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  1. watstha

    Bloodfall map Empyrian - Argent d'nur pre hell architecture???

    This could be a reference to the many wads and megawads, where Doomguy basically jumped from dimension to dimension, which is even implied in the story. This could be a prophetic set up for an upcoming Hell on Earth and possibly other realms of existence, including the Quake champions universe (more on this later) This could be referring to Hayden, after the game he was left to "rise from the ashes" from the destruction o the energy supporting the solar system and him getting hold of the Crucible may suggest this. Samuel could become the series´ nemesis for Doomguy, acting outside and against both Hell and Doomguy and possibly become a danger to both. Well, we all know what happened here. If Doomslayer appears on Quake champions, we could see the beginnings of an id shared universe, where other interdimentional travelers are brought in to fight forever (Galena wears the same symbol as the one from Heretic on her chest). This could be the destination Samuel unknowingly or knowingly sent Doomguy at the end of the game, meaning even the Vadrigar could get involved.
  2. watstha

    Any New Updates?

    Do you have a link to that B.J. picture?
  3. watstha

    Custom geometry campaign - HELLISH

    I´m actually working on map 5 right now which picks up right after Doomslayer falls, this series will be a long one and I can´t wait to release the Hell levels I´m doing! Glad you enjoyed them!
  4. watstha

    Custom geometry campaign - HELLISH

    I think I know where you´re stuck. On the second area of the map, where you upload Vega, look up, you will see a few platforms you can climb, that´s the reason I placed the jump boots on the red building. About the ai getting stuck, I really don´t know how to fix it =/ blocking volumes are unstable as it is. My only hope is that id releases a new update, which I doubt.
  5. This is my new custom geo multilevel campaign, HELLISH with 4 levels so far. The map id is in the video: Map 01 Frozen tech https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uKG_ij2nKxg&t=93s Map 02 Scholomance https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OdWiRxrNr3M&t=196s Map 03 Alchemy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zst6LB3XkNY&t=3s Map 04 Avalon https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4WEz2r2KBqg
  6. watstha

    Persistent integers

    Thanks, man =D. Hope you like the next map I´m cooking up now that I´ve made the persistent integers work... I think.
  7. watstha

    Persistent integers

    Thanks, man, but I already tried that. I delayed by .1 on some upgrades, as well as the testing option on the next map and it still doesnt work as intended. This is really a head scratcher for me as I've checked the logic chain in the three levels and I can't find a clear reason on why it doesn't work. Everything is set up without even having conflicting logics, so I don't know if I'm missing something obvious or Snapmap isn't working as intended.
  8. watstha

    Persistent integers

    So, I´ve just started a multilevel campaign and decided to give persistent integers a go to create a progression system (Leveling up and weapon secondary fire that are supposed to be kept in the next level). One thing I noticed right away is how absurdly and unnecessarily hard is to accomplish this and not only that but the persistent integers are very random at how they work,meaning sometimes the "logic" chain will work and sometimes it won´t. Thing is, if I set up values to several upgrades spread across two levels, the third map will not maintain some of that logic, thus the upgrades won´t appear on the next map. I already spent two days trying to fix this things, but as soon as something works, two other things stop working for no apparent reason. I was even forced to redo the logic in the map to keep it cleaner and easier to follow, and yet some things still won´t work. Example, I have the first and second map set to keep track of health, armor and ammo upgrades (like in the campaign), if I upgrade any of those twice, the third map will read it as if I only had one upgrade, meaning that by the third map I should have 125% ammo, but it only gives me 100% ammo. Here´s the id of the first map (You can find the second on my profile, which is the heavy one) if you want to take a look at the logic chains: AHL4BL2Y
  9. watstha

    Server Maintenance - 4hvwtbg2 - campaign

    Damn right! =D I really hope it is our christmas present, having those bosses would make a whole world of difference. Although, I´m also hoping for the rest of the weapons from the multiplayer and the rest of the items!
  10. watstha

    Server Maintenance - 4hvwtbg2 - campaign

    I really hope id fixes this annoying glitch, Snapmap was stopped being supported in the worst moment. It just feels like an abandoned mode. I mean, in itself is a fantastic mode, but there were still so many things they could have added to it.
  11. Looking into that, thanks for the info. Fixing this problem is proving to be quite annoying XD
  12. watstha

    Doom - Bloodfall now available

    As far as I know, this is the final DLC, so I guess there will be no other updates for Snapmap either? Or am I wrong on this?
  13. watstha

    Update 5 for Snapmap.

    You´re making me think all the problems I have come from the console itself (Ps4) I get logic errors from the most simple tasks, such as "Switch on pressed - opens door with sound" then BAM! logic error for no reason.
  14. watstha

    Update 5 for Snapmap.

    Good question, you see, I have a map that's been causing me trouble with every new update. After update 5, the problem stopped being the blocker, but rather the logic chains. Snapmap can't seem to take more than 3 logic chains for eacb logic code placed on the game. Usually, the problems are the sound, powerups and anything considered fancy. Also, game freezes for a few seconds each tims you press a switch, but I've noticed that maps with too many blockers cause this problem =/
  15. watstha

    Update 5 for Snapmap.

    Great update! But has anyone noticed that snapmap semms much MUCH more unstable than before? (at least on ps4) Logic the game used to run without problem now gives me "error in map logic" message. Also, how do I carry my progress over a new map?