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  1. Long gone Im afraid. Most the stuff I made was just me tinkering, nothing released.
  2. I remember using a sorta similar technique make the bookshelf texture in Doom into "3D". The alignment of the textures on all of those sectors did my head in. The shelves were done with Legacy's 3D floors.
  3. Its been there for a year now...
  4. I did like his Check out these huge breasts thread. I enjoyed being part of the wad detailing the forum hack though. I'd given up on modding the legacy forum after that event.
  5. I remember trying to get a Mafia game going on newdoom years ago - was a complete flop. The next game should be a video game/doom themed Mafia. Good luck with this :)
  6. Planky = Nicolas Cage* *As a piece of wood has just as much acting ability
  7. What indication is there that Walt has had the cancer come back?
  8. Same. He was a stray I adopted and thats what he responded to so it stuck. Behold, he who is puss!
  9. Planky means fuck you
  10. You people dont know the meaning of strange addictions Mine is that I have to pull the hairs from my middle knuckles. If I notice new ones growing I have to pull them out - even if I dont have tweezers handy.
  11. Because whoever setup the seperate theme for that subforum didnt bother to switch the emoticons off?