom has a unique number. E.g. Thing #1: Player 1 start. Thing #3001: Imp, etc. What it means is: Thing #14001 is Ambient Sound 1. Putting these things on the map depends on which editor you use. If you use WadAuthor, just right click on the map, select "New Thing", for class select "Sounds" and for type select "Ambient Sound #nnn" where nnn is 1-64. If you use a lame-ass editor like my XWE, where you have to add things by their number, then you would actually type "14001" etc. But most decent editors have a thing list, so adding them should be easy.