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    The soundtrack is almost too good for the game

    Ironically some of those seminal acts would bash your face in with a brick for calling Slipknot garbage. That's why I said screw "avid listeners". You'd be surprised how many musicians in the extreme metal scene were e.g. sad over Chester Benningfield's death while their fans were jeering and hooting. And I say that as someone who can't fucking stand Linkin Park either and never got what the whole hoopla was all about.

    It's been months that DOOM 2016 was released~

    I absolutely love the game in terms of pure mechanics, but I do hope for a return to form in any potential future successors when it comes to level design. Hell, since they already took a big page out of Metroid Prime, I'd gladly welcome a proper Metroidvania structure, provided they also reduce the amount of linear combat arenas in the process.

    What Happened to Arch-Viles?

    I still maintain that the game could've easily had dead enemies dissolve into Resident Evil-like gore heaps to fix the issue. But eh, 'tis as it is.
  4. It's been discussed in countless other threads. While there has been no official confirmation up until the nod in Quake Campions, it's been pretty widely assumed that Doomslayer is the protagonist from the original series all the way up to DOOM 64. He's basically Patches from the SoulsBorne series, if Patches was the player character, and Doom³guy is Pate from DS2, that wannabe who no one remembers :-P .
  5. Yeah, the original DOOM³ marine basically looks like a buff Sean Connery. This version doesn't.
  6. I'm surprised no one is turning this recent trend of video game meta-universes and -narratives into YT fodder yet. After all, there were at least 3 games in 2016 that went that route.

    The soundtrack is almost too good for the game

    Screw "avid listeners". There's an infinite amount of stuff out there that calls itself metal, and there's always someone who'd argue it is not.

    Tips for dodging

    Shadow Warrior 2's twitch-style dodging doesn't really befit DOOM. Completely different gameplay flow.

    The soundtrack is almost too good for the game

    Well, technically the soundtrack is pretty much a straight evolution of Vrenna's DOOM³ theme. Oldschool metal is strongly rooted in blues, so of course. Just look at early Black Sabbath, or so-called "proto metal" bands like Ironclaw.

    So...about the disappearing corpses

    If you want various cool visuals of disappearing corpses, just look at the newer Resident Evil games and spinoffs, as questionable as they may've been otherwise. Plus, you can leave a nice, stationary heap of rotting guts and bones behind. Y'know, like gibbed corpses in the old DOOM games. Makes the whole ragdoll physics issue very much a moot one.

    [CrowbCat] DOOM E3 comparison

    I really like the new Imps a lot; the influence from DOOM 64 is obvious, and it's nice to see the game be paid its due tribute just as much as the rest of the series. Have to agree about the Hell levels, though. I'm generally not too fond of the whole comic book-like styrofoam and cardboard theme park design, but in the prototype it at least managed to look a bit more menacing than the dead wasteland in the final game.

    So...about the disappearing corpses

    It probably wouldn't be as egregious if the visual effect of dead bodies disintegrating a) didn't kick in a mere second after a killed enemy hits the floor, and b) wasn't so bloody unspectacular. It's basically the same lazy "fizzle out of existence" texture fade effect already used in DOOM³.

    So...about the disappearing corpses

    That's because resting at a bonfire basically equals a quickload.

    DOOM 2016 turns a year old in two days!

    All I want is a standalone add-on, like The Old Blood, that brings back a more surreal, horror-like atmosphere to contrast the tech-and-wasteland scenario in the main game.

    The soundtrack is almost too good for the game

    Have you ever listened to Phobos? Silly beepboop in the beginning aside, it's actually pretty atmospheric; nothing like the punky prog-thrash Voïvod usually play. EDIT: Ah, I presume you interpreted my use of "lacking" as an indication that the new game would need this kind of cheese. I was actually just pointing out the differences.