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  1. NodEliteX5

    Update 5 details .

    Call of duty still does it, all fighting games have it, all the killzone games have it (except for the psp one), and Gears of war still does it. I could go on and on but the point it is everyone must learn to open their eyes and just look around us it's all out there, you just have to know where to look.
  2. NodEliteX5

    Update 5 details .

    Agreed, I was disappointed that the bots weren't available offline. I hope this was a legitimate mistake they made and not done on purpose.
  3. NodEliteX5

    Update 5 details .

    I really hope they fix this problem otherwise what's the point if we have to be connected to internet just to play with bots by solo?
  4. NodEliteX5

    Doom music references in the soundtrack

    This was brilliant :)
  5. NodEliteX5

    Update 5 details .

    Not true since they are plenty of games with bots that do well in objective based modes that aren't simply killing.
  6. NodEliteX5

    How will id handle a Hell on Earth sequel?

    We see those kind of things on many games of destroyed earth civilizations so I don't see how it would be any different from DOOM's perspective honestly.
  7. NodEliteX5

    Update 5 details .

    Agreed, it would be extremely retarded if the bots option was online only thus defeating the purpose of being able to play the multiplayer solo without an internet connection.
  8. NodEliteX5

    Should I get a PS4 or Xbox One for Doom 4?

    ^ This conversation surprisingly turned out peaceful, thank goodness.
  9. Hopefully they finally give us an ETA on the custom offline multiplayer with bots soon, it's been 5 months already.
  10. NodEliteX5

    How do you value Doom multiplayer?

    So is this argument about the origins of mp? offline mp with humans and bots vs online mp? Co-op? Etc. Make up your minds people.
  11. NodEliteX5

    How do you value Doom multiplayer?

    Doom may have invented mp but id software did a much better job with mp when they made Quake 3 arena and it's rival at the time was Unreal Tournament which was another arena shooter.
  12. NodEliteX5

    Doom Official Soundtrack Released

    Thanks for the links :)
  13. NodEliteX5

    How do you value Doom multiplayer?

    Unfortunately now the player base in terms of mp is dying, I hardly find objective based matches to play.
  14. NodEliteX5

    How do you value Doom multiplayer?

    [Citation needed]