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    Hardest challenge?

    So I have seen so many different things be done in doom that I figured would be impossible. Speed runs in UM,pistol only nightmare,no upgrade speed runs,etc. I would like to see someone do a speed run in ultra nightmare,with no upgrades,and pistol only, I am positive no one could beat that for a while.

    Ideas for new multiplayer monsters

    So with the game's release there were for initial demons to play as. And most of you know that the fifth DLC monster will be the harvester(due to leaked footage). The harvester seems a little bit underwhelming IMO. So I'm here to brainstorm some ideas for new demons to play as. 1.the archvile/summoner-it would be interesting if you could play as the archvile,as they could make it so the only way to move around would be to teleport around,like they do in campaign. They could implement this by making it so that you select the location your going to warp to,similar to the prowler. The regular attack would be the argent blast they use in the campaign, and it's special ability would be to periodically open hell portals that either summon Possessed in groups of four,imps in pairs,or possessed soldiers in groups of 3. Maybe make it have 300-375 health. 2.pinky/spectre-it would move around normally. The base attack would be a normal slap(I'm sure they are able to do that in campaign). The special ability could either go invisible, or have a fast charge attack. Or it could always be invisible,and have a charge attack. Make it's health about 500-600,and of course make it take more damage from the back. So those are some of my ideas,but I'd like to hear some of yours.

    Leaked trailer music

    Has anyone found out anything about who the composer for the leaked trailer music is? I am so curious as I quite like this rendition of e1m1. And if you haven't heard the leaked trailer music, here it is. https://youtu.be/olxh1zocWZk

    Helix "easteregg"

    Sorry,but I can't get the screenshots as I am posting this from my iPad. But I'm sure someone who is reading this can.

    Helix "easteregg"

    I'm sure if you have played the multiplayer Map called helix,then you have noticed the cyberdemon,which appears to be in stasis like the codex says right before the cyber demon breaks out. It's right in the middle of the map,and you can practically get right in its face. I thought this is pretty cool,and I was wondering if there were any other eastereggs similar to this one?

    What would you want added from an expansion?

    I wouldn't mind seeing things like the balgaar or cyber camo demon in an expansion

    Favorite multiplayer weapon

    I know have been posting a few of these "favorite" posts but I'm just curious about what other people think but what is your favorite multiplayer weapon? Mine is the plasma rifle because of its radiation bomb just shooting the bomb out right as a gun fight begins can give you the edge you might need to win

    Snapmap match making

    I'm not sure if this has been posted before but You guys do realize that there is snapmap matchmaking right? I mean it's pretty fun compared to actual multiplayer but I rarely see people online I just figured I post something about it

    Favorite rune.

    What is your favorite rune and why? Mine is the rich get richer(which I'm sure is most of everyone else's) because if you combine it with other runes it's practically unstoppable with fully upgraded mobile turret chaingun or fully upgraded micro missile HAR
  10. MO1ST NUGG3T

    Favorite weapon

    In DOOM what is your favorite weapon,what weapon mods are your favorite,and why? My personal favorite weapon is the chaingun with the mobile turret mod. I love it because of the amount of fire power it has.combine this with the rich get richer and it's very powerful. Also it looks sick AF.
  11. MO1ST NUGG3T

    Acheivement image

    Is there a higher quality version of this image? https://m.imgur.com/ae8gDjY
  12. MO1ST NUGG3T

    HD image

    Thanks,I appreciate it.
  13. MO1ST NUGG3T

    Voting for single player dlc or a sequel

    They should do both,IMO. Maybe have dlc about the doomslayer's past,then maybe like 4 years later have a sequel continuing where the main story left off
  14. MO1ST NUGG3T

    HD image

    So I found this image and I'm wondering if their is an HD version of it.