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  1. Thanks a ton! May I use your math in So Doom, my fork of Crispy Doom?
  2. Hello, could you please point me to where that code is in GitHub repository?
  3. @fabian and me are both waiting for the new Choco version to update our ports for compatibility with it.
  4. SoDOOManiac

    Nugget Doom 3.1.0 (updated May 16th, '24)

    I read somewhere that Nugget Doom has 3x original resolution, I'm thinking if that makes sense in So Doom. All the <<crispy->hires bitshifts are replaced by *(crispy->hires+1) multiplications, how does that impact performance? Apart for that, there is this problem
  5. SoDOOManiac

    P_CheckMissileSpawn bug

    Thanks to all participants of this thread, applying the MF_NOBLOCKMAP flag fixed rare freezing in ROOM!
  6. SoDOOManiac


    ROOM: Berserk Edition is re-released once more, now without the nasty freezes from punching self in the face and, potentially, shooting! https://www.moddb.com/mods/room/downloads/room-berserk-edition Thanks to the investigators here
  7. SoDOOManiac

    P_CheckMissileSpawn bug

    Probably such a missile is created in ROOM.WAD when punching self in the face, a BFG projectile is created with DEHACKED. Could you tell me how to fix that in DEH file so that the projectile is MF_NOBLOCKMAP?
  8. In celebration of Doom series' 30th anniversary I converted Judas Priest's Painkiller into Doom Slayer with my lyrics and performed it at a New Year's party. The guitar is for scenical movements, sometimes imitating weapons. Lyrics: To eternal banishment on Mars he had been sent For refusing violently to kill the innocents Through unknown dimensions those who teleport Suffer madness and explode in gore He is the Doom Slayer, This is the Doom Slayer! Landing at the Phobos base, all his buddies fell He has got no option but to kick the ass of hell Like the blood on floors and walls the evil had been spread In the form of demons and undead He is the Doom Slayer, This is the Doom Slayer! Aaaaaaarrrrgggghhhhhh! He's the living sword of vengeance, Muscles hard as tempered steel, He's defying any dangers, Fire of his rage burns hell! Just a fleshy mortal, one against all odds Killing demon masters and defeating traitor gods No rest for the living, evil's breaking free It's eternal, so his fight must be! Rip and tear - Doom Slayer Chainsaw swing - Doom Slayer Shotgun blast - Doom Slayer B F G - DOOM SLAYER!!! DOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! Rip and tear - Doom Slayer Chainsaw swing - Doom Slayer Shotgun blast - Doom Slayer B F G - DOOM SLAYER!!! DOOM! DOOM! SLAYER! SLAYER! DOOM! DOOM! SLAYER! SLAYEEEEEAAAARGH!!! DOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!! Can't stop The Doom Slayer! DOOM!!!
  9. SoDOOManiac

    Doom running on candy

  10. SoDOOManiac

    Doom running on candy

    I guess it runs Chocolate Doom source port? ;)
  11. There are several reasons: 1) I followed the naming pattern of Chocolate Doom and Crispy Doom (So Doom being a fork of the latter); 2) it's short for 'So polished fork of Crispy Doom', 3) the icon, limited to square shape, was easier to design with So and Doom being on different lines. I incorporated what you meant by naming the additional options menu SoDOOMy.
  12. SoDOOManiac

    Nugget Doom 3.1.0 (updated May 16th, '24)

    Is the spectre fuzz effect scaled with 4x and 8x resolution in Nugget Doom? I received a suggestion for So Doom that with 4x resolution the fuzz effect is too fine-grained, and the fuzz pixels should be at least doubled. I'd like to suggest this feature for Nugget Doom if it's not implemented or ask for permission to use it in So Doom if it's already a thing.
  13. Thank you for holding on to this project for so long! I hope your mental health improves, mental issues are a real rock tied to the neck, especially when working on a long-term project like UD2. I'll be glad to try your work of art in Nugget Doom.
  14. SoDOOManiac

    Nugget Doom 3.1.0 (updated May 16th, '24)

    Nice that you're picking up some Crispy setting values that had been cut from Crispy the way I did in my Crispy fork, So Doom. In So Doom I restored Horizontal setting for weapon attack alignment (is it what you had mentioned?), 50% setting for player view/weapon bobbing, and also the following cut Crispy options: -weapon recoil pitch; -weapon recoil thrust (singleplayer, non-demo only); -squat weapon down on falling from heights (impact). The crispy option for colored blood has an expanded set of options in So Doom, and what I would especially love to see in Nugget Doom is the pixel aspect ratio option (0 for stretched pixels, non-widescreen framebuffer, useful for old 1280x1024 displays with aspect ratio less than 4:3; 1 for classical height/width=1.2 pixels like in Crispy, and 2 for square 1:1 pixels). There is a number of So Doom-exclusive (for the time being) features like force automapping secret sector lines the player had seen even if they have a nevermap flag, and Doom 2-only projectiles not to trigger special lines (singleplayer nondemo only). Feel free to make the Nugget So Spicy :)