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  1. Looks like we're also getting a new map and demon for battlemode in update 6.66.
  2. Hunting4r2d2

    Do you agree that Doom is becoming a "cute" game?

    I mean, they do:
  3. Hunting4r2d2

    What is your favourite doom game?

    1. Doom 2 2. Doom Eternal + DLCs 3. Ultimate Doom 4. Plutonia Experiment 5. Doom 2016 6. Doom 3's expansions 7. Base Doom 3 8. TNT Evilution There are a couple of mods I would list above all of these, like Eviternity and Golden Souls 2, but I won't get into that. Overall though, I've enjoyed every Doom game Id has produced so far, and believe the variety of gameplay styles offered in them gives the franchise a nice bit of freshness.
  4. Here's another game mode found in the files: I really hope they add this at some point, as it seems like it could defiantly making gameplay more intense knowing you may permanently lose access to certain weapons.
  5. I think Invasion is being held off until they can get back to working in person. I remember in a interview they said that Invasion was the toughest feature they were working on, and I can imagine it would be a serious pain to work on it online. It's a little disappointing, but understandable.
  6. Hunting4r2d2

    The future of DE modding

    *starts having PTSD about slaughter map controversy* Yep, that's a Doom modding community.
  7. Hunting4r2d2

    Archvile appreciation post

    The arch-vile is my favorite demon in the entire Doom franchise. He always brings a very distinct flavor to combat encounters, and sinister/creative uses that mappers have been able to utilize almost always make him fun to fight (of course, if he is placed improperly he can be an annoyance, hence the almost).
  8. Hunting4r2d2


    Time to get hyped I guess.
  9. Also, sad see Jason leaving, made some of my favorite encounters in Eternal and I hope for the best in his future.
  10. Hunting4r2d2

    I called it.

    Well, there's a public QnA on the DOOM discord later tonight, in case any of you wanna try and bring your concerns directly to Hugo:
  11. I'll defiantly take the money. I mean I love Doom, but I love not having to pay student loans even more.
  12. Hunting4r2d2

    Would DE have been better without reactionary enemies?

    I am very well aware of Hugo's role, but not every idea present in Eternal comes from him. ID software is a relatively small and intimate team compared to most AAA developers, as is evident in the "whiteboard sessions" where multiple developers discuss potential features to implement in the game. For example, in one of the developer play through streams, Hugo mentioned that the main idea behind the Screecher came from a developer who wanted to make an enemy you did not want to kill. My main issue is people contributing all the things they dislike or like to solely Hugo Martin, and that simply think that removing him as game director will fix all of their problems with the game. Yes, Hugo does have a lot of influence on the final product, but a lot of ideas originate from other developers, and the overall team has to be satisfied with the game. As a Dark Souls and Doom fan I 100% agree. Though even that series had enemies that can be killed through a singular mean.
  13. Hunting4r2d2

    Would DE have been better without reactionary enemies?

    You realize the entire team at ID designs these enemies, not just Hugo.