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  1. TheBloodbanshee

    Custom geometry campaign - HELLISH

    Ohhhh good! I thought you ran out of memory/ideas and were like ok now he'll just fall down and die. Yeah I liked how your maps felt.
  2. TheBloodbanshee

    Custom geometry campaign - HELLISH

    Really cool maps! Spent lots of time in them. I can tell you did too. The way the fourth map ended though... lol wtf was that?
  3. TheBloodbanshee

    Alternative gib mod?

    You could try the nitro gore mod. As for melee damage, you could probably tweak one of the game files in the Base folder. Not sure which one. I usually change ammo amounts and stuff like that to give less ammo
  4. TheBloodbanshee

    Punch-Out!! Map ID: TPPN34HA

    UPDATE: Update 4 made it unplayable. They made fists do no damage.
  5. TheBloodbanshee

    SnapMap update

    This new update ruined hand-to-hand combat. Ruined my Punch-Out map. Fists used to be able to punch fast and do damage but now they're slow and do NO DAMAGE AT ALL.
  6. TheBloodbanshee

    DOOM - Free Update 4 Adds Arcade Mode, Classic SnapMap Modules

    They ruined hand-to-hand combat. Now it's much slower and does NO DAMAGE. This completeley ruined my Punch-Out map. Also they removed Photo Mode but no one seems to care about that. Ignoring those things, I think this was the best update yet.
  7. TheBloodbanshee

    SnapMap update

    bloodshot, I'd love to check out those maps. Are they published/going to be published? Also, did they remove Photo Mode from campaign in this update? Can't find it anymore...
  8. TheBloodbanshee

    Semi-Pointless Glitch for Lazarus Labs

    I noticed that in my first finished save slot for Doom campaign, I have like ten more weapon upgrade points than in my second finished game slot. And that's with all the weapons fully upgraded already. I figured out that redoing the Lazarus Labs and doing the challenges got me two/three more points every time I did that as if it didn't save that the challenges were completed. This can be exploited to have enough points to upgrade weapons immediately from Titan's Realm and onwards but other than that it's just a number. Just for shits I've been trying to reach 100 weapon upgrade points on my first save. Lots of dead Cyberdemons. Anyone else experience this minor glitch? I play on Xbox One
  9. I raised the floor level in Charon's Keep and made a bunch of custom architecture and super strong launch pads. Chainsaw and rocket launcher against endless waves of cacodemons. It's a very simple map but it's a lot of fun flying up and down as you glory kill cacodemons. Up to four players. MAP ID: CH2GUSDW
  10. TheBloodbanshee

    Punch-Out!! Map ID: TPPN34HA

    I used thousands of player blocking volumes to recreate the ring in the classic game Punch-Out!! I even tried to make the music from the original game. Custom controls were programmed in to spawn in enemies, activate a random powerup, and quick-dodge. See for yourself (Map ID in subject title) Couldn't get a screenshot because I made it on Xbox One.
  11. TheBloodbanshee

    Name one thing Doom 16 is missing

    Death sounds of enemies. Compare the original baron's booming screech to the new Doom's baron's... lack of any death sound. I honestly prefer killing the OG baron
  12. Environment as in the graphics filter in a Module's options. With the Module logic piece, we're capable of triggering the changing of the environment in any module. (For example, from Player Proxy, On Intensity Changed > Module > Change Environment) When exactly was this feature implemented? I recall not being able to do this, seeing other people complaining that it wasn't a feature, and I didn't see it in any past changelogs, nor have I ever seen it being used in a single map...
  13. TheBloodbanshee

    Full list of things added in Update 2?

    Ayyy thanks! It looks like I didn't miss anything. I love all the new stuff but I'm disappointed that they teased us with the berserk powerup but didn't add it in on this update like we assumed it would. Also there are new glitches that prevent logic from working which I really hate. It's some really basic stuff, like you would think even the quickest of testing sessions would have the problems arise so they could fix 'em.
  14. TheBloodbanshee

    Full list of things added in Update 2?

    I've noticed a lot of cool new things in Snapmap. And I heard about the things added in MP. but I feel like I'm missing some things. I want to see a changelog or something. Ty