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  1. Version v2.3 published. I've been thinking on the feedback from Moon Marin & some of my own experiences and decided to try balance the Toxic Refinery area yet again. I did not reduce the number of demons, but made the selection more varied and less overpowering.
  2. @Moon Marin: Thank you for playing my map and the feedback! It means a lot to me... you can guess I've put 100+ hours into SnapMap because I care about these maps. You are right that there is a difficulty spike with threat area 2 (Toxic Refinery / green door), and I'm not very happy with that fact myself. This comes from the core design idea to have the Facility (military demons area, imps, soldiers, revenants), Toxic Refinery (pinkies, specters and cyber-mancumbus) and then Heat Processing (molten hellish area so barons, lost souls, mancumbus, hell razer... stuff with fire). The problem is that the available rooms with large toxic ponds do not have much room to move around. The key to these fights is to rush in for the quad damage and then dish out as much damage as possible. Take out the cyber-mancumbus and the cacodemons as priority and you will be fine. I could change a few of the pinkies into lesser enemies to make it easier, but I don't want to do that as it would hurt my themed design. The ammo situation is due to the limitation of SnapMap. If I place more items on the map it will no longer work for coop. The maximum you can push Network is around 94% and each ammo pack increases this by about 0.20%. The map is on 94% already with basically no ammo placed. The initial version had ammo placed manually and tons of more 5 HP pickups. I had to scrap these plans and make the demons drop the ammo instead. My only other option would have been to delete rooms and reduce the amount of demons which I simply refuse. The 1 life gameplay is fine for single player, but this map is really built to play with your friends. If we can have 4 players in SnapMap then I'm not going to make a level solo only. Playing with buddies is awesome! For my new map I'm considering a more challenge oriented setup with linear design and where players cannot respawn while fighting. So if all players die then they have to begin again from the first room, but if 2 dies but the last guy makes it then they all respawn and can continue. A little bit like a checkpoint but not really. Thanks for noticing the effort that I colored all the rooms. I would have liked to place tons of props and little details as well but as I mentioned before... there is simply no more space in SnapMap. The lights are cheap because they only increase the Object limit and not Network so I used that to make the map look great. Thanks again! Cheers.
  3. Thanks! I think it is a good way to start off a Doom map. The female computer voice announces incoming dimensional events + dramatic countdown -> sequenced explosions leading up to a final larger explosion -> fires start around the room + demon portals open up.
  4. Published to version 2.1! Stability: I found a rare issue with the kill counter which occurs when demons suicide due to fall damage, environmental damage etc... I previously thought this is limited to toxic damage, but that is not the case. I added the 'Fix Stuck Encounter device' into every room so when this bug occurs you can still release the area lockdown and progress normally. Balance: The second arena fight inside the Toxic Refinery area was a little overkill when compared to the movement limitations (lack of space) and the 40 demons including 4x Cyber-Mancubus. It's now 2 fatties with two Possessed Soldiers instead (still 40 demons in total). New Props: Added colored flames in a 'future-tech torch' sort of style to the zone enterances. It looks way cooler in-game with animations and smoke but here's a pic: EDIT: 2.2 Hotfix Extensive coop testing revealed a weakness in the BFG event code. Fixed. Significantly lowered the BFG event's available health / armor to increase the challenge.
  5. Playing my own map with heavy FPS drops from recording (my PC is not the strongest). Forgive me for the lag, but I really wanted to show how the map plays. The map is called Trinity and it tries to push what SnapMap allows us to create! This is a taste... The video cuts 'dramatically' but you can respawn on this level so it would not be the end. Only 4 demons left alive from the actual battle at that point and I did not want to show everything. ^^ There are two more large arenas with epic battles that are not in the video at all. Around 30% of the map. There are also 4 secret areas on the map, I did not want to show you any... but I sort of forgot about that plan and gave away one. :D
  6. The map was meant to be very hard & I want swarms of demons because that's how Doom should be! :D To make sure it's not frustrating I placed powerups (Haste, Quad Damage, Regeneration) into all of my rooms. The harder ones even have two at a time! You absolutely need to get the powerups to defeat the rooms without dying. I think you entered the hard level area straight away. If you go left and enter the zone called 'The Facility' the difficulty of the map will slowly increase instead of going straight brutal. Each zone has a threat level indicator written over their respective doors. Let me know how it goes! ---- Updated to version 2.0 and this is the 'final' version (it includes even more logic upgrades to make sure the map is fully stable). Unless bugs get reported or a request comes in (that I agree with) I will not make further changes. The scoreboard will now remain intact! Thanks for all of your feedback and for giving my map a chance. Cheers!
