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  1. icemann

    What happened to Post Hell?

    Thanks. Looks kinda sucky now though as it lacks much of the look of the previous version + has none of the links that were there.
  2. icemann

    What happened to Post Hell?

    Oh man got that Jean Luc Picard song in my head now. Grrr. And we need a news page.
  3. icemann

    What happened to Post Hell?

    Second that 100%. Sites quality just dropped by a fair bit. You need a news page. Doom isn't a dead scene, we need news pages to keep us updated on what's what. Without it, your saying it's dead.
  4. This is a call out to all level makers, whether it be System Shock 2, Thief or other games, for the System Shock 2 Training Mission Contest. If you've made maps in the past or wanted to but lacked the motivation, well this might just be it. The contest is to create one of the training missions described in the briefing texts (there are 9 missions per class, so in total there are 27 to choose from) in the game. You can enter as many entries as you like but it needs to be based on one of the training missions for the game and made for System Shock 2. Quote from systemshock.org where the contest is being hosted: Systemshock.org will give 75 EUR (or 100 USD) via Paypal to the author of the best training mission. The winner will be decided by the community on 26th October. (About 3 months from now.) Smallprint There have to be at least two different entries by different persons for this contest to take place (no prize otherwise, donated money will be returned). You can make multiple entries. The mission has to work as a training mission. More details including the mission briefings, the skill rewards which are awarded to the player from it etc can be found here: http://www.systemshock.org/index.php?topic=5576.0 So if you'd like to make some easy money through making a level for a game head on over to the above link.
  5. icemann

    The /newstuff Chronicles #314

    Well was Doomsday that I did my original playtest of the level in. Strangely when I went to save my game in the level before I was going to go and test another sourceport the program crashed. Zdoom ran the level perfectly incomparison.
  6. icemann

    The /newstuff Chronicles #314

    Anyone else get completely stuck in that 13 years wad? The teleporter in that very small room with the cacodemon in it doesn`t work. I`ve been running around for 20 mins looking for a switch I`ve missed or somethin but nup. [edit] Nevermind found out what the problem was. In the readme file it says that it is playable in any "Limit removing" sourceport, but the teleporter only works in zdoom. So heads up people, play the level in zdoom only otherwise you`ll get totally stuck.
  7. icemann

    ZDoom 2.2.0 released

    Link doesn`t work
  8. icemann

    Favorite TC?

    Doom64 TC by a LONG SHOT. Absolutely loved that from start to finish. Arctic Wolf would be my 2nd pic.
  9. icemann

    Ashun Ashun Ashun Ashun Doom!

    Absolutely fantastic mod. It took alittle getting used to at first but once I was used to it, I absolutely loved it. Great work guys. The music in this was easily the best I`ve heard in any Doom mod/TC ever. Loved the Pole Position like remake in there too. Thumbs up :). Heres one looking forward to any future sequels.
  10. icemann

    DOOM vs Marathon

    Thesmellyone 2: Comparing Marathon to Doom, is like comparing Silent Hill to Pokemon. Absolutely ridiculous. The two games are VERY different. Doom is action oriented FPS, while Marathon is a story driven sci-fi with action. Two very different sorts of games. You`d have done alot better in comparing Marathon with System Shock, as the two games have ALOT more in common (AI going bonkers and killing everyone etc). Though these forums are the wrong place to be talking about System shock. *points Thesmellyone 2 in the direction of ttlg/forums*
  11. icemann

    zDoom vs. jDoom?

    JDoom is best for fancy looking TCs like Doom64 or just for fancy Dooming. Otherwise zdoom is best.
  12. icemann

    Doom 3: Doom 2?

    *gets back on topic* Considering the fact the Doom 3 is a retelling of Doom 1 with the Doom2 monsters thrown in, why is it being named Doom 3 anyway? Naming it Doom 2004 or something similar would have made a hell (no pun intended) of alot more sense to me. Considering the fact that the game is basically a remake all in all. Dune 2000 for example was a remake of Dune 2, which wasn`t named Dune 3 since it wasn`t a sequel in any way, as should be the case with Doom 3.
  13. icemann

    Best Doom music you will ever hear

    If one of those computer game music heavy metal bands did some Doom/Doom2 music then nothing would EVER beat that :).
  14. icemann

    Old mappers, new game?

    Agreed totally. System Shock 2 was the hardest game to make levels for, out the games I`ve attempted to do levels for (Duke3D, Doom, Unreal, Quake). Took me 6-8 months to do my FM (fan mission) Ancient for SS2 (one of the only two FMs released for System Shock 2 so far since SS2s release in 1999 IIRC), which in itself was based off a Doom2 level I had done and released here many years previous to that. Even today I still go back to it, and add some little details to make it look more life-like. Anyone interested in the FM can grab it here from sshock2.com which comes complete with the original Doom2 version: http://www.sshock2.com/shocked/Missions.asp
  15. icemann

    Old mappers, new game?

    Having done levels for Doom2 + System Shock 2, I can tell you that it will without a shadow of a doubt be a HELL of alot harder to make levels for Doom 3 than it EVER was for Doom 1 or 2. Levels for doom 1 or 2 could be done in a day, where as it would take you that same amount of time in newer games to make one room, or possibly even longer for that one room to be finished. In newer engines, detail and lighting are so much more important than in older ones due to the quality of graphics + believability. By that I mean in making a room or area realistic looking. In Doom you could quite easily get away with wiping up a room with a few barrels here and there or even less than that. But in newer age games you would need to put in things like lights, room decorations such as pipes, fans, tables, chairs, signs on walls etc, all to give the room that realistic look, to make it look like people actually lived or worked there or whatever. A blank room with no detail wont cut it. Adding in corpses is another level of detail also, and will need to be in poses (eg slumped against a wall, hanging half out a window etc), as simply putting a corpse on the floor will look bland and unrealistic. Sound is a very important aspect to a room as well. If you are making a lab type room with computers or machinery, then having computer or machine-like noises going on would be very important for example. Choosing the right music to suit the theme of your level is alot more important now than it was before also. One of the more annoying but useful things in newer engine games is the use of links. Links are used from one object or marker to another to do a specific action which may be anything from switching on a light, telling a AI (enemies, npc etc) where to patrol to, or even in determining what the player would find on a corpse.