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  1. SoDOOManiac

    CRL 1.3 (May 16, 2023) [Updated Chocorenderlimits]

    Congratulations on the release, @Julia Nechaevskaya´╗┐!
  2. SoDOOManiac

    i really love crispy doom

    One day (I think it was in 2015) I discovered Chocolate Doom and wanted to play something with DEHACKED string length that Choco won't allow, somebody showed me Crispy Doom, and I fell in love with it. It got me into coding, I eventually started a fork of Crispy Doom called So Doom (so customizable, so polished fork of Crispy Doom).
  3. SoDOOManiac

    REKKR - V1.16

    @Revae, I have an idea how to make punches cooler. Namely, the third punch of the combo, the right punch. I suggest to make it more powerful by reducing the duration of the third state with Punch action (that is right punch) for 1 tic and adding another punch state with 1 tic duration before it, assigning a sprite subnumber to it that's the same as for the right punch state. So the right punch is technically two punches separated by 1 tic while preserving the animation. Why I'm writing it here is that I don't know for sure if there are any unused vanilla dehacked states left in REKKRSL, if you do it you won't introduce a bug.
  4. So Doom 6.0 has been released on Apr 9, 2023. The aim of this release is to maximize usability and to fix a critical bug I introduced by ignorance in 5.12.0. As FluidSynth support has been re-introduced, I'm also placing an example SF2 soundfont on the release page. So Doom 6.0 - win32 So Doom 6.0 - win64 FluidSynth soundfont So Doom-specific changes: New Features and Improvements Options set for Blood fixes setting (Colored blood in Crispy) expanded compared to Crispy Doom. New Demo timer position option: top right corner or top center, the latter to avoid message string and FPS counter interference with the demo timer. New Map rendering stats setting, with a possibility to display FPS counter without a cheat code. While at it, simplified cheat codes: SHOWFPS to FPS, LETITSNOW to SNOW, TNTHOM to HOM. NOMOMENTUM can be triggered by the short SNAIL or a pun MONUMENTUM. Don't exclude the possibility to display player coordinates always. SoDOOMy menu background resolution now depends on the rendering resolution. So Doom logo in the main/options menus can now only be set through editing crispy_logo value in so-doom.cfg file (0 = off, 1 = main menu, 2 = options menu, 3 = both) as there's no more space on the Rendering/Visual SoDOOMy menu page. Bug Fixes Fixed the crash when setting screenblocks = 13 in a netgame or starting a netgame with this value. Changes pulled from Crispy Doom: New Features and Improvements Make MIDI device selection less ambiguous. Add default difficulty option (by kiwaph and @mikeday0). Improve smoothness of network games when running uncapped (thanks @rfomin). Disable smooth pixel scaling if software rendering is enforced. Add framerate limiting option (@mikeday0 and @rfomin). Updates from Chocolate Doom: Add -display command line parameter. Support drag-and-drop of demo lumps onto the executable. Updates of Native MIDI on Windows from Chocolate Doom (@ceski-1 and @rfomin) SysEx messages. Proper device reset (winmm_reset_type and winmm_reset_delay config options). Loop points (Final Fantasy and RPG Maker). Full support of EMIDI. Native FluidSynth support (@mikeday0). All music formats now work when the OPL backend is selected (@rfomin). Implement demo footer for Doom and Heretic (@rfomin). Add level stats format setting to So Doom from Crispy, better late than never. Do not cap FPS to the user-entered value and don't calculate fractionaltic in -timedemo (@JNechaevsky). Bug Fixes Fix crosshair shifting position after changing resolution. Fix Automap line jitter in low res mode (@mikeday0). Widescreen rendering now requires aspect ratio correction. Fix widgets obscuring chat line (@JNechaevsky). Fix glitchy drawing of instant moving sectors when running uncapped (@mikeday0). Fix bogus linedef numbers in P_LoadSegs warning (thanks @tpoppins). Doom-specific Always interpolate idle weapon bob with uncapped FPS (@ceski-1). Fix free look judder (@ceski-1). Add support for loading REKKR as IWAD (@SoDOOManiac). Do not show the "WAD: map" Automap widget for IWAD levels. Improve brightmap for COMPUTE1 texture (@JNechaevsky). Allow L and R arrow keys in Crispness menu (@mikeday0). Add weapon bobbing interpolation from Woof! (@rrPKrr). Restore colored blood options from previous Crispy Doom versions (@rrPKrr). Add known hashes for Sigil music tracks (@SirYodaJedi). Colored blood setting to change in both directions (@SoDOOManiac). Minor HUD fixes (@SoDOOManiac).
  5. SoDOOManiac

    Any good UAC PDA wallpaper?

