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  1. Hunting4r2d2

    Doom Eternal's campaign is around 18-22 hours long, Marty says

    Expected, but still great to hear.
  2. Hunting4r2d2

    Playtester for Doom Eternal leaks

    I only skimmed over bits and pieces of the leak, but I did notice some red flags in his posts (such as the fact that he mentioned that he was working as an intern, which is usually information you do not want to reveal when you're leaking a game.) These leaks could still be true, just take them with a grain of salt.
  3. Hunting4r2d2

    QuakeCon 2019 Demo Speedrun (PC Gameplay)

    Do you have a link to this video?
  4. Hunting4r2d2

    You should DIE if you fall off the world.

    I can understand why they made so falling does not kill you, but the player should receive some penalty for failing a jump.
  5. Hunting4r2d2

    My feelings on DOOM Eternal in London

    Here's the link to the reddit post:
  6. Hunting4r2d2

    Your Favourite Doom title ?

    Doom RPG... But in all seriousness probably Doom 2. While the level design is not always of the highest quality, the addition of the new demons and the SSG allows the game to achieve a great sense of tension and action, not to mention all the wonderful mods. After that, my ranking probably goes Doom > Doom 64 = Doom 2016 > Doom 3:ROE > Doom 3 > Final Doom > The two RPG games. However, I find every Doom game to be enjoyable and I excitedly anticipate Doom Eternal. Also, shoutout to SNES port of Doom for being my first (I'm right there with you Gerardo194).
  7. Hunting4r2d2

    Known Bestiary

    I'm hoping we see demons like the Summoner, Hell Razer, and Harvester return in Doom Eternal. You can see the head of Baalgar/Cyberdemon in the upper right-hand corner of the 25th-anniversary poster.
  8. Hunting4r2d2

    The New BFG

    If I remember correctly, the four mods cut from 2016 were a flamethrower, a quake 3 BFG fire mode, a railgun shot, and even more powerful argent sphere that traveled at an arc. Honestly, any of these are fair game.
  9. Hunting4r2d2

    The New BFG

    In the recent Battlemode trailer I noticed two interesting aspects of the BFG: 1. The weapon has a much higher ammo count is now much higher (90 cells) and consumes 30 cells per shot. 2. It now has a weapon mod with a visible icon right next to the ammo count. I wonder if this means we're receiving the cut BFG mods from Doom 2016 since some of those mods (i.e., quake 3 one) would justify the need to divide the ammo into smaller cells.
  10. Hunting4r2d2

    I played the Mars Core demo ... a lot

    Thanks for the info. I know he has a new attack where he fires a volley of projectiles. It can be seen in this footage:
  11. Hunting4r2d2

    I played the Mars Core demo ... a lot

    Interesting seems like they're trying to keep the "the longer you let it live, the worse it gets" aspect of the pain elemental. Anyways, don't worry too much about trying to answer my question, enjoy your time at QuakeCon as much as you can.
  12. Hunting4r2d2

    "Doom Hunter" was inspired by "Hell Tank" from Zentrix?

    The fact that he mentions "hunters" seems to indicate that we will be fighting multiple Doom Hunters rather than the same one over and over.
  13. Hunting4r2d2

    I played the Mars Core demo ... a lot

    I'm just a bit curious about how the Pain Elemental functions, as well as how his summoned lost souls behave.
  14. Hunting4r2d2

    Known Bestiary

    Seems like the recent Battlemode trailer revealed a new enemy:
  15. Hunting4r2d2

    Stream soon.

    Hope this guy appears in the campaign: