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  1. thesecondcomingdoom

    need help in mapping!

    ?? back on thread : well, yes, i recommend boom or hexen, but i'm pretty fine with UDMF and it's what i mostly use now.
  2. thesecondcomingdoom

    need help in mapping!

    Hey, i understand what's your problem, You will have to make map26 from scratch in the GZdoom Format. and if your maps disappear, that's normal. But, sorry. you will need to make it from scratch, or just CTRL+C and CTRL+V it. whoops, I forgot the repeatable action, but in the Reload thing for Q is because sometimes it glitches for me :(
  3. thesecondcomingdoom

    your mainstraem idea of Porn is laughable

    This wad restored my faith in humanity.
  4. thesecondcomingdoom

    slowest pc used for doom ?

    I remember i played doom with a 1.0 ghz Core (only one) and 256 MB ram, lagged pretty badly.
  5. thesecondcomingdoom

    need help in mapping!

    I'll give you a long tutorial. Open Doom Builder or GZdoom Builder (can be one of these 2.) Make a new map, use this format (for a door with all 6 keys required) Let's load a iwad, make new map. Now here's how to make what you want to do (The Door with 6 keys) Make a Room that looks like this, can be any look, but make sure there's a little rectangle with the form of a door! Now, go into 3d mode (Q) and Press E and D to move. Select your door sector. (Gif may take a while to load, don't worry) Lower it this way, now, press Q 2 times to reload the 3d mode, And then, click on both missing textures 64x64 and right click. Something like "Edit Linedefs (2)" Should appear. Go into the Front/Back menu and, you should see this To fix this, just click that error, and change the texture to something you may like :) (Should be a door.) Later, if this is done Go back into that Properties menu Find something like this. Put these configurations to both of them. Now, save your map, since it's UDMF, Get gzdoom (if you don't have it), and start up your map, enjoy!
  6. thesecondcomingdoom

    My first wad - a joke wad.

    http://www.mediafire.com/download/g2gv030vfa3z49g/thesecondcomingdooms.wad It's really dumb. :( But it's something, right? 1 min of playable, has some cutscenes, but this is my first wad. Enjoy, i'm working on another wad currently. Not really high filesize (80kb), dumb story, etc. 1 map only, 1 min of playable stuff, may be fun, but stupid.
  7. thesecondcomingdoom

    AutoDoom available to download

    Yeah, i know that. but i mean, will it be able to do impossible maps?
  8. thesecondcomingdoom

    mo' murder (my 3rd map) (finished)

    That looks pretty hellish. 9/10, Nice map, you will learn to make better maps some day. but we can all wait, I look forward to your 4th map!
  9. thesecondcomingdoom

    AutoDoom available to download

    Amazing, but on Tarakans(http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/?id=15361) It fails.
  10. thesecondcomingdoom

    please Help me! I need to save my map but db wont let me.

    This is why you should save frequently, also don't use Doom builder 2. use GZDoom builder. I'm pretty sorry for what happened.
  11. thesecondcomingdoom

    Draw your monster redesigns!

    i redesigned the imp!!
  12. thesecondcomingdoom

    Officially* Name a Doom monster

    e2m7 Tom = Right Alex = Left After living their lifes on hell for a while, they saw the doomguy, Tom accidentally shot a fireball to alex and they infighted. Alex won. Alex was brutally shot to death by the doomguy. Not so sure what T is it.
  13. thesecondcomingdoom

    Making a project... have a need to show pictures of it.

    Maybe you should try reinstalling it, was happening to me, a reinstall worked. Edit : My old download was corrupted, i realized. that's why it was happening to me. You should actually try checking your video card. may be that.
  14. thesecondcomingdoom

    How Cacodemon flies?

    Because, why not?
  15. thesecondcomingdoom

    what game (besides doom) are you playing?

    I found roblox 20 days ago, i'm addicted to it. it's a really fun game. Pictures on the spoiler (There are a lot of pictures!) It's really fun. I'm playing nice games that other people made. (in roblox you can build your own world!), also my name on roblox is thesecondcomingdoom.