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  1. Man Q. Bus

    Jim Flynn

    Jim Flynn's Enigma Episode was one of the first PWADs I played. It was the first PWAD I liked so much that I had to play more levels by its author. I'm sad to hear that he's gone. My condolences to his family.
  2. Man Q. Bus

    Rebel Sky - a puzzle map for vanilla Doom 2 (Idgames Link)

    I really enjoyed this. I ended up playing it with Chocolate Doom because it crashed when I saved it in DosBox. No problems other than that.
  3. I think that map had more monsters than the last few megawads I've played combined. I don't think I could finish it without saves, but just trying was fun.
  4. Man Q. Bus

    The Given - A large, monsterless, puzzle map (on /idgames)

    I loved this. It took me about two and a half hours to beat, and I had no problems running it with version of PrBoom+.
  5. It's really cool to hear an interview of Dario Casali all these years after Final Doom came out. Thanks for doing this.