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  1. I wasn't, in fact, aware of that project. But I'm confused - isn't the Total Conversion of PSX Doom exactly that? A close-as-possible port of the Playstation game to the PC? What I'm looking for (and it may be too specific) is the ability to play the Playstation version, yes, but retain things like the lighting features of GZDoom. Or you can say that I'm looking to play the PC version of Doom but with a handful of PSX Doom features such as the interface, sounds, etc. In other words I'm trying to kind of cherry-pick some features from PSX Doom while retaining the overall look and feel of GZDoom. My understanding is that the PSX Total Conversion will change the lighting (and everything else) that I'd like to keep.
  2. I don't "need" to, I'd simply like to play PC Doom with the effects and ambiance of PSX Doom, which I prefer.
  3. That seems like a fair bit of advice. What made me curious is the fact that the curved staircases that I love so much (they make Oblige levels feel more like Doom) are plentiful in version 3.47 but nonexistent in 6.20 so I thought that surely there must be a setting of some sort that could perhaps be adjusted at the user level to modify the frequency. I'd been a bit spoiled by the fact that the frequency of basic square staircases are, in fact, adjustable in a lua. Being unfamiliar with the editing of Doom I wasn't sure what the possibilities and limitations were. The first step toward all knowledge is the phrase "I don't know". :)
  4. Mm, no, I didn't necessarily expect it, but I thought that it was worth asking so that I'd learn. Being new to Doom editing I wasn't sure what objects were specific, individual assets and what were user-defined shapes that had to be placed manually. I wasn't sure what the framework was and what kind of manipulation options were available within said framework.
  5. Oh okay, nothing in the Doom files themselves that could be changed to increase the changes of the curved staircases showing up? I'll look at these Doom builders, maybe I can just generate some maps with the earlier version of Oblige that produces those staircases and then use one of the builders to swap all the barrels it throws at me with more monsters or something.
  6. I asked this a few days ago but never got an answer so I figured I'd try again. Do any of you editors out there know what the curved staircases in the game are called? Things like this: And this: The reason I ask is because I'm trying to tailor the levels that I generate with OBLIGE. The latest version of the generator never produces any instances of such stairways whereas older versions do, but also load the levels full of exploding barrels (even when turned to a low setting). I know that this is related more to OBLIGE than Doom but I already asked on their forums and haven't seen anyone around in over 10 days. Besides, I thought that maybe someone familiar with Doom editing could at least tell me what the game refers to these things as so maybe I could find them in the config files myself. Or, if someone knows of a way that I can disable barrels from my game, that would help too. :)
  7. I'm continuing to mess with randomly-generated levels and I occasionally get curved staircases like these: Additionally, those curved staircases sometimes form passageways between rooms of different levels of elevation, like this: I like these curved staircases quite a bit but see them pretty rarely. Does anyone know what the game calls them or what file I could edit to make them show up more often?
  8. miketheratguy

    Why do so many people dislike Doom II?

    I never hated Doom II but I always did prefer the first game. It's been a while since I played Doom II but my memory is that the level design felt a bit more random and the monster design, while good, just made the game feel "different". In general I much preferred the aesthetic, tight coherent themes, and smoothly increasing complexity of the first game. When coupling this with the fact that I started this series with the first game it's clear to me why Doom II will always be the lesser of the two.
  9. miketheratguy

    Looking for a specific old Doom book that I used to have

    Unfortunately no, if I'm correctly remembering the book that I'm thinking of the maps were smaller and more compact, not spreading across multiple pages. I want to say that maybe each map got its own chapter and the first page of each chapter began with a clean illustration of the map in the middle of the page without any extra directions or tips or anything. I could be remembering wrong though, the details are kind of coming back to me as I see these pictures. Thanks for the added input all the same! I feel like you guys are getting me close to figuring this out.
  10. miketheratguy

    Looking for a specific old Doom book that I used to have

    Wow guys, thank you all so much for pitching in to help. I'd HOPED that I would find someone who had some extra info or maybe would be willing to take a few pictures, but I didn't actually THINK it would happen. I'm quickly learning that my fellow Doomers are some of the best people around! I'm actually a bit surprised but I think that the Battlebook actually isn't the book I was thinking of. While it does include very good maps - nice, clear, sharp and large - those maps are covered in a couple of small spots by other page graphics and in that one shot the map is spread across both pages. I remember now that when I had the book - which was from a library so I couldn't mark it up with my own notes - I took it to a print shop and made copies of each of the maps. They were all a uniform size and didn't spread across the pages, nor did they have any colored bits or edges covered by text windows or anything. Again, I'm surprised. I was actually almost sure that it was the Battlebook that I was remembering. That second book in the last picture (that's the "Survivor's Secrets", right?) has maps that look a lot closer to what I remember, but as pointed out it has a preferred route planned through it as well as alphabetical markers to show where points of interest are. My memory of the map illustrations is that they were clear. Is there anything like that in either of these books? Man, I'm really intrigued now. I wouldn't have guessed that my description would actually cover both books, and that there are finer details that might still help me to figure out which one I fell in love with so many years ago.
  11. Ahhh, thank you! Now this is the kind of information that I was looking for. :) Apparently the texture is called "Shawn2". ...I don't think that I would have guessed that one.
  12. I don't know the name of these textures though. That's my whole problem. I was hoping that someone familiar with the names of the game's textures could tell me what these ones are called. That way I could scan the theme.lua for every instance of them and set their probability to zero. I see the names "silver" and "gray" and "metal" in the lua as well as terms like "shine" or "shiny". I don't know which of these names refers to the textures in the screenshot (or if any of them do).
  13. miketheratguy

    Your first Doom experience..

    Thanks, I wanted to try the PSX TC but when I went to play it just now I remember why I didn't before: I get an "execution could not continue" error along with something about a script error related to slime.
  14. Here, I made this easier. This is a screenshot of my game without a texture pack installed. I don't like the ugly drab look of the walls, the floor, or the ceiling. I'm trying to figure out what to edit in the lua to stop the game from using those textures.
  15. It's not that I don't like the hi-res textures, it's that I don't like the particular set of textures that are shown in that picture. Those bland silver / gray textures show up here and there in my generated maps which means that the game is randomly populating the map with them. I'd like to find the exact textures (or "theme") in the lua so that I can disable them, enabling all the other random wall textures that I DO like to be used in their place. While the specific textures in the screenshot are from a hi-res pack, that pack is not meant to be a radical overhaul of the game's vanilla textures. As such, I figured that the textures in the screenshot would still look familiar to people who don't use that exact pack. In other words it's not the high-res pack that I have a problem with, it's a specific set of textures that the game uses when generating new levels. By turning those textures off in the game's files I should ideally not see them anymore, hi-res or otherwise.