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  1. SSG was not needed to be introduced as early as in the second level. There are Hellknight and Revenant encounters before map 7, but too sparse to merit a new gun. In contrast, map 7 has nothing but a set of relatively durable and newly introduced enemies. In my opinion, the gun works perfectly on its own in Dead Simple.
  2. I am opting for Lost Souls that both are weaker and do not ram themselves to death, but I concur that without an actual simulation it is difficult to arrive at tangible conclusions. In the slaughtermap scenario, most of the enemies will become more dangerous as their numbers rise, until they have filled the occupied space so that you face this complete rank of monsters. Then the numbers influence pretty much plateau's (if we do not take varied monster types into account, because that factor makes hordes much weaker). The only exception here are Cacodemons. In my experience, Lost Souls will tend to converge as they target and chase you, bumping into each other frequently and then proceeding to infight.
  3. I find Arch-Vile's attack slow and easy to avoid. I also think they are too durable for how fast and thin they are. So it is part balance, but also part immersion affair for me here. Do you really rely on Lost Soul intraspecies infighting that much? I do not at all, and that quirk of them makes them the only enemy whose threat level decreases with their numbers (by proxy, this also make Pain Elementals less threatening). Lowering their health to 70 HP would make them explode from a single shotgun blast most of the time, which almost never happens now. With 100 HP, they are too irritating to me to take down for what they are - a small harassing enemy.
  4. - Reduce Lost Soul health to 70 - Lost Souls do not infight each other like dumbasses - Give Pain Elemental a melee attack to prevent Lost Soul abortions - Pinky bite damages at the start of the animation, not at its end - Pinky and Revenant health levels equal at 200 - Less damage spread for the Revenant missiles, around 30-60 - A little increase of Revenant missiles turning radius - Reduce pain chance of Cacodemon, around by half - Place more Arachnotrons inside tunnels - Reduce Arch-Vile health to 400, but make their attack hit you in the third of the current "charging" time - Blursphere gives you full invisibility that is lifted for a second or so when you attack with any gun - The duration of powerups is additive instead of resetive - Give SG ten pellets per shot to make it more viable versus SSG's twenty - SSG appears first at Dead Simple, nowhere earlier (even as a secret) - Increase BFG ammo usage to 50
  5. shotfan

    Chaingun vs plasma?

    It is just horrendous to me, made worse when fired in volleys (which is how actually you are supposed to use the gun in question). PSX Doom's version of it is much better. Even if I have no idea if that is more realistic, PSX's Doom PG oozes power - it sounds like a harbringer of hot death coming at your foes. (rumor has it that this particular sound comes from the firing sound made by the plasma guns of Terminator films). I suppose this animation represents cooling down the barrel. Maybe it is not technically mandatory, but the protagonist has it like a reflex thing that he retained during training - and seeing that he wields a weapon that fires blobs of gas that would effortlessly melt rock, I would damn ensure as well that the gun would not overheat in my hands. Mechanically, the animation gives PG an unique quirk that makes it unwieldy for firing in short volleys, unlike CG. Thus, when you fire PG, you are impelled to fire it as long as to make sure that everything in sight is dead.
  6. shotfan

    Bad maps in good wads

    Not sure what is wrong with Central Processing...
  7. shotfan

    More accurate difficulty level names

    1. Too easy to bother 2. Very easy 3. Easy 4. Normal 5. Unenjoyable
  8. shotfan

    How intelligent are the various types of Possessed?

    Restrain, sure. Interrogate? I do not think that would be successful. Whereas they still possess some motor skills, higher cognition is probably wasted away. There is also not trace of them having any wider knowledge or memories left. Their signs of tactical behaviour may be just due to leftover training they have still ingrained in them, mostly done via procedual memory. As stated above, I do not think they retain any vivid memories like these. It seems that the demons kept their bodies as useful combat puppets, and nothing more. Might rival that of Pinkies, but Pinkies are free creatures and Possessed are not, thus the Possessed are only a notch above Unwilling (which are shambling corpses that were perhaps left alone by demons as useless, too frail to be utilized).
  9. shotfan

    Alien: Legacy (Official Map Demonstration)

    Shoot it while you are in aliens' hold? You would kill yourself by letting its acid spray all over you.
  10. Arch-Vile. He is the second most dangerous monster, has an unique attack that forces you out of the routine of dodging projectile attacks of most other enemies, and can turn the situation into much worse if he has the time to resurrect another powerful monster. Revenant can go eat a bone.
  11. shotfan

    How will id handle a Hell on Earth sequel?

    Cyberpunk Doom would be great to see. If Hayden was telling the truth, it should look quite decrepit due to the energy crisis, like in the vein of Dead Space or Avatar's behind-the-scenes art. It would be a perfect setting to design intricate levels with lots of verticality, hidden passages, and secrets, as well as complex and ever-changing urbanscape. It would be a blast to go through such a city!
  12. shotfan

    I like it but it still sucks...

    Since when the quicksave OPTION is a bad thing? I play classic Doom and I do not use quicksaves at all. That does not make me go around and tell people that checkpoints are objectively superior. Also, quicksaves were generally absent from console games before the sixth generation (and are still), so I see no cultural exchange at work in there. If somebody "ab"uses quicksaves every few seconds, that is their "problem". They can always decide to not use quicksaves or to lower the difficulty (the standard of multiple difficulty settings are what I would deem as a good innovation of the modern gaming, but Doom actually had that since the beginning...). Stop telling people how they should play their (singleplayer) games, please.
  13. shotfan

    Weirdest damaging floors

    Anytime I see a floor flooded with a brown liquid I do not know what to expect. Is it mud? Excrements? Chocolate? Generally I try to avoid it, better safe than sorry.
  14. shotfan

    Make a better Pistol or Pistol-llike weapon.

    What about the Chainsaw then?
  15. shotfan

    How will id handle a Hell on Earth sequel?

    Arch-Vile's attack is not fun to taste either, yeah. Well then, this slowdown attack could be an avoidable projectile.