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  1. Wild Dog

    Chocolate Doom

    I compiled Chocolate Doom for Raspbian Jessie (Raspberry Pi3), i have the latest SDL2, but it doensn't work right. With Raspbian jessie i have 3 choices when it comes to drivers 1)Open Gl kms 2)Open Gl Fake Kms 3)Legacy (Non opengl drivers) If i try to run the game with drivers 1 and 2, it just fails to run at all. It reports (Service already in use?) Now if i try to use driver 3, it works but only if i boot to command line, if i try to run it on the desktop i get "VID_SetMode: Unable to create renderer: Could't find matching driver"
  2. There is nothing to compare. One is a homebrew port made by somes fans 20 years later, with better more time, more tech and more information about how the hardware works... The other is a commercial port made to get some easy money and let's not forget they making it for what was NEW Hardware at the time....
  3. Wild Dog

    Dissappointed about the 'Blue Whale' challenge.

    The ones from South American are copycats. I guess the one from UK is the same thing. It became a trendy topic........ About being a hoax, at least here they are not. The death kids are real and few more that were saved.
  4. Wild Dog

    Dissappointed about the 'Blue Whale' challenge.

    The problem is that they are teenagers, they tend to do stupid things if their parents are not present..... This new breed of parents just left their kids to their own... Then this shit happen...
  5. Wild Dog

    STRAFEĀ® , New Gameplay/ Coming 2017

    The game itself is quite funny, don't expect an AAA title. Because it was never to be like that. It's a 20 buck game... The soundtrack is quite good, the gameplay is fast enough the frame drops only happen in some areas only, i guess they will fix it.
  6. Wild Dog

    Dissappointed about the 'Blue Whale' challenge.

    Indeed, In South America is almost at full peak, we have a few cases in Argentina. The other posted mentioned one in Chile and there were a few in Brasil.
  7. Wild Dog

    First Person Shooter (Hidden Gems)

    The first Unreal did not faded into obscurity because of Half Life. Back then Unreal was quite popular at the same level of Half Life... What sent "Unreal 1" into obscurity was Unreal Tournament. UT was much popular and when you talk about Unreal, most people will thing about UT, not about Unreal
  8. Wild Dog

    How was your Easter?

    Mine was quite good, in my Country during Easter, they give us a long weekend. This year we had Thursday, Friday plus Saturday and Sunday, on top that i asked in my Job for Wednesday and Monday as extra days... So i had like a little vacation, i went to Brazil with some Friends, had a good time. Coming back, inside my country i was stoped by state police... That Police force is known for asking all the time for bribes. The cop told me that my rear lights were not working and that they had a two choices, pay the fine or they take my car and the next day i could take it back... I told the Police that it was not possible, that my rear lights do work and that i didn't have any money for bribes and that i was going to show him that my ligths were OK.... I went to the rear, i told my friend to push the brake and the put the position lights..... The cop was right, they went out... worst is that i tested them before leaving Brazil.... The cop was looking at me like "See you moron, i wasn't trying to bribe you".... So i had to pay the fine....
  9. Maybe if Gearbox, had not screwed up Megaton Edition and sold World Tour as a DLC, maybe you could see more maps Duke3d.... Gearbox was like the final nail in Duke coffin. Even Mapster32 is quite cumbersome...
  10. Wild Dog

    Old Gaming Mags Were Full of Crap Too

    Don't be mistaken, present day "gaming journalists" are full of crap because they are being paid to sell shit.... Back in the late 80s early 90s, information about a new game or company was not so easy to get or the company just didn't gave you full information... Because of that, sometimes they filled the blank spaces with their own assumptions... Today's "gaming journalist" just want to get free money, the best way to get free money is licking someone ass. Call it Sony, Intel/Nvidia, Bethesda, etc.
  11. Wild Dog

    Quake Champions

    NDA? That's a shame.. It means that the closed beta is only going to be for the US and some other coutries where they can enforce the NDA.
  12. Just one tip, take a real notepad, that means made of paper, and a pen. Take note of everything they say it is important, later if you don't remember, instead of having to ask for it, you can read for your notepad. If you make mistake, you are still learning. Let's say that the first 3 months are the learning and adaptation period.
  13. Wild Dog

    Duke4net problem

    Why don't you contact the Admin of Duke4net, asking for help???? like for example using https://twitter.com/duke4net https://plus.google.com/+duke4net Asking here is like calling the grocery store to ask them why the Hospital is not picking your calls.
  14. Wild Dog

    Quake Champions

    Well that's when the funs die... When players care more to show a K/D an "emblem" more than playing the games.... Matchs on team based games are getting boring because of that... For example BF1, you have a whole team of morons playing as Scout, just to get a good K/D... They lose the match but they bloat "LOOK MAH I HAVE 25/1"... DUDE is about the match not a stupid emblem or K/D.....
  15. Wild Dog

    graphic card problem

    Disable the Integrated Card, remove Intel Graphics drivers, reboot update Nvidia Drivers, reboot and try again.