    Thank you very much, I appreciate your remembering my request for so long!
  6. Posting the link to GitHub page with README just in case, so that the new players can familiarize themselves with key bindings, command line parameters and cheat codes that were not present in Vanilla Doom.
  7. Thank you for the kind words!
  8. I'm not the one who knows for sure but logically if they did, it would be a bug. Boom's optimized functions are meant to do the same job as the original ones without any deterioration.
  9. So Doom 5.12.1 has been released on Jan 31, 2023. The most important changes in this release are performance optimizations (visplane hash, drawsegs optimizations, sprite sorting) from Boom family ports originally by Lee Killough, thanks to @Julia Nechaevskaya´╗┐ for sharing the experience of porting them. So Doom-specific changes: Fixed a bug of level stats not displayed, brought when merging Crispy codebase. Visplane hash improving the performance at critical vistas of Sunder.wad MAP15 up to 500% speed improvement (from 10 to 60 fps!) DRAWSEGS optimization (~12% of speed improvement on epic.wad MAP05, ~13% of speed improvement on Sunder.wad MAP10) Sprite sorting (~23% of speed improvement on nuts.wad) Fast framerate menu item now comprises the vsync setting (totally uncapped framerate is now with crispy->uncapped 1 or 2 with FPS limit set to 0). Screen wipe is now optional. Changes pulled from Crispy Doom (most notable ones): FPS limit menu item has been implemented. LETITSNOW cheat is now a harmless one like SHOWFPS. 5.12.1 is the first So Doom version to feature a 64-bit release. So Doom 5.12.1 32-bit version So Doom 5.12.1 64-bit version
  10. A rather pleasant feature was added to Crispy codebase a couple of days ago (changing settings in SoDOOMy menu with left/right arrow keys), so I decided to re-add the default difficulty setting I had discarded while merging and re-release 5.12.0. The download link is the same: https://github.com/SoDOOManiac/So-Doom/releases/download/so-doom-5.12.0/so-doom-5.12.0-win32.zip
  11. So Doom 5.12.0 has been re-released with some updates on Dec 26, 2022. The aim of this release is to update the port with all the improvements of Crispy Doom code base while keeping the features that were removed from Crispy (squat weapon down on landing from height, weapon recoil thrust, aspect ratio limitation option for pixel aspect ratio = 1, i.e. square pixels). Changes pulled from Crispy Doom (most notable ones) Changing settings in SoDOOMy menu with left/right arrow keys has been implemented by Michael Day. Default difficulty feature has been added by Philip Kiwan. Support of REKKRSA.wad and REKKRSL.wad (Sunken Land, Steam edition) IWADs has been implemented, now Crispy and So Doom always attempt to load the DEHACKED lump from the IWADs. By hitting Multiplayer spy key you now get full point of view of the player whose gameplay you're watching, i.e. produced and heard sound positions and status bar with respective status face background color. LETITSNOW cheat code, merry Christmas!
  12. SoDOOManiac

    Doom Car

    My friend Sonya Jay redrew this for my B-day, though turning it into a 4-door sedan :)
  13. SoDOOManiac

    Vanilla Doom smooth weapons

    Smooth Doom was converted to DeHackEd by @VGA for use with e.g. Crispy Doom and Doom Retro You can also use the player's smooth weapon animations along with that
  14. How can I live further knowing that... joke ;) just a tongue twister for Doomers.
  15. SoDOOManiac

    Any good UAC PDA wallpaper?

    Thank you! These say UAC PDA and STATION LOCKED. Could you make PDA LOCKED in the same style?