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  1. * In case anyone is wondering the tournament is not EU only, that was removed and was there by mistake.
  2. ZANDRONUM Pro Duel Tournament #1 This tournament will be the first Pro Duel Zandronum tournament ever. Pro Duel is a mix of Progressive Duel II maps (plus some custom ones from scratch and ports from other games such as Quake Live) and a modification of Eon Weapons with re-balanced weapons for proper competitive play. Pro Duel can be played just like classic duel if desired, but it also has more depth to it, such as map control and item control. It also relies on using all the weapons effectively. This is currently only being hosted on the Own-Age servers. Feel free to check it out if you're interested, it's fun! And if you like it, don't forget to sign up for the tournament. (ZDS: click here to connect) Join our IRC channel @ Zandronum Main IRC server (irc.zandronum.com): #produel Tournament registration and general information: Registration will be managed through challonge.com, here is the direct link to the brackets: http://challonge.com/wm7oanby - players will have to sign-up there, using their in-game nickname. On October 1, 4:59 PM CEST the seeding will be made and the tournament will start, so the sign-ups will be closed at around 5:00 PM CEST. Players will be able to play their matches once this happens. The tournament format will be double elimination. The winner of the losers bracket will face off the winner of the normal bracket in the grand finals with a 1 point disadvantage. General tournament rules: 1 - Players must play the matches in the Own-Age Pro Duel official server only, and will have to record demos and take a screenshot of the final results if needed. 2 - If a player is not present, he will get disqualified and their opponent will advance further in the brackets. Match rules: 1 - The first map that will be played for all matches will be MAP06 (Heavy Silence) 2 - Losers will pick next map, if required. (only maps from the allowed map pool) 3 - Match spectators are not allowed to talk while a match is in progress. Allowed map pool: We carefully selected the best and most balanced maps from all available. These are the only maps that are allowed to be picked if required. MAP01 (Take Two) MAP02 (Fade) MAP06 (Heavy Silence) MAP07 (Tomb of the Unwanted) MAP13 (Toxicity) AEROWALK (Aerowalk) IKBROWNY (IKBROWNY) ZTNDM3 (Blood Run) CAMPGRND (Campgrounds) IVAN (Unoccupied Territory) -- Feel free to ask any questions here in this post. You don't have to confirm your registration here, just sign up here if you intend on playing.
  3. Proteh

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    Valiant 2-player co-op multiplayer streaming: https://gaming.youtube.com/TheProteh#tab=1