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  1. BuckaZoid

    The /newstuff Chronicles #114

    [quote]ROFL. I love you to. Do you recognize a Star Wars (Return of the Jedi)-quote when you read one?
  2. BuckaZoid

    The /newstuff Chronicles #114

    I won't flame as long as that lousy bag of worm-ridden filth (cyb) stays the hell away from me.
  3. BuckaZoid

    The End of an Era

    It can't be true! Without Linguica the Old Days have gone forever, those good old days of good old DoomWorld. Nooooo! Now there's only cyb. NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!
  4. BuckaZoid

    Doom Turns Nine

    I know this is one day late, but happy birthday anyway, Doom. Long live Doom! With ZDoom. And I'll add this: Cyb imee persettä ja on täysi PASKA :D (no sarcasm, I really mean it). Thank you.