  7. I would love to have all weapons mods with the ability to switch them on the fly like in Single Player, runes, the boss enemies, summoners, ammo types so I can balance the BFG proper, more demons ... ah well. I'm just glad we have SnapMap and I really enjoyed making this level. The limitations are sometimes harsh but they do challenge you to think outside of the box and solve your design challenges.
  8. @Count651 Version 1.8 is out! I've re-design the BFG event to have no ammo drops from the demons. During this fight ammo is now hand placed and scarce to find! Ammo for other encounters is unaffected by this change.
  9. Thank you for playing & encouraging words! Cheers! Thanks for playing and the feedback. I agree with you about the BFG encounter, I will think how it could be more interesting. The ammo situation is because SnapMap is full and does not let me place any more objects on the map. I had to make the demons drop the ammo. Still, I will think about it. --- Meanwhile I've been busy to add the final touches: Updated to version: 1.7 - Adjusted the spawn locations of a couple of Cacodemons and Lost Souls in the heat Heat Processing area. On rare occasions they did not spawn as intended. - Added locks / unlocks functions on the doors in neighboring zones. This is to prevent starting two events at the same time when more players are present and they try to go separate ways. The map is designed for players to go together, but they can pick any of the zones to explore in any order. - Fixed a few logic mistakes in the survive event. The event will now correctly fail if you suicide. You need to survive through the timer to proceed. - Moved the Demonic Lifesigns / Dimensional Events counters to the hud instead of having them as objectives. Demonic Lifesigns shows the number of currently alive demons on the map. Dimensional Events show the number of demons waiting in queue to be spawned. In an encounter where there are 28 demons in total the counter will start at 28, then the first 12 will spawn at their designated locations so the counter will now show 16. As the fight progresses the counter will update real time. In the survival event the Dimensional Events will go into negative and it will simply show the number of demons spawned by the survival event. These two numbers allow you to have a better overview of the event's progress and open up more room to build a strategy during the fights.
  10. You are quite right. I've placed a large number of lights and they are often wild bright colors, it reminds me of oldschool id games. They are animated as well :)
  11. You liked the single player campaign and wish there was a map similar to that in SnapMap? Look no further! Map Name: Trinity Map ID: XMG5PCFG Tags: #buildlikehell, #all weapons, #demon legion, #coop, #brevi Trinity is a map that builds on the same principles that I believe make the Doom campaign great: fun powerups, large arenas with lots of space for movement, legions of demons and showers of loot! My goal was to push the limits of what is possible with SnapMap, and I've done everything I've known possible. It took many tries to even publish a map with this much hand placed content but finally after ~80 hours in SnapMap it's done. The map is called Trinity because it contains three themed zones with their own distinct style, demon selection and musical theme. This means that it is not linear, but mind your step! Zones are not on the same difficulty level, going into the higher threat level ones will be unforgiving unless you are really skilled. [size=14pt]Maximalist much?[/size] Maximum Demons! SnapMap limits hand placed demons to 64. My map has 196 hand placed demons (by the use of single demon spawners), each taking part in an extensively designed arena battle. The order of their spawn, their facing, their spawn point is carefully though over and tested. Each battle can be played again, arenas are only safe for 5 minutes after a victory. You do not have to repeat any of the battles, but you can if you want to! Maximum Weapons! Each weapon available in SnapMap can be found on the map. They are not randomly thrown around but play a centerpiece role in their respective arenas. Maximum Music! The entire soundtrack is played on the map. Each zone has it's own themes and inside the themes the songs are selected at random. Machine Room (Lobby) - Music Theme: Industrial The Facility - Music Theme: UAC Toxic Refinery - Music Theme: Surface Heat Processing - Music Theme: Hell Maximum SnapMap! This is not my first map, and trust me that I spent more time working on it then a 'normal' person should. The Object / Network slots on this map are all used for hungry demons and fuel for firepower. I had to re-design quite a few times to make everything fit. I'm proud of my logic systems, may be worth looking into for fellow SnapMap authors. Fun > Anything Else The map lets you respawn fast into battles as many times as you need to and you keep