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  1. Wild Dog

    What should I run Doom 64 on?

    If you have the Steam version, use that. Otherewise there are some good source ports Doom 64 retribution being one of them.. There is nothing wrong on the steam version of Doom 64, yes some people will tell you "It is crap!! the only way to play Doom 64 is on real hardware with on a Sony Trinitron, that was made betweeen 1994 and 1999, because pre 1994 models don't have that N64 felling and pre 1999 are just too new. Also the stick of the N64 controller should broken which was a common issue back. That's how you should do it, otherwise you are not doing it right!!".
  2. That's the issue when you have a very edgy fan base.. They will push you into becoming the ULTIMATE EDGE LORD!!! "Hey are you playing DOOM with a CONTROLLLEEEER!! YOU ARE DEAD TO ME!!" Oh STFU I'm not going to play Doom with a gamepad i will play it with a touchscreen or maybe try to play it somehow on a pregnancy test
  3. And that's the magic of the source ports, we have enough for every single taste... For me the best port is Chocolate Doom. I don't think there is THE best port, just different ports with differentes ideas behind them.
  4. This... A lot of fake "old school" and "1337" gamers.... that just need to be hardcore "Hey if you don't play doom on an old 486dx with a 14" CRT you are doing things wrong maaa dude!!" Doom is so simple when it comes to controls that it plays great with a gamepad... Forward, Backward, strafing with the left stick turning with the right stick.. No need to aim up or down.. RT to shoot. A to open doors... LB and RB to switch weapons Gamepad for quick weapons.
  5. He used to be funny and make some good points on some ports and older games.. I used to have a nice time with the videos he made... But then he started to become more "edgy" to please most of the fans to the point that know the videos he post are most of the time full of wrong info, elitist crap and just non sense....
  6. Wild Dog

    Delta Touch on Android

    Shame i don't have any android phone anymore, but is quite nice that Beloko updated Delta Touch with Doom 3 engine. Beloko apps are top notch. Even he sent me a key for Delta Touch, after i told him that i had bought the old version that was removed from the store.
  7. I was not talking about him, but about some of gman followers...
  8. Sadly in this day and age, seems to be the case... "Hey you are pointing my mistakes!!! THAT'S HATE SPEECH!!!
  9. I like to play Doom in any setup i can... Sometimes i play with touchscreen on the phone, sometimes on a PC with a keyboard and mouse, other with only keyboard on a very old DOS laptop and last but not least i play using a GB boy pi case
  10. Wait what? Toxic how??? Having a differente opinion is toxic??? The issue with Gman is that he has a lot of edgy followers and lately he's been acting like an edge lord... Every single release of an old game made by a corporation seems to be crappy and not up to his standards..... As a side note i'm quite happy that Bethesda updated for free the old Steam release... But even that seems to but something "eviiiillll" done by the Corporations....
  11. Console what's that?? I thought they died a long time ago, as far i recall the last console was the ps2, xbox, gamecube... I don't see why no m+kb support for the current gen console, they are just expensive capped PCs. The joy of plug and play form of the console is long gone.
  12. Wild Dog

    Finished the Campaign - Impressions (Spoilers)

    Since 2016 a lot of people is talking about how Doom Slayer was the Doomguy from 1, 2 and 64. It made sense, he was stuck in hell and he wanted to cause destruction... I think bethesda and ID back then "naaa no way he ain't doomguy you silly goose even less from Doom 64" because i think the didn't have the full rights to doom64 or something along those lines... But now it seems they have full control over Doom 64 and cause it as they please.
  13. Wild Dog

    Chocolate Doom

    I compiled Chocolate Doom for Raspbian Jessie (Raspberry Pi3), i have the latest SDL2, but it doensn't work right. With Raspbian jessie i have 3 choices when it comes to drivers 1)Open Gl kms 2)Open Gl Fake Kms 3)Legacy (Non opengl drivers) If i try to run the game with drivers 1 and 2, it just fails to run at all. It reports (Service already in use?) Now if i try to use driver 3, it works but only if i boot to command line, if i try to run it on the desktop i get "VID_SetMode: Unable to create renderer: Could't find matching driver"