your weapons. Don't worry the demons will put up a hell of a fight, but I did not want to build a crazy punishing system on this map. If you are not an experienced player you may die very often in your first runs, so here's a tip: always pick up every powerup available in the rooms! They make all the difference... Balance & Customization The map detects how many players are connected automatically and adjusts the strength of the demons accordingly. You can override this automatic selection and make the demons stronger or weaker as you see fit. Playing on a higher difficulty increases the score you will earn. Solo (1 player): 100% demon health, 100% demon damage, 1x score multiplier 2 players: 150% demon health, 125% demon damage 1.25x score multiplier 3 players: 200% demon health, 150% demon damage 1.5x score multiplier 4 players: 250% demon health, 175% demon damage 1.75x score multiplier Nightmare: 300% demon health, 200% demon damage 2x score multiplier (only available by manual selection) Secrets! There are 4 secret areas and you net a hefty 5 000 000 score bonus if you find them all! Speed can matter! If you run the map faster then I did you net another 5 000 000 bonus. Tons of SnapPoints! The map has it's own score value system for it's monsters. Even on normal solo difficulty you will net 1000+ SnapPoints at the end. Feedback is welcome! Links Bethesda.net - https://community.bethesda.net/thread/19005 SnapMap Hub - http://www.snapmaphub.com/181/ Doomworld - https://www.doomworld.com/vb/snapmap/88484-trinity-solo-coop-map-with-legions-of-demons-massive-arenas-showers-of-loot/ Doom Reddit - https://www.reddit.com/r/Doom/comments/4lgm2s/ sPwned.net - http://www.spwned.net/forum/index.php?topic=1839.0
  12. Brevi

    will there eventually be good snapmaps?

    I also agree with redrage. At first the 12 active monsters sounded terrible to me (on paper), but in real gameplay it's actually more then enough when you design room battles even for large arenas. It's not 12 in total but 12 at a time which is a big difference. A single room can easily have 30-40 demons which can be queued dynamically (just add input delay on their spawn) and will prove to be a large challenge to defeat (even too hard if you go crazy). I hand place each enemy with single demon spawner on all of my maps which are triggered by module entry and controlled by integer counter / lockdown system. I wish I could use the AI types like hunt, defend, ambush etc... but that's a sacrifice I'm willing to go with for having unlimited demons, and bug free demon spawns. Another small annoyance with single demon spawner is that you cannot place them in the air. Why would you do that? Cacodemons and lost souls. I found a workaround for this by adding a small 'on demon spawned' 'teleport to' and then a teleport marker in the sky. In the chaos of battle most players will never even notice that the caco bro just warped to the sky, it looks like it appeared there. I think SnapMap as a tool is good enough to create awesome maps. The real damage is being done by all the poor quality low effort maps being published and getting to the top played / top rated brackets. It's simple... a good map takes 50-100 hours of hard work... by the time the first ones were about to see the light of day, no effort maps were already having thousands of likes. The biggest fix SnapMap needs is some sort of a hot maps section with this week best liked maps instead of overall 'most likes' or 'most played'.
  13. Thanks for the feedback to the both of you. @qman545: 1.) The rooms are safe for two minutes after a victory. This is a mechanic of the map that fights can return, some rooms have two battles and they rotate around. 2.) Hmmm I feel that then there is no way to be beaten by the demons. We need players to care about dying. 3.) The Blue Door is just to your right in the first small room after the entry hallway.
  14. The idea is that the boss is a Revenant equipped with experimental teleportation gear. When hit it teleports away to one of eight teleportation pads in the corners of the arena. The challenge is to hunt it down while killing or avoiding the minions. Harder hitting weapons are more effective at the task. If you kill a minion of the boss it returns in 5 seconds. If the boss is killed, all the minions die with it. It's an intense fight but it's very doable. I think you just need to get used to the idea of more complex boss battle. Once you have the mindset of dodging the minions and damaging the boss only and you know what movement you can expect, it becomes almost easy. Some minions might be worth killing depending on the situation. I advise to kill lost souls.
  15. Ah that's sad to hear. I know it's challenging but it's a boss battle. There is a combat shotgun which has the grenade launcher mod in the same room. You can defeat the boss using that weapon, and once your buddy left the boss health and damage auto scales back to one player difficulty.